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Olof Rydbeck (fysiker)
Rydbeck, O. E. H.
Rydbeck, Olof
Rydbeck, Olof E. H.
Rydbeck, Olof Erik Hans
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Language material
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Agdur, B.
Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse
Elldér, Joel (1931-)
Forsgren, Sven K.H.
Harvard University
Hjalmarson, Åke
Ploman, Edward W. (1926-)
Rönnäng, Bernt-Olof (1940-)
Sume, Ain (1941-)
Wilhelmsson, Hans
Wilhelmsson, Hans (1929-)
Wilhelmsson, K. Hans B. (1929-)
Broadcasting in the space age
Coupled wave equations for multi-mode inhomogeneous media.
Den övre atmosfären och dess kartläggning.
Distribution and kinematics of CO in the spiral galaxy M51
Doppler effect in dispersive, inhomogenous media with applications to electromagnetic waves in ionized media., The
Femtio år som rymdforskare och ingenjörsutbildare : från skånska horisonter till fjärran galaxer
Hans Bendz : patolog och mänskovän
Ionospheric effects of solar flares 1948 : preliminary report no. 1-...
isotropic medium., The
Non-linear electromagnetic wave propagation and harmonic radiation in magneto-ionic media.
Non-linear plasma waves in a streaming homogeneous, cold ionized medium.
OH exited state emissions from W 75 B and W 3, OH
On the excitation of different space charge wave modes in travelling wave tubes : [Illustr.].
On the Excitation of Different Space Charge Wawe Modes in Travailling Wawe Tubes
On the forced electromagnetic Oscillations in spherical resonators
On the propagation of radio waves.
On the spherical and spheroidal wave functions.
Onsala high spatial resolution observations of HCN, HCO⁺ and their isotopes in Orion A and S140
peculiar SiO (v=2, J=2-1) maser in x Cygni, The
Propagation of Electronic Space Charge Waves in Periodic Structures, The
Radio observations of interstellar CH ...
Radioastronomischer Nachweis von interstellaren CH-Radikalen
Rutile traveling wave masers for the frequency range 1300-3400 MHz and their application in Onsala 84 foot radio telescope to galactic spectral line emission studies
simple Kerr modulator for ionospheric recording., A
Temporal variations of OH ground state emissions in W51
theoretical investigation of the ionospheric electron density variation during a solar eclipse., A
theoretical survey of the possibilities of determining the distribution of the free electrons in the upper atmosphere., A
theory of magneto ionic triple splitting, A
theory of magneto ionic triple splitting., The
theory of the traveling-wave tube., The
theory of the travelingwave tube., The
Vertical and non-vertical ionospheric reflections at fixed and variable frequencies
Very long baseline interferometry of galactic OH sources
Whistler mode - ionized stream interactions : Part 1
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1940