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Eiht, M. C.
Eiht, MC
MC 8
MC Eight
MC Eight (pseudonym)
MC Eiht
MC Eiht (African-American rapper)
MC Eiht (Amerikaans acteur)
MC Eiht (amerikansk musikar og skodespelar)
MC Eiht (amerikansk musiker och skådespelare)
MC Eiht (amerikansk musiker og skuespiller)
MC Eiht ((Musician))
MC Eiht (rapper e attore statunitense)
MC Eiht (US-amerikanischer Rapper der Gruppe)
MC 에잇
born 1967-05-22
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Tyler, Aaron (real name)
Related names: 
1st Generation (isMemberOf)
Bam, Boom (co-performer)
Chill, Tha (co-performer)
Compton's most wanted
Compton's most wanted (see also from)
Compton’s Most Wanted (isMemberOf)
DJ Cream
Dr. Dre, 1965-
Drake, 1986-
E.C.M.P. (isMemberOf)
Felony, Jayo (co-performer)
Gangsta (co-performer)
Jay Rock, 1986-
Jinx, Sir (co-performer)
Kam (co-performer)
Kurupt (co-performer)
Lamar, Kendrick (1987-)
Loc, Goldie (co-performer)
Marsmedia (Firm)
Mike T, DJ (co-performer)
Palm Pictures
Priority Films
Priority Records Inc
Shack, Andrew
Slip, DJ (co-performer)
Sony music entertainment inc. États-Unis
Sony music entertainment international
Sony music France
Taja, Darryl
Tee, King (co-performer)
The Comrads
Universal licensing music
Virgin France
Virgin records international
Warzone (isMemberOf)
Wise, Anna
Wise, Singer
2 Freak E
Ain't nuthin 2 it (5 min 14 s)
Ain't Nuthin' to It
Ain't Nuttin' but Killin
All Around the Hood
All Day Everyday
All For The Money (1/2 Oz. Remix)
All for the money (4 min 04 s) radio edit
All For The Money (A Cappella)
All For The Money (Instrumental)
All I Came 2 Do
All I Know
Any Meanz
Anything U Want
As I Proceed
Bac in Town
Best of MC Eiht, The
Black Music Dept
Blue Stamp
Bomb Eiht
Brew Took Me Unda, The
Bring Back the Funk
California love
Can I Get Mine
Can I still kill it
Collect my stripez (4 min 34 s)
Compton 4 Death
Compton cyco
Compton Thang
Compton Zoo
CPT'z Bac
Dayz of '89
Dead Money
Death threatz
Def wish III
Drugs and killin
Endoness (4 min 41 s)
Everybody Move
Fine by Me
Fire Alarm
First Time Actor
From Yo Hood 2 My Hood
Fuc em all (4 min 32 s)
Fuc your hood (4 min 52 s)
G'sta Melody
Gangsta Minded
Gangsta Smash
Geez make the hood go round
Get Money
Get Yo Grind On (Garage mix)
Getaway (skit), The
Ghetto, The
Git Money
Goin' out like geez
Good kid, mAAd city
Got Cha Humpin’
Graduation Day
Hard times
Heavy Weights
Hold Up
Hood Arrest
Hood Ratz
Hustle 4 Doe
Hustle Man
I’m a G
In My Neighborhood
In My Town
It's Alright
It’s Your Life
Just Lean
Keep It Hood EP
Keep It Movin
Keepin' Me High
Killin nigguz (5 min 26 s)
Killin season (4 min 58 s)
Kind of Pimpish
Last man standing
Late nite hype
Leave Me Alone
Let Me Get 2 It
Let's Do This
Life I Chose (A Cappella)
Life I Chose (Clean)
Life I Chose (Dirty)
