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Hume, Captain
Hume, Captain (pseudonym)
Hume, Captain T.
Hume, Tobias
Hume, Tobias (Colonel)
Tobias Hume
Tobias Hume (angielski kompozytor i wiolista)
Tobias Hume (britisk komponist)
Tobias Hume (Brits componist (1569-1645))
Tobias Hume (brittisk kompositör)
Tobias Hume (englischer Komponist und Gambist)
Tobias Hume (English composer, viol player)
Хьюм, Тобиас
ca 1579-1645
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
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Figueras, Montserrat (1942-2011)
Hespèrion XX
Hillier, Paul (1949-...)
Jones, Sterling
Morley, Thomas (ca. 1557-1602)
Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
Sainte-Colombe, Sieur de (uzpl. 1640-1690)
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Scheidt, Samuel (1587-1654))
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Traficante, Frank
Trio Settecento
Voix humaines (Montreal)
3 Pieces. A Pavin, Tickle Me Quickly, Touch Me Lightly
Alas poore men (9 min 26 s)
Almaine, M.S. Georges Delight, An
Almaine. The Duke of Holstones delight, An
Almaine. The Lady Canes delight, An
am falling, I
am melancholly, I
Am Melancholy, I
Answer, An
Answere, An
Ayres. Adue sweete love
Ayres. Aunswere
Ayres. Captaine Hume's lamentation
Ayres. Captaine Humes galliard
Ayres. Captaine Humes pavan
Ayres. Duke of Holstones almayne
Ayres First part
Ayres. French ayre
Ayres. French jigge
Ayres, French, Polish and others together ..., part 1
Ayres, French, Pollish and others together ..., pt. 1 soldier's resolution
Ayres. Harke, harke
Ayres. Hit it in the middle
Ayres. I am melancholy
Ayres. Jigge (No. 88)
Ayres. Jigge (No. 90)
Ayres. Life
Ayres. Loves pastime
Ayres. My mistresse hath a pritty thing
Ayres. Now I come
Ayres. Pavin (No. 44)
Ayres. Pollish vilanell
Ayres. Question
Ayres. Rossamond
Ayres. Selections
Ayres. She loves it well
Ayres. Souldiers galiard
Ayres. Spirit of gambo
Ayres. Spirit of musicke
Ayres. This sport is ended
Ayres. Tickle me quickly
Ayres. Tinckeldum twinckeldum
Ayres. Tobacco is like love
Ayres. Touch me lightly
Ayres. Touch me sweetely
Beccus an Hungarian Lord his delight, The second part
Captain Hume's Poeticall Musicke: The Spirit of Gambo: The Lord Dewys favoret
Captain Humes Musicall Humors: Tobacco
Captain Humes Pavan
Captain Humes Poetical Musicke ... so contrived, that it may he plaied 8. several waies upon sundry instruments with much facilitie
Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke (1607) - Music for Viols, Lute & Voice, Vol. 2
Captaine Humes Galliard
Captaine Humes lamentations
Captaine Humes Pavin
Cease leaden slumber dreaming (The Queene's New Yeeres gift)
Character Songs: Tobacco, tobacco
Denmark's delight
Duke of Holstones Almaine, The
Duke of Holstones Almayne, The
Duke of Holstones delight
Earle of Mountgomeries Delight, The
Earle of Pembrookes Galiard, The
Fain would I change that note
First Part of Ayres: A Humorous Pavin, The
First Part of Ayres: Deth, The
First Part of Ayres, French, Pollish and Others, The
First Part of Ayres: Life, The
First Part of Ayres: Love's Farewell, The
First Part of Ayres: Love's Galliard, The
French Almaine. The Duke of Lenox delight, A
French Ayre, A
Good againe (4 min 54 s)
Hark ! Hark !
