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Idris Mohammad
Idris Muhammad
Idris Muhammad (American drummer)
Idris Muhammad (americký bubeník)
Idris Muhammad (Amerikaans jazzmuzikant (1939-2014))
Idris Muhammad (amerikansk musikar)
Idris Muhammad (amerikansk musiker)
Idris Muhammad (batteur de jazz, connu aussi sous le nom : Leo Morris)
Idris Muhammad (US-amerikanischer Jazz-Schlagzeuger)
Idris Muhammed
Leo Morris
Leo "Swift" Morris
Mohammed, Idris
Morris, Leo
Muhammad, Idris
Muhammed, Idris
Szerkesztő:Grósznyó/Idris Muhammad
إدريس محمد‎
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Archie Shepp Quartet (isMemberOf)
Benson, George (co-performer)
Bergcrantz, Anders (co-performer)
Brecker, Randy (co-performer)
Brown, Cameron (co-performer)
Brown, Georges (co-performer)
Burrell, Dave (co-performer)
Carter, Ron (co-performer)
Cobham, Billy (co-performer)
Crawford, Hank (co-performer)
CTI All-Stars (isMemberOf)
David Murray Quartet (isMemberOf)
David Murray quartet 1993-.... (see also from)
DeJohnette, Jack (co-performer)
Dockery, Wayne (co-performer)
Dorsey, Lee (co-performer)
Drummond, Ray (co-performer)
Egan, Mark (co-performer)
EMI music France
Farrell, Joe (co-performer)
Hicks, John (co-performer)
Hubbard, Freddie (co-performer)
Jackson, Milt (co-performer)
Jamal, Ahmad (1930-...)
James, Bob (1939-)
James, Bob (co-performer)
JFD Productions
Kessler, Siegfried (co-performer)
Keystone trio
Keystone trio (see also from)
Laws, Hubert (co-performer)
Lynch, Brian (co-performer)
Malach, Bob (co-performer)
Malone, Russell (co-performer)
Marsalis, Branford (co-performer)
McCraven, Stephen (co-performer)
Moreira, Airto (co-performer)
Morris, Leo (other; 1939-2014; see also from)
Mraz, George (co-performer)
Murray, David (co-performer)
Nasser, Jamil (1932-...)
Paris reunion band 1986-1988 (see also from)
Phillips, Esther (co-performer)
Polygram, Division Polydor
Roots (Groupe de jazz) Groupe de jazz (see also from)
Rotondi, Jim
Sanders, Pharoah
Shepp, Archie (co-performer)
Smith, Johnny “Hammond” (co-performer)
Sparks, Melvin
Taylor, Creed (co-performer)
Turrentine, Stanley (co-performer)
Warner music France
Washington, Grover Jr (co-performer)
Weston, Randy (1926-...)
Wright, Herman (co-performer)
1220 Lyons Street
am waiting (3 min 37 s), I
Are We Doin' It
Autumn leaves (6 min 56 s)
Awakening ancestors (5 min 26 s)
Bahia (6 min 34 s)
Believe in You, I
Berkshire blues (10 min 05 s)
Big Bad Wolf
Big Byrd (15 min 13 s)
Big Foot
Big up !
Black Rhythm Revolution / Peace & Rhythm
Black talk!
Boogie Boots
Boogie to the Top (disco version)
Boogie to the Top (Edited version)
Brother Do You Know You're Doing Wrong
By the Red Sea
C.J. (6 min 02 s)
C Jam blues (7 min 25 s)
Camby Bolongo
Caravan (12 min 06 s)
Catalina (6 min 40 s)
Charles Kynard
Chromatic love affair (7 min 48 s)
Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Part 1)
Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Part 2)
Crab Apple
(Dance Dance) Work Your Body
Dancing in the Land of Lovely Ladies
Dark Roads
Dear Doc
Disco Man
Doc, The
Don't Fight the Feeling
Don't Knock My Love, Part 1
Don't mess with Mister T.
Express Yourself
Fantasia [SR] p1979 (a.e.)
First line
Flight (6 min 29 s)
For Klook
For real moments (7 min 12 s)
For Your Love (Prelude)
For Your Love (Special 12" disco MIX)
Friendly fire
Functional (13 min 30 s)
Gaby (7 min 41 s)
Ganawa in Paris (12 min 25 s)
GCCG Blues (alternate take)
Grant Green - Alive!
Groove elation!
