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Saradarian, Torkom
Saraydarean, Tʻorgom
Saraydarian, H.
Saraydarian, R. T.
Saraydarian, Torkom
Saraytarean, Tʻorgom
Sēraydarean, Harutʻiwn
Torkom Saraydarian
Torkom Saraydarian (Musician)
Τορκόμ Σαραϊνταριάν
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Alesch, Joann L.
Aquarian Educational Group
Hendon, Katherine
Hendon, Sari
Moonen, Jacqueline
Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress)
Senter, Mary
art of teaching, The : training for teachers of the ageless wisdom
art of visualization, simply presented, The
Ashrams, c2006:
Avatars : revelations of God
chalice in Agni Yoga literature, The
Christ, the avatar of sacrificial love
Commentary on psychic energy
Cosmic questions
Cosmic shocks
Cosmos in man
creative sound, The : sacred music, dance, and song
Daily spiritual striving
Dialogue with Christ
Discipleship in action
Duties of grandparents
Dynamics of success
Earthquakes & disasters : what the ageless wisdom tells us
Entering the new millennium
Esoteric science of healing
eyes of hierarchy, The : how the masters watch and help us
flame of beauty, culture, love, joy, c1980:, The
flame of the heart, The
From my heart : a collection of poetry
Hiawatha and the great peace
Hidden glory of the inner man
Hinawurtsʻ imastutʻean himerě
Hogin, c1992:
Inner blooming, 1964:
Irritation, the destructive fire
Joy & healing
Karma & reincarnation
Legend of shamballa
Mental exercises
Musical works. Selections
mysteries of willpower, The
Mystery of self-image
Nachiketas : the ceremony of immortality
New dimensions in healing : healing and the future
Obsession and possession
Olympus : world report ... the year 3000
One hundred names of God
Passage to higher worlds : through life, death, sleep & dreams
Piano music. Selections
Practical spirituality
Prayers, mantrams and invocations : selections from Torkom Saraydarian and other sources.
Psyche and psychism
Psychology of cooperation and group consciousness
Psychology of imagination & visualization
purpose of life, The
Responsibilities of mothers
Science of becoming oneself
Science of meditation
Self-actualization - self-mastery
sense of responsibility in society, The
Sex, family, and the woman in society
solar angel, The : a compilation from published and unpublished works
Spiritual regeneration
Spring of prosperity
subconscious mind and the chalice, The
Sun rhythms
Symphony of the zodiac
Talks on Agni
Teachings of Christ
Temple dances
Thought and the glory of thinking
Torkom Saraydarian : autobiography of a spiritual Renaissance man.
Transformation : methods for the transformation of life
triangles of fire, The
Virtues & values : in three volumes from A to Z
Vision series
was, I
What to look for in the heart of your partner
Woman, the torch of the future. Selections
year 2000 & after, The
Zodiakens symfoni