Harke, harke (1 min 57 s)
Hit it in the middle
humorous Pavin, A
Hunting Song, The
In memoriam Jason Paras [SR] 1982:
Involatura: Maske
Involatura: Mistress Tittle's Jig
Involatura: Sweet Music
Involatura: The Passion of Music
Jigg for Ladies, A
Jigge For Ladies, A
King of Demarkes Delight, The
King of Denmark's health
King of Denmarkes health, The
King of Denmarks delight, The
Lady Canes delight
Love's farewell
Loves Farewell
Loves pashion
Loves Pastime
Maske, The Earle of Sussex Delight, A
Masque, A
Mery Conceit. The Queen delight, A
Mery Conceit: The Queens delight, A
Musicall humors
Musicke and Mirth, The Lady Hattons Delight
Musickes delight - The Earle of Southamptons favoret
My hope is decayed
My hope is revived, "The Lady Suffolkes delight"
My Joyes Are Comming, The Lady of Bedfords Delight
My mistress hath a pritty thing
Narration XVI (11): "De la prééminence de la Folie dans le monde" / Musique: Harke, harke
new Cut, The
Now I come
Oxford music school collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford
Pashion for Musicke - Sir Chistopher Hattons choice, The
Pashion of Musicke (Poeticall Musicke, 1607), The
pashion of Musicke -- Sir Christopher Hatton's Choice, The
Pashion of Musicke. Sir Christopher Hattons choice, The
Passion & division
passion of musicke
pauin (5 min 39 s)
Pauin, A
Pavan, A
pavin 42
Pavin, A
Poeticall musicke. Cease leaden slumber
Poeticall musicke. King of Denmarkes delight
Poeticall musicke. My joyes are comming
Poeticall musicke. Selections
Poeticall musicke. Spirit of gambo
Question, A
Second part, The
Senza continuo
soldier's resolution
Souldiers Galliard, A
Souldiers Resolution, A
Souldiers Song, The
Spanish gypsies Celtic and Spanish music in Shakespeare's England
Spanish humor - The Lord Hays favoret, A
Spanish humour
Spirit of Gambo - The Lord Dewys favoret, The
Start. The Lady of Sussex delight
State of Gambo - The Earle of Worcesters favoret, The
Sweet ayre - The Earle of Arundels favoret
Sweet Musicke. The Earle of Salisburies favoret
Sweete Musicke, The Earle of Salisburies Favoret
Tickell, tickell
Tinckeldum, Twinckeldum
Tobacco, tobacco
Tobias Hume - Violoncello solo
Topographic long-range
Touch me lightly
Touch Me Sweetly
Toutes les nuits (2 min 52 s)
Twenty songs from printed sources
Viadeira (2 min 40 s)
Virgin's muse
virgins muse - The Lady Arbellaes favoret, The
What greater grief
What greater griefe
What if a day or a month or a year
What then is love but mourning ?
When Laura smiles her sight revives
When to her lute Corinna sings
Who so is tied must needs be bound
Your fair looks inflame my desire
Contributed to or performed: 
3MBS Alive, Volume IV
Almaine, M.S. Georges Delight, An
Almaine, The Duke of Holstones Delight, The Dukes Almaine, An
Almaine, The Lady Canes Delight, An
Anno ONIMCMXCVI Sample + Catalogue
As it fell on a Holie Eve: Music for an Elizabethan Christmas
Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke Volume 1
Cease Leaden Slumber, The Queenes New-Yeares Gift
Conservatoire de Paris - Vœux 2002, Le
Dreames and Imaginations: Elizabethan music for Voice and Consort of Viols
Earle of Mountgomeries Delight, The
Erasmus Van Rotterdam: Éloge de la Folie - Praise of Folly - Elogio de la Locura
French Almaine, The Duke of Lenox Delight, A
Humori: Carnaval et Carême - Le théatre des humeurs
King of Demarkes Delight, The
Maske, The Earle of Sussex Delight, A
Mery Conceit, The Q Delight, A
Musicall Humors
Musicke and Mirth, The Lady Hattons Delight
My Hope Is Revived, The Lady of Suffolkes Delight
My Joyes Are Comming, The Lady of Bedfords Delight
Oiseau-Lyre: Medieval and Renaissance, L'
Passion & Division
Play this Passionate – Music for solo viol
Poeticall Musicke
Shakespeare and English Music
Solo, A
Souldiers Resolution: The First Part of Ayres, A
Spirit Of Gambo, The
Spirit of the Gambo: English consort and solo viol music, The
Start, The Lady of Sussex Delight
Sweete Musicke, The Earle of Salisburies Favoret
Viola da Gamba Solo Recital
Virtues and Vices (tenor: William Bastian, lute: Edward Martin)
What Greater Griefe
World of Early Music: From the Middle Ages to the Dawn of the Enlightenment, The