Life I Chose (Drive By Remix Instrumental)
Life I Chose (J-Box remix), The
Life I Chose (Je$u$ remix)
Like Me
Like This Like That
Livin Like Gangstaz
Living Like G'staz
Look Up
Love 4 tha hood (4 min 54 s)
Make Me Some Mo
Make Some Dough
MC Eiht
Murder at Night
Must Be Murder
My Life
N' my neighborhood
Nail Shop (Luther's outro), The
Need That, I
Never Take It Easy
New Sh… True Sh…
Niggaz make the hood go round
Niggaz that kill
Nobody Beat Us
Nothing to Loose
Nuthin' but the gangsta
On Top of All That
Once Upon a Time n' the Ghetto
One Hundred Percent
One Less Nigga
One Ref
Paper Chasing
Picture Me
Pink Is 4 Honeys
Pipe Down
Reign, The
Respect It
Return Fire
Rule #1
Run 4 your life (4 min 38 s)
Say Nuthin'
Section 8
Set trippin (5 min 12 s)
Shoe Caper
Sittin' Around Smokin'
Slang My Keys
Smoke Dis
So Don’t Go There
So Ruff
Some May Know
Some of These Thugs
Somebody (feat. Tha Chill)
Stand Up
Start Sum Chit
Streets Don't Love U
Streets Of L.A. Freestyle
Streiht up menace
Take 2 with me
Tha Hood Is Mine
Tha8t’z Gangsta
Them Nigz
Then U Gone
Thicker than water
This Is Compton
Thug Azz Niggaz
Thuggin it up
Till I Die
Two tha westside
U Know Why (feat. Tha Chill)
Underground hero
Veterans Day
Vets Day (intro)
Wavin the Pistol
We come strapped
We Get It
We Gots to Work
We Heated
We Made It '04 (feat. Tha Chill)
We On
What the Fuc U Want Me to Do
What We About
What You Like It Like
When All Hell Breaks Loose
Where U From
Where U Goin 2
Where We Go (DJ Premier Mix)
Which Way Iz Up
Which Way Iz West
Who’s tha Man
Why U Hott?
Wrong Attire
You can't see me (4 min 21 s)
You Nia'z
Contributed to or performed: 
'Bout That Time
$ Right !
187 Hemp
187 Hemp (Bonus Track)
1990-Sick (Kill 'em All)
1996 Hip Hop and R&B Compilation, The
2 tha Westside (endolude)
4 Tha OG'z
8 Seconds
Agent Double 0 Duece 4 Blocc & CPT (Rest in Piss 2006)
Agent Double o Deuce 4 Blocc and CPT
Ain't Nuttin' Changed (remix)
Ain't Scared, I
Ain’t Nuthin’ 2 It
All for the Money
All for the Money (album version)
Allstarz & Strapz, Volume 3
And Ahh
Any Means
Any Means / Supply
Anyway It Goes
Back Against tha Fence
Been a Long Time
Big Show Theme "Big", The
Black Pussy
Bom Bom
Born to Hustle
Bossilini, The
Break Deez Mu'Faccaz
Bring Me My Cash
Bringin Da Heat
Buy Another Gun
By the Gun, Die
California Bangers
Can I Still Kill It
Can't Sell Dope 4eva
Can't Stop Us
Can’t Hang With Us
Candy (Drippin’ Like Water)
Candy (explicit)
Candy (remix)
Caps Get Peeled
Central Ave
CMW Don't Care
Collect My Stripez
Come On Niggaz
Compton 4 Life
Compton Bomb
Compton Cyco
Compton Gutter
Compton’s OG
Crazy (J'baiz La Vie En Remix)
Death Threatz
Def Wish III
Def Wish III (intro)
Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz)
DJ Drank's Greatest Malt Liquor Mix
Do Compton
Do U Rememba Me?
