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O’Brien, Richard
O'Brien, Ritz
Original Cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show
Richard O'Brain
Richard O'Brein
Richard O'Brian
Richard O’Brien
Richard O'Brien (acteur, scénariste)
Richard O'Brien (attore, cantante e compositore britannico)
Richard O’Brien (englischer Schauspieler, Autor und Komponist)
Richard O'Brien (English actor)
Richard O'Brien (newzealandsk skuespiller)
Richard O'Brien (Nieuw-Zeelands acteur)
Richard O'Brien (nyzealandsk skodespelar)
Richard O'Brien (nyzealandsk skuespiller)
Richard O'Brien (nyzeeländsk skådespelare)
Richard O'Bryan
Richard O'Bryen
Rocky Horror Cast
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Horror Show
Smith, Richard
Smith, Richard Timothy
The Cast of the New Rocky Horror Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast
The Rocky Horror Show
Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien Little Nell, Patricia Quinn
Ρίτσαρντ Ο'Μπράιαν
Ричард О'Брайэн
ريتشارد أوبراين
ریچارد اوبراین (بازیگر نیوزلندی)
리처드 오브라이언
1942 March 25-
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bostwick, Barry (1945-...)
Curry, Tim (1946-...)
Hartley, Richard
Meat Loaf (Vocalist), 1947-
Nell Little
O'Brien, Richard (1942-)
Orme, Stuart (co-author)
Quinn, Patricia
Sarandon, Susan (1946-...)
Sharman, Jim (1945-...)
Sharman, Jim (co-author)
Spivakoff, Pierre (co-author)
Suschitzky, Peter
Wolski, Dariusz (1956- ))
Załuski, Daniel
Załuski, lektor
Absolute O'Brien
Absolute Pleasure: A Tribute to Rocky Horror
Absolute Treasures: The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Complete and Definitive Soundtrack
Aikahyppy (Time Warp)
Ain't That to Die For
Alltid Lys Hos Frankenstein (Norwegian cast)
Angel in Me
Anyhow, Anyhow
Baile del sapo
Bangsinn og Eddie
Bedroom Scenes through Science Fiction/Double Feature (reprise)
Belt in Mouth
Bitchin’ in the Kitchen
Breaking Out
Can Make You a Man (New Zealand Cast), I
Can Make You a Man (reprise), I
Cancion de Rocky
Carte Blanche
Charles Atlas Song (reprise), The
Charles Atlas söngur
Cielos chelo
Dammit, Janet! (New Zealand cast)
Damn It, Janet
Damnit, Janette
Damokleen Miekka
Dance of Love, The
Dark city Mroczne miasto
Debo Pensar (Once in a While)
Denton, U.S.A.
Diablos, Janet (Dammit, Janet)
Disgracefully Yours
Don’t Dream It, Be It
Duel Duet
Dulce travestista
Eddie's Teddy (Picture Show audience participation)
Eddien Teddy
Eddy's Teddy
En El Cine, Es Posible (Repeticion)
En El Cine, Es Posible (Science Fiction)
En La Casa De Frankenstein (Over at the Frankenstein Place)
Erfitt Janet
Estoy Por Nacer (Sword of Damocles)
Evil Midnight
Fanfare / Don't Dream It
Farley’s Song
Farsey Flavors Advertisment
Floor Show: Rose Tint My World / Fanfare / Don't Dream It / Wild and Untamed Thing
Floorshow / Rose Tint My World
Football Player
Frankensteinin Ikkunassa
Get Mother
Hátt uppi í Frankenstein-höll
Hombre Te Hare (I Can Make You a Man), Un
Hombre Te Hare (Repeticion), Un
Hot Patootie -- Bless My Soul
I'm Going Home (Original London Cast)
I'm Only Human
I've Been There Before
In My Own Way
Incubus of Love
(Intro) Dammit Janet
(Intro) Eddie
(Intro) I Can Make You a Man (reprise)
(Intro) Once in a While
(Intro) Over at the Frankenstein Place
(Intro) Planet Schmanet, Janet
(Intro) Rose Tint My World
(Intro) Super Heroes
(Intro) Sweet Transvestite
(Intro) The Sword of Damocles
(Intro) The Time Warp
(Intro) Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me
(Intro) What Ever Happened to Saturday Night
It's Up to You
It Was Great When It All Began
Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko Koske Mua
Komdu komdu við mig
Krzyk samotności
Kuin Uusi Mies: Uusintana
Les loups de willoughby chase
Letter to Nixon
Little Black Dress
Look What I Did to My ID
Looking for Trade
Man of Steel
Me of Me
Mephistopheles Smith
Michael White presents the Theatre Upstairs production of
Mitä Tapahtui Lauantaina
Muskellmann Sangen (reprise) (Norwegian cast)
Must Be Mephistopheles Smith / Disgracefully Yours
Näet Janet, Sua Rakastan
Name Your Poison
Never tell him you're alone
New Rocky Horror Show: 25 Years Young, The
No hay solucion
No Lo Suenes (Don't Dream It, Be It!)
