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Trout, Walter
Walter Trout
Walter Trout (American musician)
Walter Trout (Amerikaans zanger)
Walter Trout (amerikansk sångare och gitarrist)
Walter Trout (amerikansk sanger og gitarist)
Walter Trout (amerikansk sanger og guitarist)
Walter Trout (amerikansk songar og gitarist)
Walter Trout (US-amerikanischer Komponist, Gitarrist und Sänger)
Траут, Уолтер
Уолтър Траут
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Allison, Bernard
Allison, Luther (1939-1997)
Brown, Richard (co-performer)
Bruce, Jack (co-performer)
Canned Heat (isMemberOf)
Clapton, Eric (co-performer)
Coyne, Kevin (1944-)
Dunbar, Aynsley (co-performer)
Fleetwood, Mick (co-performer)
Friend 'N Fellow (Musical group)
Green, Peter (co-performer)
Halby, Mike (co-performer)
Hartley, Keef (co-performer)
Heckstall-Smith, Dick (co-performer)
Hiseman, Jon (co-performer)
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (isMemberOf)
Johnson, Jimmy
Jones, Skip (co-performer)
Kellogg, Richard (co-performer)
Lister, Aynsley
Mayall, John (co-performer)
McVie, John (co-performer)
Mercer, Chris (co-performer)
Montoya, Coco (co-performer)
Paladins (Musical group)
Parra, Fito de la (co-performer)
Reeves, Tony (co-performer)
Rodriguez, Ernie (co-performer)
Skidmore, Alan (co-performer)
Spooky Tooth (Musical group)
Stavin' Chain (Musical group)
Taj Mahal
Taylor, Larry (co-performer)
Taylor, Mick (co-performer)
The Free radicals (see also from)
Thornbury, James (co-performer)
Tillman, Keith (co-performer)
Vestine, Henry (co-performer)
Walter Trout & The Free Radicals (isMemberOf)
Walter Trout and Friends
Walter Trout and Friends Affiliation (see also from)
Walter Trout and the Free Radicals Affiliation (see also from)
Walter Trout Band (isMemberOf)
Walter Trout Band (see also from)
Warleigh, Ray (co-performer)
Yuele, Joe (co-performer)
Zomba recording corporation
After Hours
ALIVE in Amsterdam
All I want is you (5 min 20 s)
All My Life
All the Kings Horses
Almost Gone (live)
Bad Love
Battle Scars
Be Careful How You Vote
Big chain (6 min 20 s)
Big City
Blue Haze : Songs of Jimi Hendrix
Blues Came Callin', The
Blues Deluxe
Blues for my baby (7 min 57 s)
Blues for the modern daze (6 min 14 s)
Born in the City
Bottom of the River, The
Brother's keeper (6 min 59 s)
Brush With the Blues
Busy Man, A
Can't Have It All
Can't Help Falling Apart
can tell (6 min 40 s), I
Channelling Neil Young
Cherry Red Wine
Child of Another Day
Clouds on the Horizon
Cold Cold Feeling
Cold, Cold Ground
Come Home
Common ground (6 min 20 s)
Cry If You Want To
Danger zone (4 min 11 s)
"Deep Trout" interview
Don't Wanna Fall
Don't Want My MTV, I
Don't Worry About It
Dust My Broom
Earrings on the table (1 min 44 s)
Excess baggage (5 min 54 s)
Eyes of a child (5 min 11 s)
Face the music : live on tour
False Alarm
Fast moving traffic (4 min 48 s)
Finally Gotten Over You
Firehouse Mama
Fly Away (live)
Four flat tires on a muddy road all star tribute to ZZ Top
Frederica (I Don't Need You)
Full circle
Giants of blues, 1999 ;
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Gimme Three Steps
Girl From the North Country
Give Me Back My Wig
Go The Distance (Cardiff Coal Exchange 11th Oct 2001)
God’s Word
Goin' Back Home
Goin' Down
Going Down
Gone Too Long
Gonna Live Again
Good Enough to Eat
Got a Broken Heart
Gotta Leave This Town
Hard Time
Hardtime Blues
Haunted by the Night (live)
Head Hung Down
Hell to Pay
Help Me (live)
Her other man (6 min 33 s)
Hey Barney
Highway Song (with John Mayall)
How much do you want ? (4 min 36 s)
Hudson had help (3 min 17 s)
I’m Back (live)
I'm Tired
If You Ever Change Your Mind
If you just try (7 min 02 s)
In Love With You Again
In My Mind
In Session
It Takes Time
Jimi Hendrix music festival music written and inspired by Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy as Yoko
Jules Well
Just as I Am
Kill the monkey (4 min 13 s)
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Let Me Be the One
Life I Chose, The
Life in the jungle (5 min 37 s)
Lifestyle of the rich and famous (6 min 14 s)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Live At Jazzbones, Tacoma
Live Trout
Livin' Every Day
Loaded gun (5 min 46 s)
Lonely (4 min 50 s)
Long Tall Sally
Love in vain (5 min 57 s)
Love So Deep (Cardiff Coal Exchange 11th Oct 2001)
Love Song of J. Alfred Blues Rock, The
Love Song of J. Alfred Bluesrock
love that we once knew (5 min 05 s)
Love That We Once Knew (live), The
Low Down and Dirty
Luther's Blues: A Tribute to Luther Allison
Luther Speaks
Marie’s Introduction (live)
Marie’s Mood (live)
Matter of the Heart
May Be a Fool
Mayall's Piano Boogie
Maybe a fool (4 min 46 s)
Me, My Guitar and the Blues
Money rules the world (4 min 35 s)
Motivation of love (5 min 03 s)
Mountain Song, The
Move From the Hood
Move On
Musikexpress sounds.
