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Renwick, Tim
Tim Renwick
Tim Renwick (britischer Musiker)
Tim Renwick (British musician)
Tim Renwick (britisk komponist)
Tim Renwick (Brits componist)
Tim Renwick (brittisk kompositör)
Tim Renwick (chitarrista britannico)
تیم رنویک (آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
born 1949-08-07
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ball, Dave (co-performer)
Beer, Phil (co-performer)
Bell, Martin (co-performer)
Brooker, Gary
Brooker, Gary (co-performer)
Broughton, Joe (co-performer)
Cambridge, John (co-performer)
Care, Simon (co-performer)
Carthy, Martin (co-performer)
Chapman, Steve (co-performer)
Copping, Chris (co-performer)
Death, Liquorice John (co-performer)
Donaldson, Pat (co-performer)
Draheim, Sue (co-performer)
Dunlop, Blair (co-performer)
Fisher, Matthew (co-performer)
Foster, Trevor (co-performer)
Grabham, Mick (co-performer)
Harland, Kelly (co-performer)
Harris, Sue (co-performer)
Hinchliffe, Keith (co-performer)
Hutchings, Ashley (co-performer)
Junior's Eyes (isMemberOf)
Kirkpatrick, John (co-performer)
Knights, David (co-performer)
Lazy Racer (isMemberOf)
Leslie, Chris (co-performer)
Lesurf, Cathy (co-performer)
Lynch, Bruce
Markee, Dave (co-performer)
Marshall, Neil (co-performer)
Mattacks, Dave
Matthews, Julie (co-performer)
Nicholls, Gillie (co-performer)
Nicol, Ken (co-performer)
Nicol, Simon (co-performer)
Pegg, Matt (co-performer)
Phillips, Josh (1962-)
Pickett, Phil (co-performer)
Procol Harum (isMemberOf)
Rasle, John-Pierre (co-performer)
Reed, Ashley (co-performer)
Renwick, Tim
Ricotti, Frank
Royer, Ray (co-performer)
Sanders, Ric (co-performer)
Shepard, Jean (co-performer)
Solley, Peter (co-performer)
Sothcott, John (co-performer)
Stewart, Al (1945-...)
Stewart, Al (1945-..)
Swallow, Roger (co-performer)
Tams, John (co-performer)
Taylor, Graeme (co-performer)
The Albion Band (isMemberOf)
Thomas, Pete
Trower, Robin (co-performer)
Virgin France
Wayne, Mick (co-performer)
Whetstone, Dave (co-performer)
While, Chris (co-performer)
While, Kellie (co-performer)
Wilson, Barrie James (co-performer)
Wood, Peter
Zorn, Pete (co-performer)
Antarctica (4 min 05 s)
Arrested Rock
Bad reputation (4 min 54 s)
Barnes County
Bertholletia Excelsa (edit sting)
Bertholletia Excelsa (full mix)
Blue Monday (full alt guitar lead)
Blue Monday (full harmonica lead)
Blue Monday (full organ lead)
Blue Monday (sting alt guitar lead)
Blue Monday (sting harmonica lead)
Blue Monday (sting organ lead)
Blue views
Boogie Shuffle (edit bridge)
Boogie Shuffle (full mix)
Consort (full mix)
Cornish Patsy (alternate mix without guitar lead)
Cornish Patsy (full mix)
Cornish Patsy (narration)
Cornish Patsy (stinger 1)
Cornish Patsy (stinger 2)
Cornish Patsy (stinger 3)
Cornish Patsy (stinger 4)
Cornish Patsy (stinger 5)
Cornish Patsy (stinger 6)
Dancing Donkey 2
Dancing Donkey 3 (30)
Dancing Donkey 4 (Sting)
Dancing Donkey 5 (Sting)
Denim Gang
Dirty Man Blues (full mix)
Electric blue
Fields of France (2 min 55 s)
Freehand (edit (bridge) )
Freehand (edit (long) )
Freehand (edit (piano link) )
Freehand (edit (short) )
Freehand (edit sting)
Freehand (full mix)
Getting Jiggie (full mix)
Ghost Rider 2
Ghost Rider 3 (30)
Ghost Rider 4 (Sting)
Ghost Rider 5 (Sting)
Ghostly horses of the plain (2 min 26 s)
Gladsome Christmas
Gladsome Girl (bridge)