Don't Do Me This Way
Don't Mean Nuthin'
Don't Move
Don't Play
Dont Do Me This Way
Dopest, The
Drugs & Killin’
Dubbz Up
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Fake Niggaz
For The Money
French Connect, LA
Fuc Em All
Fuc Your Hood
Fucc the Rest
Funny How Niggas Gon Change Things
Gangsta Gangsta
Gangstaz Ride
Get At Me
Get Down
Get Down Like You Live
Get With Me
Get Yo Ride On
Get Your Body Moving
Get Yours
Getcha Girl Dogg
Goin’ Out Like Geez
Good ol' Dayz
Good Ol'Day
Got That
Gotta Git Mine
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Hard Times
Haters Envy
Heart Cold
Heat Is On
Here She Comes
Hi Power Mega Mixx
Hip Hop 100 Hits - Urban rap & R n B anthems inc. Jay Z, A$ap Rocky, Wu-Tang Clan & Nas
Hit The Floor
Hood Livin (Chopped & Screwed)
Hood Livin'
Hood Pass Intact
How We Do It
I'll Hurt You
I'm Original
I'm That
III: Tha Hood Way
In My Eyes
In the West
Interlude 2
Internet Gangstaz
It's a Money Thang
It's Longbeach & Compton
Just Another Day in Compton
Keep It Gangsta
Keep Pushin'
Killin Folks
Killin’ Nigguz
Killin’ Season
Killing Me Softly
Krown, The
Ladies Nite
Last Ones Left
Late Nite Hype, Part 2
Less Than Nuthin
Let It Blow
Light Um Up (GMix Remix)
Living 'n tha Streetz
Love 4 tha Hood
Luv 4 That Hood
m.A.A.d City
Masters of the Game
MC Eiht On Tha Celly
Me & My Bitch
Me and My Bitch
Menace II Society: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Mo' Love
Moment Of The Truth (Doccstalized Mix)
Moment Of Truth
Murda Show, The
Murder One
Murder Show Pt. 2, The
Music 2 Gangbang
Music to Drive By
My Life's a Movie
My Nine Mil
My West
N.I.K.E. (Now I Know Everything) Pt.1
N.W.A Legacy 2, The
Need Air
Neighborhood Boyz
Never Sober
New Jersey Drive, Volume 1
New Season, Part 1, The
New Season, Part 2, The
New Season, The
Niggaz Make the Hood Go Round
Niggaz That Kill (endolude)
Nine Of Em'
No Chit Chat
No One Else
Nuthin' but the Gangsta
Nuthin’ but High (endolude)
Nuthin’ but the Gangsta
Ohh Shit
One Life to Live
Pass Me By
People Change
Pioneers, The
Prelude to a Come Up
Professional Stone Crooks
Put On
R E S P E C T / Whut We Do
Rah Rah N*****
Rah Rah Niggaz, The
Raw Wit It
Represent Like This
Represent Like This (Clean)
Respect The O.G.Z
Rhyme & Reason: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Roll On
Round Here
Run 4 Your Life
Runn the Blocc
Runn The Blocc (DJ Premier Remix)
Set Trippin’
Sharkz in da Watah
She Likes Gurlz
She’s So Freaky
Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton mix)
Shut Em Down
Smoke Dis Fn'J
Smoke In Tha City
So Damn Crazy
So Hood
Some Don't Make It
Spit at Em
Split Ya Head
Stand Up
Sticky Sheets
Still A Menace
Still Connected
Still Menace
Straight Outta Compton
Straight Up Menace
Street Is Mine
Street Life
Take 2 With Me
Tales From the Hood
Tha Business
Tha Hood Still Got Me Under
Tha Same Game
Tha Way We Run It
That's Gangsta Sh*t
That's It
That's the Way Life Goes
That'z Gangsta
That’s All U Can Do
Thats My Shit
They Hatin
They Just Don't Know
They Know
Thicker Than Water
Thuggin’ It Up
Tough Guyz
Tsugi 35
Twistin On Some Thangz
U Got Me Fucc'd Up
U Owe Me
Uh Huh
Ultimate Come Up, The
Under Attack
Veux-tu vraiment savoir
Wake Up in Cali
Wanna Go Home, I
Want 2 Ride
War Outside
Warning, The
We Ain't Interested
We Come Strapped
We Do It Up
We Don't Like You
We Run the Block
Welcome Back to the Ghetto
Welcome to Los Santos
West Coast Bad Boyz II
West Coast Gangsta Team
West Coast Love
West Coast Party
West Up
Westside and Eastside
Westside Ridin’
What You Know
What You Wish For
Whateva You Do
When I Go (Bonus Track)
When You Hear the Shots
Where You From
Who Run The Blocc
Whole World Spends
WWF Aggression
Yeah That's Right
You Can’t See Me
You Don’t Know, Who I Know