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Cora L. V. Scott
Cora L. V. Scott (American spiritualist)
Hatch, C. L. V.
Hatch, Cora L. V.
Hatch, Cora Linn Victoria
Richmond, Cora L. V.
Richmond, Cora L. V. Scott
Richmond, Cora Leonora Victoria
Richmond, Cora Linn Victoria
Richmond, Cora Linn Victoria Scott
Scott, Cora L. V.
Scott, Cora Linn Victoria
Scott Richmond, Cora L. V.
Tappan, Cora L. V.
Tappan, Cora Linn Victoria
Water lily
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Andersson, Arthur
Burns, James
Edmonds, John W. (1799-1874)
Edmonds, John W. (1816-1874)
Edmonds, John Worth (1799-1874)
Edmonds, John Worth (1816-1874)
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Hawes, G. H.
Iowa Conference of Spiritualists
Ouina (Spirit)
Sargent, Epes (1813-1880 (Spirit))
Stewart, Charles West (1859-1929)
Abraham Lincoln.
Äktenskapet : hur hålles den andliga kraften vid liv i världen : föredrag i Chicago auditorium år 1879-1889
day after death, The : a discourse
discourse on faith, hope and love, A : delivered in New York, Sunday, April 23, 1857 : to which is added, a report of a philosophical investigation of the nature of mediumship
discourse on the immutable decrees of God, and the free agency of man, A : delivered in the City Hall, Newburyport, Mass., Sunday, November 22d 1857
Discourses on religion, morals, philosophy and metaphysics
Letters and tracts on spiritualism
Life Work of Cora L.V. Richmond, 1895:
Mediumship : an oration delivered under spirit-influence in the Royal Music Hall, London, Sunday evening, Nov. 23rd, 1873.
My experiences while out of my body and my return after many days
nature of spiritual existence and spiritual gifts, The
New science, spiritual ethics
Ouina's canoe and Christmas offering : filled with flowers for the darlings of earth
Proceedings of the convention preceding the organization of the Conference : its contents, officers, lectures
Proceedings of the Iowa Conference of Spiritualists, held at Ottumwa, Iowa, Nov. 17, 18 & 19, 1882
Psychosophy : själsläran : själen, dess natur, förhållande och framträdande i mänskligt förkroppsligande
soul: its nature, relations, and expressions in human embodiments., The
Sweet summer land roses : song and chorus
symbol of the letter M, The
symbol series of lectures, The
V. Psychosophy, 1961:
Voices from life's thither side : is materialization true? : with eleven other lectures of great interest given in Chicago, Ill.
weekly discourse, The : containing spiritual sermons