Nobody's Fool
Nú held ég heim
Once in a While (Rocky Horror Picture Show cast)
One Hundred Dollars an Hour
osito de Eddie, El
Osito De Ninito (Eddies Teddy), El
Over at the Frankenstein Palace
Over at the Frankenstein Place
Palaan Kotiin
Palannet Tai Et, Janet!
Phineas and Ferb.
Pinta Mi Mundo De Rosa (Rose Tint My World)
Planet Hot Dog
Planet Schmanet - Wise Up Janet Weiss
Planet Shmanet, Janet (Rocky Horror Picture Show cast)
Planet Shmanet - Wise Up Janet Weiss
Planeta - Mi Teta / Ponte Alerta Janeta (Planet? Schmanet! Janet!)
Praise Yourself
Puede pasar
¿Que le ha pasado al sabado?
¿Qué le ha pasado el Sabado? (Mexican cast)
relato bien extraño y muy pasado (Mexican cast), Un
relato bien extraño y muy pasado (reprise), Un
Return of Captain Invincible: Captain Invincible
Return of Captain Invincible: Evil Midnight
Return of Captain Invincible: Name Your Poison
Rhythm of the Heartbeat
Riff Raff
Ritmo Especial (Time Warp)
Rock and Roll (Hot Patootie)
Rocksteady Horror Pic'Ska Show, The
Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Fan Tribute Album, The
Rocky Horror Collection, The
Rocky Horror International
Rocky Horror Movie Trailer, The
rocky horror picture show 16 great songs, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show: 21st Anniversary, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25 Years of Absolute Pleasure!, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary Anthology, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show: Absolute Treasures: The Complete Soundtrack From the Original Movie, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Par-tic-i-pation Album
rocky horror picture show édition collector, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show (karaoke), The
Rocky horror picture show le film culte, The
rocky horror picture show music from the original soundtrack of the Twentieth century fox presentation of the Lou Adler/Michael White production, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show Radio Spots, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Science Fiction Double Feature, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show: Sing It!, The
Rocky Horror radio commercial 2
Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Riff-Raff)
Rocky Horror Radio Commercial, The
Rocky Horror Show (1975-10 Australian cast), The
Rocky Horror Show (1990 London cast), The
Rocky Horror Show (1995 Finnish cast), The
Rocky Horror Show (Norsk versjon)
Rocky Horror Show: Selected Highlights, The
Rocky Horror show. Selections
Rocky Horror Show (The Christopher/Emery Company), The
Rocky Horror Show: The New Broadway Cast Recording, The
Rocky Horror Show: The Whole Gory Story, The
Rocky's Birth / The Sword of Damocles
Rose Tint My World / Don't Dream It, Be It / Wild and Untamed Thing (Original London Cast - Floor Show)
Running With the Noisy Boys
Ruususen Maailma
Sal's Welcome through Charles Atlas Song (reprise)
Science Fiction — Double Feature (reprise)
Science Fiction / Myöhäisnäytös (reprise)
Shock treatment orig. soundtrack ; a Lou Adler-Michael White prod. of a new musical
show de Frankie, El
show de terror de Rocky (1976 Mexican cast), El
show de terror de Rocky (2001 Peruvian cast), El
Songs from the vaults [a collection of Rocky Horror rarities].
