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Charles Pott
Pott, Charles
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Alter, Emma (co-performer)
Armstrong, Siobhán (co-performer)
Ballard, Lucy (co-performer)
Bishop, Julia (co-performer)
Blaze, Robin (co-performer)
Bowman, James (1941-)
Byrt, Rachel (co-performer)
Chambers, Mark (co-performer)
Clarkson, Julian (co-performer)
Consort, Gabrieli (co-performer)
Covey-Crump, Rogers (1944-)
Crouch, Joseph (co-performer)
Dalen, Tormod (co-performer)
Daniels, Charles (1960-...)
Daniels, Charles (1960-..)
Davidson, Angus (co-performer)
Davidson, Grace (co-performer)
Dunkley, Sally (co-performer)
Empett, Julian (co-performer)
Ensemble Plus Ultra (isMemberOf)
Evans, Robert (co-performer)
Fisher, Gillian
Gabrieli Consort & Players (isMemberOf)
George, Michael (1950-)
Gibbs, Charles (co-performer)
Grant, Simon (co-performer)
Greig, Donald (co-performer)
Harmonia mundi France
Harre-Jones, Robert (co-performer)
Harrold, Steven (co-performer)
Harvey, Peter (1958- ))
Hobbs, Thomas (co-performer)
Horn, Robert (co-performer)
Humphries, Charles (co-performer)
Hurley, David (co-performer)
Hypérion records Ltd
Jackman, Patrick (co-performer)
Johnstone, James (co-performer)
Kelly, Wendi (co-performer)
King, Robert (1960-)
Kirk, Douglas (co-performer)
Lees, Tom (co-performer)
Lyons, William (co-performer)
Macdonald, Robert (co-performer)
Martin, David (co-performer)
McCarthy, Michael (co-performer)
McGowan, Keith (co-performer)
Noone, Michael (co-performer)
O’Beirne, Gerard (co-performer)
Perry, Nicholas (co-performer)
Players, Gabrieli (co-performer)
Podger, Julian (co-performer)
Pooley, George (co-performer)
Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
Roberts, Timothy (co-performer)
Savage, Richard (co-performer)
Smith, Angus (co-performer)
Steele, Francis (co-performer)
Stillman, Daniel (co-performer)
Stocker, Julian (co-performer)
The King's Consort Londres
Towers, William (co-performer)
Trevelyan-Jones, Warren (co-performer)
Underwood, Giles (co-performer)
Vine, Matthew
Wallington, Lawrence (co-performer)
Webber, Oliver (co-performer)
West, Jeremy (co-performer)
Wickham, Henry (co-performer)
Wilkinson, Clare (co-performer)
Arise, my Muse
Choral music.
complete odes and welcome songs, The
EPISTOLA: Lectio Epistolae beati Pauli Apostoli ad Timotheum
Gillian Fischer, Tessa Bonner, S
Great parent, hail
Hail, bright Cecilia
Intégrale des odes et chants de bienvenue, Vol. 3
Muzyka wokalna
My beloved spake Z28
Now does the glorious day appear
O sing unto the Lord
Ode for St. Cecilia's Day 1692
Royal and ceremonial odes [SR] p1988:
Sacred music by Johann Schelle
summer's absence unconcerned we bear
Welcome to all the pleasures (15 min 32 s)
Welcome, welcome, glorious morn
Contributed to or performed: 
"My beloved spake" (Z.28)
Domine Deus meus à 6, C 127
Hail, bright Cecilia!, Z. 328 Ode for St. Cecilia's Day: Hark, hark, each tree its silence breaks
Membra Jesu nostri, BuxWV 75: IV. Ad latus
Symphonia Sacrae Liber Secundus: In ecclesiis à 14, C 78
Symphonia Sacrae Liber Secundus: Misericordia tua Domine à 12, C 69
Symphonia Sacrae Liber Secundus: Suscipe clementissime à 12, C 70
Timor et tremor à 6 (printed 1615 version), C 142