My Ship Came In
Nature’s Disappearing
need to belong (4 min 47 s), I
Never knew you well (6 min 12 s)
Next Big Thing
No More Fish Jokes (live)
No regrets (6 min 21 s)
Nobody Moves Me Like You Do
Not Fade Away
Obstacles in My Way
Omaha (live)
Omaha Prelude
On the rise (5 min 59 s)
One Way Street
Open book (4 min 43 s)
Out of Bad Luck
Outsider, The
Pain in the Streets
Play the Guitar (live)
Playin’ Hideaway (live)
Playing With Gloves On
Please don't go (5 min 13 s)
Please Love Me
Please Take Me Home (live)
Pray for rain (3 min 12 s)
Prisoner of a Dream
Puppet master (45 s)
Put it right back (6 min 03 s)
Re-string Guitar Jam
Reason I'm Gone, The
Recovery (6 min 22 s)
Red House
Red Sun
Relentless : the concert
Restless Age
Ride Till I'm Satisfied
Road Runner
Rock Me Baby (live)
Ruf Records [SR] 1998:
Runnin' blues (5 min 34 s)
Running In Place
Sammy, Sammy
Saw My Mama Cryin'
Sawmy mama cryin' (5 min 50 s)
Say Goodbye to the Blues (live)
Say What!
Serve Me Right to Suffer (live)
She's Out There Somewhere
She Takes More Than She Gives (Broadcast 5th October 2006)
Sittin' on Top of the World
sky is fallin' down (3 min 41 s)
Sky Is Fallin' Down, The
Slap Happy
So Afraid of the Darkness
So sad to be lonely (6 min 37 s)
Somebody's Acting Like a Child
Somebody's cryin' (6 min 23 s)
Something Inside of Me
Song for a Wanderer
Song for my guitar (5 min 13 s)
Soul on fire
Stead stung down (6 min 27 s)
Survivor Blues
Sweet as a flower (4 min 18 s)
Take a Little Time
Take care of yo'business (11 min 22 s)
Talk to Ya
Tellin' stories
Tender Heart
They Call Us the Working Class
Things Ain’t What They Used to Be
Tight Shoes
Tighten Up
Time for movin'on (4 min 23 s)
To Begin Again
Tomorrow Seems So Far Away (live)
Tremble (5 min 11 s)
Tribute to Muddy Waters (6 min 02 s)
Turn off your tv (3 min 28 s)
Turn Your Eyes to Heaven
Two Sides to Every Story
ultimate tribute to Led Zeppelin
Under My Skin
Unspoiled by Progress
Victor the Cajun (4 min 20 s)
Voodoo Chile
Walkin' In The Rain (Cut) (Cardiff Coal Exchange 11th Oct 2001)
Walter Trout in concert
Walter Trout presents Deep Trout the early years of Walter Trout
wanna see the morning (5 min 38 s), I
Wastin' Away
We’re All In This Together
Welcome to the Human Race
Whale Have Swallowed Me, The
When Luther Played the Blues
When Will It Ever Change
Where blues crosses over : 1999 sampler disc
Who's Listenin' In
Work No More
Workin' Overtime (Broadcast 5th October 2006)
World Is Goin' Crazy (And So Am I), The
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Wrapped up in blues (4 min 47 s)
Wrapped Up in the Blues
You can't go home again (5 min 48 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
1999 Ruf Records Sampler
2 Meter Sessies, Volume 3
Ain’t Goin’ Back
All My Love
All-Star Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, An
All-Star Tribute to ZZ Top, An
AUDIOphile Pearls, Volume 22
BBC Blues Sessions Volume 4
Black on Blues: A Tribute to The Black Keys
Blood Money
Blue Haze: Songs of Jimi Hendrix
Blue Xmas: Christmas Blues Instrumentals
Blues Breaker
Blues for Jimmy T.
Blues on Blonde on Blonde
Can't Help Falling Apart (Broadcast 5th October 2006)
Can’t Take It No More
Chicago Line
Classic Rock #179: The Best of 2012, Part Two
Classic Rock #185: Bag of Bones
Classic Rock #218: The Best of the Year 2015
Classic Rock #245: Rockin the Blues
Cold Blooded Woman
Country Meets Southern Rock
Crash and Burn
Crossfire: A Salute to Stevie Ray
Days Like This
Dirty Dozen, The
Do You Still See Me at All
Dream Above the Blues
Fascinating Lover
Freeway Jam: To Beck and Back
Fresh Blues, Volume 6
Get The Blues!
Gimme One More Day
Goin’ Down to the River
Gonna Hurt Like Hell
Got Nothin’ Left
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Hey Bo Diddley – A Tribute!
Hey Bo Diddley: A Tribute!
House Is Rockin': A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, The
In-Akustik Reference Sound Edition: Great Guitar Tunes
Jeffology - A Guitar Chronicle
Jimi Hendrix Music Festival
Last Time, The
Life in the Jungle
Love That We Once Knew, The
Mr. Davis
Music From Time and Space, Vol. 29
One Life to Live
Other Side of the Pillow, The
Real Blues Rock: 32 Rocking & Grooving Blues Rock Tracks
Red House
Ridin on the L & N (live)
Room to Move (live)
Salute to Stevie Ray, A
Shake Your Money Maker
She Listens to the Blackbird Sing
She Steals My Heart Away
Sky Is Crying, The
Somebody Goin’ Down
Summertime Blues
Tears Came Rollin' Down
Too Much to Carry
Tribute to Bo Diddley
Ultimate Tribute to Led Zeppelin, The
We're All in This Together
We’re All in This Together
West of Flushing, South of Frisco
What's Wrong
Where Blues Meets Rock, Vol. 9
Where Blues Meets Rock, Volume 6
Where Blues Meets Rock, Volume 8
Who Knows
Woman Don’t Lie