Hambone (6 min 43 s)
Hard to Face the Music
Heart is a melody
Heaven (5 min 31 s)
Hey Mama (3 min 20 s)
Hey Pocky A-Way
Hole In One
House of the rising sun
I'm a Believer
I'm in the mood for love (7 min 35 s)
I'm So Glad
Inner city blues
Inside lover (6 min 46 s)
Jamie my boy (9 min 36 s)
Jamil (4 min 56 s)
Kabsha (alternate take)
Know You Dont Want Me No More, I
Lament (8 min 59 s)
Last day (3 min 30 s)
Legends of Acid Jazz
Limbo jazz (9 min)
Little Feet
Little one I'll miss you (4 min 33 s)
Locksley (4 min 45 s)
Loran's Dance
Love in the Tub
Love New Orleans
Lover man
Lyons Street
Make it count
Make You Love Me
Man from Potter's Crossing (4 min 48 s)
Manhattan reflections (8 min 35 s)
mean you (8 min 08 s), I
Metamorphosis (5 min 08 s)
Miles' Mode
Misterioso (10 min 56 s)
Moon Hymn
More than you know (4 min 30 s)
Mr. Shing-A-Ling
My Turn
New Orleans Gumbo
Night And Day
Night in Medina (6 min 52 s)
Nubian fantasies (6 min 44 s)
NYC underground
Of minor (5 min 23 s)
One With a Star
Peace and Rhythm
Piece O' Cake
Piece of Mind
Pipe Stem
Portrait of Frank Edward Weston (11 min 24 s)
Portraits of Duke Ellington
Portraits of Thelonious Monk
Power of soul
Pretty things
Rain village (1 min 57 s)
Real feels good (8 min 53 s)
Right Now
Ruby my dear (5 min 29 s)
Saddest Thing, The
Say What
See Saw
Sepia panorama (11 min 32 s)
Solid ; with Jim Rotondi, Joe Locke.
Some Blues
Something special
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (2min 29 s)
Soulful Drums
spirits of our ancestors
St. M
Stick It in Your Face
Straight Street
Street of dreams (5 min 33 s)
Subatomic blues (4 min 33 s)
Super Bad
Surinam (4 min 04 s)
Tap Dancer
Tasty Cakes
Tell Me, Where Did We Go Wrong?
Thank you I didn't know what time it was ; [etc.]
Theme for New York City
There are such things (3 min 56 s)
There Is a Girl
There's a lull in my life (6 min 38 s)
This Love
To the ladies
Tommy Flanagan & Hank Jones live in Marciac 1993
Toulouse (6 min 55 s)
Transfer to Manhattan (7 min 32 s)
Turn this mutha out
Want to Talk About You, I
Weekend Starts Here, The
Well you needn't (9 min 18 s)
Where Did We Go Wrong?
Where is love ? (2 min 20 s)
Work Song (8 min 25 s)
You Ain't No Friend Of Mine!
Contributed to or performed: 
...Ain't It Funky Now!
Acid Jazz, Volume 2
Alone Together
Auf dem Weg nach Bali
Azuli Presents Louie Vega: Choice: A Collection of Classics
Back and Up
Back to Mine: Röyksopp
Backbeats: Digger's Delight (More Rare-Groove Gems)
Bar Jazz, Volume 5
Bar-B-Que Man, The
Best of Acid Jazz, The
But Not for Me
Champ, The
Champs, The
Classic Jazz-Funk 2: Definitive Jazz-Funk Mastercuts, Volume 2
CTI Records The Master Series sampler
CTI Records: Birth of the Groove
Definitive Collection, The
Diggin' Deeper 6: The Roots of Acid Jazz
Disco Discharge: Classic Disco
Disco Spectrum 3
Disco Vaults 2: A Slide Under the Strobe Light
Donna Lee
Dr. Jackle
For Discos Only (Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records 1976–1981)
Gilles Peterson in the House
Ginger Bread Boy
Groovy Vol. 6 - A Collection Of Rare Jazzy Club Tracks
Hello Mr.Bennett
Hello Mr.Bennett - The Jazz Guitar Trio, Volume 1
Here’s to the People
Hope for the Hopi
Horse Meat Disco III
Jazz Funk Sessions
Jazz Fusion Years, The
Just Friends
Kids Know
Let There Be Funk!
Living in the Streets, Volume 1: Wah Wah Jazz Funky Soul & Other Dirty Grooves
Loran’s Dance
Love Note for Sonny
Make Way for the Originals
Mastercuts Best of Jazz Funk
Masterpieces of Modern Soul
Newklear Music
Nica's Dream
Nova 24h
Old Folks
Old Wine, New Bottles
Prestige Funky Beats
Pulp Fusion: Funky Jazz Classics & Original Breaks From the Tough Side
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 23: Funk Off! Black Grooves From the 70's
Silk ’n’ Satin
Smooth jazz for the open road
Some Blues
Song for Yusef
Spark Plug
St. Thomas
Stefan Pelzl's Juju featuring Idris Muhammad
Strange Soul
Strictly Breaks, Volume 10
Strictly Breaks: The Definitive Collector's Box Set
Sunny Side Up, 15
Tasty Cakes
Tell Me You Love Me
Times Slimes
True Blue
You Don't Know What Love Is
Yougoslavian Railroad Song