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Case, E. C.
Case, Earl C.
Case, Ermine C.
Case, Ermine Cowles
Ermine Cowles Case
Ermine Cowles Case (American paleontologist)
Ermine Cowles Case (Amerikaans paleontoloog (1871-1953))
Ermine Cowles Case (US-amerikanischer Paläontologe)
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Angell, Carlton Watson
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Cornell University
Hussakof, Louis
Mehl, M. G.
Mehl, Maurice Goldsmith
Sellards, Elias Howard (1875-....))
University of Michigan. Museum of Geology
Wetmore, Alexander (1886-1978)
White, T. E.
Williston, S. W.
Williston, Samuel Wendell (1851-1918)
adjustment of industry to natural environment in the valley of east Tennessee., The
Arthrodiran remains from the Devonian of Michigan
Bloomfield Hills mastodon, The
Catalogue of the type and figured specimens of vertebrate fossils in the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan.
census of the determinable genera of the stegocephalia, A
collection of stegocephalians from Scurry County, Texas, A
Contributions to the pre-Cambrian geology of northern Michigan and Wisconsin.
Description of a collection of associated skeletons of Trimerorhachis
Description of a nearly complete skeleton of Ostodolepis brevispinatus Williston
Description of a new species of Buettneria
Description of a skull of Kannemeyeria erithrea Haughton
Description of the skull of a new form of phytosaur, with notes on the characters of described North American phytosaurs
dilemma of the paleontologist., The
drumlin region of western New York, together with some experiments on ice action, The
Environment of tetrapod life in the late Paleozoic of regions other than North America
Indications of a cotylosaur and of a new form of fish from the Triassic beds of Texas, with remarks on the Shinarump conglomerate
Life models of the heads of two types of phytosaurs
nearly complete turtle skeleton from the Upper Cretaceous of Montana, A
new fossil hawk from the Oligocene beds of South Dakota, A
New reptiles and stegocephalians from the Upper Triassic of western Texas.
new species of trionychid turtle, Amyda nelsoni, from the Eocene beds of southwestern Wyoming, A
Note on a new species of the Eocene crocodilian Allognathosuchus, A. wartheni
nothosaur from the Triassic of Wyoming, A
On the lower jaw of Brachysuchus megalodon
On the osteology and relationships of protostega
osteology of embolophorus dollovianus, cope, with an attempted restoration, The
Palaeontological notes
perfectly preserved segment of the armor of a phytosaur, with associated vertebrae, A
permo-carboniferous red beds of north America and their vertibrate*. -, The
Permo-Carboniferous vertebrates from New Mexico
possible explanation of fenestration in the primitive reptilian skull, A
Restorations of prehistoric life
Revision of the Pelycosauria of North America
specimen of a long-nosed dolphin from the Bone valley gravels of Polk county, Florida, A
Specimen of Stylemys nebrascensis Leidy, A : with the skull preserved
vertebral column of Coelophysis, Cope, The
Thesis (M. S.)--Cornell University, 1895