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Grainer, Ron
Grainer, Ronald Erle
Ron Grainer
Ron Grainer (australischer Komponist)
Ron Grainer (Avustralyalı besteci)
Ron Grainer (British composer)
Ron Grainer (componist uit Australië (1922-1981))
Ron Grainer (compositeur de musique de films)
Ron Grainer Orchestra
Рон Грейнер
Рон Грејнер
רון גריינר
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
BBC Enterprises
Chaffey, Don
Channel 5 Éditeur audiovisuel
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Jackson, Pat (1916-....))
Markstein, George
McGoohan, Patrick (1928-2009)
Millar, Ronald (1919-1998)
Muscat, Angelo (1930-1977))
Poitier, Sidney (1927-)
Ratnik, Peter
Skene, Anthony
Tomblin, David (1930-2005)
Zerbe, Anthony (1936-)
A, B and C: End Titles
A, B et C
Alternatif 2
Alternative Prisoner Main Title Theme
amor a la inglesa, Un
amour pas comme les autres
anges aux poings serrés
Arrival: Main Titles
assassination bureau, The
Assassinats en tous genres
Bad Medicine for Richie
baie aux émeraudes
Before Winter Comes
Booby Trap I / Doctor Who (Closing Theme) I
Catching Dinner I / Doctor Who (Closing Theme) II
Change of Mind: End Titles, A
chimes of Big Ben
Classical Lesson, A
CLEOPATRE (Thème du film Twentieth Century fox)
Comedy Playhouse: Happy Joe
Comm'toi comm'moi
Cue A1M1-1: Themes: "Arrival" (take 1)
Cue A1M1-2: Themes: "Arrival" (take 2)
Cue A1M1-3: Themes: "Arrival" (take 3)
Cue A1M1-4: Themes: "Arrival" (take 4)
Cue A1M1-5: Themes: "Arrival" (take 5)
Cue A1M1-6: Themes: "Arrival" (take 6)
Cue A1M2-4: Themes: "Arrival" Opening
Cue A6MX-3: Themes: End Titles
Cue B1M1-5: Themes: Standard Titles (take 5)
Cue B1M1-7: Themes: Standard Titles (take 7)
Cue B1M2-2: Themes: Episode Opening
Cue N/A: Themes: Ins and Outs
Cue N/A: Themes: The Age of Elegance, Part 2
Cue N/A: Themes: Twangs on Guitar
Dance of the dead
Danse de mort
Do not forsake me, oh my darling
dock brief, The
Doctor Who (70s version)
Doctor Who (Closing Theme) III
Doctor Who: Closing Title Theme (1970)
Doctor Who Closing Titles (40” Version)
Doctor Who (Delaware Version, 1972)
Doctor Who: New Opening Theme (1967)
Doctor Who: New Theme (1980)
Doctor Who (Opening Theme) II / Booby Trap II
Doctor Who (Opening Theme) III / Catching Dinner II
Doctor Who (Opening Theme) / Whispering Shadows / Eye of Orion I
Doctor Who: Opening Title Theme (1970)
Doctor Who: Original Theme
Doctor Who: Original Titles Music
Doctor Who (Pilot Theme)
Doctor Who (reprise)
Doctor Who - Season 4 Opening Credits
Doctor Who (Spoons version)
Doctor Who (Stereo Version, 1972)
Doctor Who (Terror version)
Doctor Who: The Movie: Theme
Doctor Who Theme (1980 - Full Version)
Doctor Who Theme (1986 - Closing)
Doctor Who Theme (1986 - Opening)
Doctor Who Theme (1987 - Closing)
Doctor Who Theme (album version)
Doctor Who: Theme (Original Version, New Stereo Remix 2002)
Doctor Who: Theme Tune
Doctor Who Theme (TV version)
Doctorin’ the Tardis
don't want to be born, I
Double personnalité
Dr. Who
Dr Whooo
Dutch Takes Over
Échec et mat
End Credits: "Doctor Who" Theme
End Titles
Epilogue: “Doctor Who”
Episode 1: 100BC, Opening Titles
Episode 3: Bedtime Story, Opening Titles
Episode 4: 100 Days of the Doctor, Opening Titles
était une fois, Il
Fall Out: End Titles
Fall Out: Opening Theme
Finest hours. Churchill march
Finest hours. Finest hours
Free for all
Fuguey Day, A
Funeral, The
girl who was death
Hammer into anvil
Happy Joe / Old Ned
home-made car
Hope Springs Eternal
impossible pardon
Inspector Maigret: Theme
Introduction: “Doctor Who”
It's Getting Harder All the Time (End of Term dance)
It's your funeral
J'ai changé d'avis
Jumped by the Family
Junge Dornen
kind of loving
Know Now, I
Laurence d'Arabie (Thème du film Columbia)
Liberté pour tous
Living in harmony
Lock up your daughters !
