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Delay, V.
Delay, Vladislav
Ripatti, Sasu
born 1976-09-16
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Ripatti, Sasu (real name)
Uusitalo, K. (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
BMG Ariola GmbH
Conoco ((Musician); see also from)
Delay, Vladislav
Luomo (see also from)
Rivera Rotation
Schaffhäuser, Mathias
Silent Breed
Sistol ((Musician); see also from)
Sun Electric
Tjader, Cal (1925-1982)
Uusitalo (see also from)
Vladislav Delay Quartet (see also from)
Bar 1
Body Speaking
Clicks + cuts
Cold Lately
Comfort zone
Could Be Like This
Digital disco
Dirt Me
Diskonize Me
Form in Void
Fuego En Tus Labios
Gets Along Fine
Good Stuff
Good to Be With (12" version)
Good to Be With (album version)
Good to Be With (remix)
Happy Strong
Have You Ever
How You Look
Hypercity mixed by Andrew Weatherhall
If I Can't
Immaculate Motive
John Acquaviva pres. From Saturday to Sunday
Let You Know (remix)
Lonely Music Co.
Love You All (club version - Jzedit) (feat. Apparat)
Make Believe
Make My Day
Medley Through
Melt (AGF/Dlay edit)
Moon Harbour flights
Naima Vladislav Delay live ; Ars Electronica 2001 - Klangpark
Native lab
Nothing Goes Away
Paper Tigers (Remixes)
Pete Rivera presents "For adults only"
Present Lover Remix (bonus version)
present lover, The
Really Don't Mind (album version)
Really Don't Mind (club mix radio edit)
Right Wing, The
Robert's Reason
Sleep Tonight
Slow Dying Places
So You
Spy (Penner+Muder remix)
Synkro (edit)
Talk in Danger
Tease Is Over, The
Tessio (Agf/Dlay remix)
Tessio (Akufen remix)
Tessio (album version)
Tessio (Butch Sunrise remix)
Tessio (Håkan Lidbo mix)
Tessio (M.R.I. remix)
Tessio (Mathias Schaffhäuser Decomposed Subsonic remix)
Tessio (Mathis Schaffhäuser remix)
Tessio (Moonbootica mix)
Tessio (Moonbootica radio edit)
Tessio (Moonbootica remix)
Tessio (Moonbotica radio edit)
Tessio (MRI remix)
Tessio - Original Version
Tessio (Ramon Tapia remix)
Tessio (Remixes)
Tessio (Ric y Martin mix)
Tessio (Specktre remix)
Tessio (Spektre remix)
Tessio (Stimmering remix)
Tessio (Stimming dub)
Tessio (Stimming radio mix)
Tessio (Stimming remix)
Vapaa muurari Uusitalo - Live
Vladislav Delay Quartet. Vladislav Delay Quartet [SR] 2011:
Vocal city
Waltz for Your Eyes
Wanna Tell (remix)
What's Good (Adjuster remix)
What's Good (Cane remix)
What's Good (Frank Elting remix)
What's Good (Ian Pooley mix)
What's Good (Ian Pooley remix)
What's Good (Kwality Kontrol mix)
What's Good (radio edit)
Contributed to or performed: 
Aku Aku (dub for Aku-Kimmo)
Aku Aku (Straight No Chaser)
Bambuddha Grove, Volume 6 - The Black Sheep Tribe
Bar 1 Compilation
Berlin Afterhour 2 - From Minimal to Techno - From Electro to House
Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3 by Margeir
Café Karma: The Cream of Lounge Cuisine
Chill House 5
Chillout Lounge, Volume 2: More... Downtempo Grooves for Late Night Lounging, The
Chillout Lounge, Volume 3, The
Chillout Lounge, Volume 3: Downtempo Grooves for Late Night Lounging, The
Chillout Lounge, Volume 4, The
Clicks & Cuts 3
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 54
Come Hear. Finland. 2009
Comfort Zone, Volume 5
Dance de Lux 2001
Darkhouz & Popotronic (disc 1)
Deepest Shades of Chill Out
Digital Disco
Digital Disco 2
Eskimo, Volume 3
Fabric 11: Swayzak
Fiscal Apocalypse 2008: Fifteen Free Tracks For the Financially Fried
From Saturday to Sunday, Volume 2
Give It Away
Global Underground: Nubreed 007
Global Underground: Nubreed: Sultan
Groovetechnology v1.3
Harlem (Gorge remix) / Tessio (a cappella)
House Club Hottest 004
Ibiza Fever 2009
Incite 19
Introduction to Nordic Lounge, An
Isolating the Future-Skank of Vladislav Delay
Joe's Bodea (Link Up & Survive mix)
Joe's Bodega (Joe: Meet Delay)
Joe’s Bodega
Kick, The
Kontor: House of House, Volume 7
Kontor: Sunset Chill
Lisboa Gare By Yen Sung
Love You All
Love You All (album version)
Love You All (club version)
Love You All (radio edit)
madnet download.2
Miedzy Nami Cafe, Volume 1
Miedzy Nami Cafe, Volume 3
Mind the Gap, Volume 66
Ministry of Sound: Mashed
Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2010
Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session: Summer Collection 2004
Moon Harbour Flights, Volume One
Music to Make Love By
Musikexpress 50: Force Inc.
Nordic Lounge: An Introduction to Contemporary Nordic Music
Nova Tunes 01_10
Nova Tunes 08
Nu De Lune
On a Runaway
Organic Tech House, Volume 6
Organic Techhouse Summer 2009
Release Yourself, Volume 8
Renaissance: The Masters Series, Part 12
Risk Some Soul
Risk Some Soul (Kneedeep remix)
Running Away EP
Salinas Sessions, The
Sit Beside Me (Don't Tell version)
Sit Beside Me (Double Rock Shock remix)
Solid Sounds 2009.1
Sónar 2001
Sónar 2002
Song Unfinished (Love Song)
Song Unfinished (Song Finished)
Stockholm Mix Sessions 2
Sunshine Live House Edition, Volume 8
Technics inthemix 50
Techno & House Latino
Test The Box
Test Three
VIRTU™ See Level