Gladsome Girl (full mix)
Going live
Gonna Rock This House 2
Gonna Rock This House 3
Gonna Rock This House 4 (30)
Gonna Rock This House 5 (Sting)
Gonna Rock This House 6 (Sting)
Gridlock (edit sting)
Gridlock (full mix)
Guitar Fool
Guitar Wobble
Have Horns Will Travel 2
Have Horns Will Travel 3 (30)
Have Horns Will Travel 4 (Sting)
Have Horns Will Travel 5
Hi Life Music
High Nights
High School Party
Joséphine Baker (4 min 11 s)
Killer Man
King of Portugal (4 min 23 s)
Last days of the century (6 min 17 s)
Last Train To Sante Fe 2
Last Train To Sante Fe 3 (30)
Last Train To Sante Fe 4 (Sting)
Last Train To Sante Fe 5
Licence to steal (3 min 51 s-)
March of the giants
Masquerade (full mix)
Methods of release
Miami Beach (edit sting)
Miami Beach (full mix)
Natural balance
Night Hawk (edit (bumper) )
Night Hawk (edit sting)
Night Hawk (edit (underscore) )
Night Hawk (edit (unplugged) )
Night Hawk (full mix)
No more fear of flying
One good reason
Open Road (edit (fx mix) )
Open Road (edit sting)
Open Road (full mix)
Polly's Song (edit sting)
Polly's Song (full mix)
Rattlesnake Shake 2
Rattlesnake Shake 3 (30)
Rattlesnake Shake 4 (30)
Rattlesnake Shake 5 (sting)
Réal and unreal (3 min 35 s)
Reason for Staying
Red toupee (3 min 34 s)
Reintarnation 2
Reintarnation 3 (30)
Reintarnation 4 (Sting)
Reintarnation 5 (Sting)
Reintarnation 6 (Sting)
Rhythm, blues & soul
Rock circus
Rock, Country Rock, Folk
Rock, Latin Rock, Gospel
Rockabilly Jo (edit sting)
Rockabilly Jo (full mix)
Rolling (full mix)
Rolling (sting)
Savage amusement
Second sight
Shadow dancing
Shore (full mix), The
single man
Slash Guitar
Slideaway (edit sting)
Slideaway (full mix)
Soul ambition
Space Guitar
Space oddity
Strumtastic (alternate mix - no bass & drums)
Strumtastic (alternate mix - no guitars)
Strumtastic (full mix)
Strumtastic (stinger 1)
Strumtastic (stinger 2)
Strumtastic (stinger 3)
Strumtastic (stinger 4 - no drums)
Suicide Rock
Sunset Serenade 2
Sunset Serenade 3 (30)
Sunset Serenade 4 (Sting)
Sunset Serenade 5 (Sting)
Sunset Serenade 6 (Sting)
Swingtime 2
Swingtime 3 (40)
Swingtime 4 (Sting)
Swingtime 5
Tallahassee Two-Step 2
Tallahassee Two-Step 3 (30)
Tallahassee Two-Step 4 (Sting)
Tallahassee Two-Step 5 (Sting)
Tallahassee Two-Step 6 (Sting)
Texas Nexus (edit sting)
Texas Nexus (full mix)
Upwardly mobile
Walkin' the Talk
Way to Go (edit sting)
Way to Go (full mix)
We Get Along
Where are they now ? (5 min 55 s)
World voices
Year of the cat
Zhongguo 10 (30)
Zhongguo 11 (15)
Zhongguo 12 (15)
Zhongguo 13 (15)
Zhongguo 14 (15)
Zhongguo 15 (15)
Zhongguo 16 (15)
Zhongguo 17 (15)
Zhongguo 18 (10)
Zhongguo 19 (10)
Zhongguo 2
Zhongguo 20 (10)
Zhongguo 21 (10)
Zhongguo 22 (10)
Zhongguo 23 (10)
Zhongguo 24 (10)
Zhongguo 25 (10)
Zhongguo 26 (10)
Zhongguo 3
Zhongguo 4
Zhongguo 5
Zhongguo 6 (30)
Zhongguo 7 (30)
Zhongguo 8 (30)
Zhongguo 9 (30)
Contributed to or performed: 
All Kinds of Christmas 2
Blues, Harmonica, Country
Classic Rock 'n' Roll
Classical Guitar & Mandolin
Country / Country Rock
Country, Blues, Americana
Far East, China, World 2
Fun, Happy, Quirky
Guitar Themes
Jazz, Hot Club of France, Blues
Right as Rain
Right as Rain (full mix)
Right as Rain (narration)
Righteous Road (edit a cappella)
Righteous Road (full mix)
Short Cuts 3
Solo Guitar, Atmospheric
Songs, Blues, Jazz, Funk
Unleashed Love: The Soundtrack
Vocal, Pop, Gospel