Soy Indomito Y Bestial (Wild and Untamed Thing)
Stjörnuvitlausa Janet
Super Heroes (Australian cast)
Super Heroes (Superheroes)
superheroes, Los
Sweet Transvestite (karaoke)
Sweet Transvestite (matinee performance)
Sweet Transvestite (Original London Cast)
Sweet Transvestive
Sword of Damocles (Rocky Horror Picture Show cast), The
Sýning (Rós skyggnir heim) 1. hluti
Sýning (Rós skyggnir heim) 2. hluti
Sýning (Rós skyggnir heim) 3. hluti
Taumlaus trans
Thank God I’m a Man
There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)
Tierno Travesti (Sweet Transvestite)
Time Warp (Face Off radio edit), The
Time Warp Jam
Time Warp (Music - 1 = Background Track + U mix), The
Time Warp (Original London Cast), The
Time Warp (reprise)
Time Warp ("The Rocky Horror Show”)
Time Warp (Wand radio edit), The
Timewarp (Face Off 12" mix), The
Timewarp (The Cast of the New Rocky Horror Show), The
Timewarp (Wand 12" mix), The
Timewarp (Wand 7" mix) Version 1, The
Toca toca toca toca (Mexican cast)
Toca-Toca-Toca-Tocame (Touch Me)
Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me
Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me
Transylvanian Pledge & Anthem
ultimate & best of The Rocky horror show, The
Veo una luz
Very Perry Christmas
Víst getur hent
Vuelvo a Mi Hogar
Wall Street Broker
Wedding Song
What Ever Happened to Saturday Night?
Whole gory story
Wild and Untamed Thing
Wild Untamed Things
Will Always Hold You in My Heart, I
You Give me a Hard On (Man of Steel)
Лечение шоком
Шоу ужасов Рокки Хоррора
מופע הקולנוע של רוקי
فیلم راکی هارور
로키 호러 쇼
Contributed to or performed: 
¿Qué le ha Pasado al Sábado?
40 Greatest Ever Show Tunes, Part 1
Baile del Sapo
Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection
Bride of Rocky Rarities
Canción de Rocky
Cielos Chelo
Classic Cuts Presents: Party in a Box
Cleveland Rocks! Music From the Drew Carey Show
Dance 'til You Drop
Dark Refrains: A Collection of Rocky Horror and Related Rarities
Ding Dong, the Bitch Is Here
DJ Tools #5
DJ's Choice: Halloween Party Music
Drew's Famous Fright Flicks: The Sequel
Dulce Travestista
Frosh Two
Grandmaster Party
Halloween Party Monster Mix
It’s Only Rock & Roll: 50 Years of Music & Film
Larry's Party Rock 2
Mastermix Classic Cuts 42: Party
Monster Hits Blockbuster
No Hay Solución
Osito de Eddie, El
Over at the Frankenstein Place
Planet DJ, Volume 5
Puede Pasar
Relato Bien Extraño y Muy Pasado, Un
Rocky Over the Rainbow
Rose Tint My World: a. Floor Show / b. Fanfare / Don’t Dream It / c. Wild and Untamed Thing
Rose Tint My World: c. Wild and Untamed Thing
Science Fiction's Finest - Volume One
Science Fiction/Double Feature (From the Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Show de Frankie, El
Solid Gold, Volume 4: Hits of the 70s
Superhéroes, Los
Time Warp (1989 extended remix), The
Time Warp (1989 mix), The
Time Warp (remix 1989 version), The
Time Warp (Remix 1989), The
Time Warp (remix, 1989 extended version), The
Time Warp, The
Toca, Toca, Toca, Toca
Ultimate Broadway
Ultimate Party Music
Vaselina (Grease) / El Show de Terror de Rocky
Veo Una Luz
You Can't Stop the Beat! Hits From Your Favourite Musicals