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A, T.
A, Thomas Adams
Adames, Thomas
Adams, T.
Adams, Th
Adams, Tho
Adams, Thoma
Adams, Thomas
T. A, Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams (English publisher)
توماس آدامز
d. 1620
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Bowes, Thomas (fl. 1586)
Dolman, R.
Dolman, Richard
Eliot's Court Press
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
La Primaudaye, Pierre de (b. ca. 1545.)
Lok, Michael (1531 or 1532-)
Okes, Nicholas
Rainolds, John (1549-1607)
Stow, John (1525?-1605)
Academie francoise.
annales of England, The : faithfully collected out of the most autenticall authors, records, and other monuments of antiquitie, lately collected, since encreased and continued from the first habitation vntill this present year 1605
briefe treatise containing many proper tables and easie rules, A : very necessary and needful for the vse and commodity of all people
catalogue of the bishops of England, since the first planting of Christian religion in this island, A : together with a briefe history of their liues and memorable actions, so neere as can be gathered out of antiquity : whereunto is prefixed a discourse concerning the first conuersion of our Britaine vnto Christian religion
churches deliuerance, 1609:, The
concordancy of yeares, A : containing a new, easie, and most exact computation of time, according to the English account : also the vse of the English and Roman kalendar, with briefe notes, rules, and tables, as well mathematicall and legal, as vulgar, for each priuate mans occasion
French academie, The : fully discoursed and finished in foure bookes ... this fourth part neuer before published in English
French academie, The : wherein is discoursed the institution of manners and whatsoever else concerneth the good and happie life of all estates and callings, by precepts of doctrine, and examples of the lives of ancient sages and famous men
Historie of the West Indies
honestie of this age, 1614:, The
Horace. Quinti Horatii Flacci Poemata, 1614:
Josephus F. The famous and memorable workes of Josephus, 1609:
Opinion diefied, 1613:
orbe novo., De
Sermon of publicke thanksgiving for the happy recovery of his Maiesty from his late dangerous sicknesse
sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 4 of December, 1597:, A
summe of the conference betvveene Iohn Rainoldes and Iohn Hart, touching the head and the faith of the church, The : wherein by the way are handled sundry points of the sufficiencie and right expounding of the Scriptures, the ministerie of the church, the function of priest-hood, the sacrifice of the masse, with other controuersies of religion : but chiefly and purposely the point of church-gouernment, opened in the branches of Christs supreme soueraintie, of Peters pretended, the popes vsurped, the princes lawfull supremacie