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Gabilondo, Luis Garicano
Garicano Gabilondo, Luis
Garicano, L.
Garicano, Luis
Garicano, Luis (econoom)
Garicano, Luis ((Professor of Economics and Strategy))
Luis Garicano (Economista español)
Luis Garicano Gabilondo
Luis Garicano (Spaans econoom)
Luis Garicano (Spanish economist)
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Language material
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Antràs, Pol
Arruñada, Benito
Arruñada, Benito
Bloom, Nicholas
Bloom, Nick
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Crémer, Jacques
Criscuolo, Chiara
Cuñat, Vicente
Dessein, Wouter
Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús
Fuchs, William
Garicano, Luis
Gertner, Robert
Heaton, Paul
Hubbard, Thomas
Hubbard, Thomas N
Hubbard, Thomas N.
Juan, Jorge (see also from)
Kaplan, Steven N
Kaplan, Steven N.
Lastra, Rosa
Lastra, Rosa M.
Lelarge, Claire
London School of Economics (LSE) / Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
London School of Economics and Political Science
Luis, Garicano
Molinas, César
National Bureau of Economic Research
Palacios Huerta, Ignacio
Palacios-Huerta, Ignacio
Palacios, Ignacio
Posner, Richard A.
Prat, Andrea
Prendergast, Canice
Rayo, Luis
Reenen, John Van
Roldán, Antonio (1983-)
Rossi-Hansberg, Esteban
Sadun, Raffaella
Santos, Tano
Steinwender, Claudia
Vázquez, Luis
Van Reenen, John
Vázquez, Luis
Vázquez, Vázquez Suárez
Vicente, Cuñat
Wu, Yanhui
bañista desnudo, El : ¿cómo puede España salir de la crisis?
Business-to-business e-commerce: Value creation, value capture and valuation
Codes in organizations
Completing contracts ex post: how car manufacturers manage car dealers
Computing crime: information technology, police effectiveness and the organization of policing
Contractual allocation of decision rights and incentives: the case of automobile distribution
Did Good Cajas Extend Bad Loans? Governance, Human Capital and Loan Portfolios
Dilema de España, El : ser más productivos para vivir mejor
distinct effects of Information Technology and Communication Technology on firm organization, The
Earnings inequality and coordination costs: evidence from U.S. law firms
effects of business-to-business e-commerce on transaction costs, The
Empirical Examination of Multidimensional Effort in Tournaments, An
Enquêtes sur le budget des ménages dans la Communauté Européenne. Méthodologie et recommandations pour une meilleure harmonisation, Les
España posible, La : tres ensayos para un nuevo regeneracionismo y una reflexión sobre el poder
Favoritism under social pressure
Firm Size Distortions and the Productivity Distribution : Evidence from France
Firms' Boundaries and the Division of Labor: Empirical Strategies
Hierarchical sorting and learning costs: Theory and evidence from the law
Hierarchies and the organization of knowledge in production
Hierarchies, specialization, and the utilization of knowledge theory and evidence from the legal services industry
Inequality and the Organization of Knowledge
Information Technology, Organization, and Productivity in the Public Sector: Evidence from Police Departments
Intelligence Failures: An Organizational Economics Perspective
Knowledge Economy at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The Emergence of Hierarchies, The
“Knowledge Hierarchies in Law Firms”
Language and the theory of the firm
Learning about the nature of production from equilibrium assignment patterns
Managerial leverage is limited by the extent of the market: hierarchies, specialization and the utilization of lawyers' human capital
Matching Problems with Expertise in Firms and Markets
Nada es gratis, 2011:
Offshoring and Wage Inequality: Using Occupational Licensing as a Shifter of Offshoring Costs
Offshoring in a knowledge economy
Organization and inequality in a knowledge economy
Organizational Economics with Cognitive Costs
Organizing for Synergies
Organizing growth
Organizing offshoring: middle managers and communication costs
Policemen, managers, lawyers: New results on complementarities between organization and information and communication technology
Political Credit Cycles : The Case of the Euro Zone
Professional service outsourcing, asymmetric information and wage inequality
Recuperar el futuro : doce propuestas que cambiarán España
Relational Knowledge Transfers
return to knowledge hierarchies, The
Sabotage in tournaments: making the beautiful game a bit less beautiful
Specialization, firms, and markets : the division of labor within and between law firms
Specialization, Firms and Markets: The division of Labour Between and Within Law Firms
Survive Another Day: Does Uncertain Financing Affect the Composition of Investment?
task-based approach to organization, 2010:, A
Task-Based Approach to Organization: Knowledge, Communication and Structure, A
Towards a new architecture for financial stability: seven principles .
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