Lunch hour
Main Title Theme (Full Version)
Main Title Theme Reprise
Main Titles: Full Version
Man in a Suitcase: Closing Titles
Man in a Suitcase: Main Titles
Man in a Suitcase: Theme, A
Many happy returns
marteau et l'enclume
Matthias the Victor
Mexican Marmalade
Millionenschatz, Der
Mörder GmbH
mort en marche
mouse on the moon
Musique douce
Nauczyciel z przedmieścia
Needling Neville
Neville Crashes Through
No vull néixer
Nothing But the Best
Off and Running (Lunch Break)
Old Ned (theme from Steptoe and Son)
omega man, The
On the Tumbril
Once upon a time
One away
Opening Titles
Panopticon Eight: Regeneration Mix
Perhaps I Could Tidy Your Desk
Potter Loses His Temper
Prisoner: Closing Titles, The
Prisoner/Der Gefangene, The
Prisoner: End Titles, The
Prisoner: Main Theme, The
Prisoner: Main Title, The
Prisoner: Main Titles A, The
Prisoner: Main Titles B, The
prisonnier l'intégrale de la série
prisonnier (Theme From "The Prisoner"), Le
Prologue / "Doctor Who" Theme
Rebelión en las aulas
Richie on the Roof
Robert and Elizabeth
Rodzaj miłości
schizoid man
Scuola della violenza
souris sur la lune
Spirits Still Linger, The
Stealing My Love From Me (School Break Dancing)
Steptoe & Son (Old Ned)
Steptoe & Son Theme (excerpt)
Surprise Party
Swinging at Neville's
Tales of the Unexpected (Theme)
TARDIS: Doctor Who
Thackeray and Denham (Boxing in Gym)
Thackeray Loses Temper, Gets an Idea
Thackeray Meets Faculty, Then Alone
Thackeray Reads Letter About Job
That Was the Week That Was
Theme From Doctor Who
Theme From Dr Who
Theme From Man in a Suitcase
To Sir, With Love (Finale)
To Sir, With Love Montage (Museum Outings)
Trial and error (James Hill)
Una maniera d'amare
Village Attack, The
Where Did Lisa Go?
Zachary Makes His Move
Zone rouge
Хоффман (фильм)
לאדוני באהבה
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Greatest TV Themes
100 Greatest TV Themes, Volume 2
100 Hits: Halloween
1967 The Summer of Love (disc 2)
A to Z of British TV Themes From the Sixties and Seventies, Volume 1, The
A to Z of British TV Themes, Volume 2, The
Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes, The
Battlestar Galactica: The A to Z of Fantasy TV Themes
Best of Cult Fiction, The
Best of Fantasy Themes (disc 1), The
Best of TV Themes, The
Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection
Classic Cuts Presents The TV Sets: Episode 1
Classic Sixties TV Themes
Cult Files, The
Cult TV & Film Themes
Cult TV Themes
Dag Allemaal Presenteert De 50 Bekendste Film & TV Thema's
Dance of the Dead: Angry Mob
Dance of the Dead: Mob chases No. 6
Doctor Who
Doctor Who (2007 remix)
Doctor Who (Closing Theme)
Doctor Who (Closing Theme) (5.1 downmix)
Doctor Who (Closing Theme) (5.1)
Doctor Who (Opening Theme)
Doctor Who (Opening Theme) (5.1 downmix)
Doctor Who (Opening Theme) / Whispering Shadows / Eye of Orion I
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection (Original Television Soundtrack)
Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Volume 1: The Early Years 1963-1969
Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Volume 2: New Beginnings: 1970-1980
Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Volume 3: The Leisure Hive
Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Volume 4: Meglos and Full Circle
Doctor Who at the BBC: Lost Treasures
Doctor Who Theme
Doctor Who Theme (TV Version)
Doctor Who: 100
Doctor Who: A Musical Adventure Through Space and Time: Volume One
Doctor Who: Devils' Planets
Doctor Who: Episode 114: The Keeper of Traken
Doctor Who: Episode 115: Logopolis
Doctor Who: Episode 116: Castrovalva
Doctor Who: Episode 123: Arc of Infinity
Doctor Who: Episode 129: The Five Doctors
Doctor Who: Episode 134: Resurrection of the Daleks
Doctor Who: Episode 143: Revelation of the Daleks
Doctor Who: Episode 151: Remembrance of the Daleks
Doctor Who: Episode 158: Survival
Doctor Who: Exploration Earth
Doctor Who: Ghost Light
Doctor Who: Last of the Time Lords
Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Season 5 - Main Title
Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons
Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection
Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric
Doctor Who: The Five Doctors: Classic Music From the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Volume 2
Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Doctor Who: The Music
Doctor Who: The Two Doctors
Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep
Favourite TV Themes
Girl in a Suitcase: Upgraded
Golden Hours of Children's TV Favourites
Have You Got It Yet?
Infamous Queensbridge Collection (25 original Songs Sampled by Mobb Deep), The
Instro Hipsters a Go-Go
Instro Hipsters A Go-Go 4
ITV50: Cult Themes
ITV50: The Album
Journeys by DJ: 70 Minutes of Madness
Journeys by DJ: Marathon
Mission Impossible & Cult TV Themes of the Atomic Age and Beyond
More T.V Favorites
Music of ITC, The
N°1 TV
No. 1 Sci-Fi Album, The
Prisoner, The
Prisoner, Volume Three, The
Prisoner, Volume Two, The
Prisoner: File #1, The
Prisoner: File #2, The
Prisoner: File #3, The
Prologue: Skaro / “Doctor Who” Theme / The Casket
Sci-Fi Themes
Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2: The Dark Side
Sci-Fi’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2: The Dark Side
Sci-Fi’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: The Dark Side
Science Fiction's Finest - Volume One
Sequel Sampler: 20 Upper Cuts, The
Serie Club
Shaken Not Stirred
Sounds of the Sixties: 1963: Year of Satire, Sensation and Scandal
Space The Imagination Compilation
Star Tracks
Stuck With Me / Closing Theme
Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control
Themes From TV & Radio
This Is Easy
This Is Easy (disc 1: Wing Ding Party)
This Is the Return of Cult Fiction
This is... Cult Fiction Royale
Thunderbirds and Other Top 60's TV Themes, Volume 2
Thunderbirds Are Go: TV Themes for Grown Up Kids
TV Themes of The 60s
Virtually Alternative, Volume 74
Who Is Doctor Who: The Amazing Musical Adventures of Doctor Who and His Friends
World of BBC TV Themes, The
World of Science Fiction, The
X-Themes: Songs From the Unknown, The