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Ferguson, Bob
Ferguson, Bob (Pseudonym)
O, T. (Dr)
O, Titus Oates (Dr)
Oat, Titus
Oates, Tite
Oates, Tito
Oates, Titus
Oates, Titus (Dr)
Oats, Titus
Otes, Titus
Salamanca doctor
Salamanca Dr
Salamancha fiend
Sincere lover of his countrey
T. O, Titus Oates (Dr)
Titus Oates (Brits presbyter (1649-1705))
Titus Oates (englischer Geistlicher und Volksverhetzer)
Titus Oates (English perjurer)
Titus Oates (presbitero inglese)
Tytus Oates (angielski duchowny anglikański)
Τίτος Όουτς
Оутс, Титус
ไททัส โอตส์
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Bedloe, William (1650-1680)
Bouman, Jan (I, Amsterdam)
Bruyningh, Joseph (wed., Amsterdam)
Grettinga, H.
Huysman, Rembertus (Groningen)
Parkhurst, Thomas -1711?
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (S.l.)
Scroggs, William Sir, 1623?-1683
Tutchin, John (1661?-1707)
account of the manner of executing a writ of inquiry of damages, between His Royal Highness James, Duke of York, &c. and Titus Otes, The : which was executed at the bar of the Court of Kings Bench at Westminster, on Wednesday the 19th. of June, 1684, in the presence of the high sheriff of Middlesex.
additional discovery of Mr. Roger L'Estrange his further discovery of the Popish plot wherein Dr. Titus Oates and the rest of the King's evidences are vindicated from the aspersions cast upon them in that pamphlet, An : together with some new observations upon the said discovery not heretofore publisht
Articles of high misdemeanors humbly offered and presented to the consideration of His Sacred Majesty, and the Right Honourable the Lords, and others of His Majesties Most Honourable Privy-Council, against Sir William Scroggs, knight, Lord Chief Justice of His Majesties Court of Kings-Bench, Westminster, as followeth
Bloody Assizes, or, A compleat history of the life of George Lord Jefferies, from his birth to this present time, The : wherein, among other things, is given a true account of his unheard of cruelties, and barbarous proceedings in his whole Western-circuit : comprehending the whole proceedings, arraignment, tryals, and condemnation of all those who suffer'd in the west of England in the year 1685 ... : to which is added Major Holmes's excellent speech, with the dying speeches and prayers of many other eminent Protestants : none of which were ever before publish'd
depositions of the ever-memorable Dr. Titus Oates, against the Reverend Mr. Adam Elliot ... whom he falsly accus'd on oath, of being a Jesuit, and a circumcis'd Mahometan. With an account of the Doctor's trial ... A piece necessary to be bound up with the State trials, ... and which ... is proper to precede his trial in vol. IV. ... To which is occasionally added, ... a summary, but instructive account of his being taken captive by the rovers of Salle; ... The whole written by the author himself; and first publish'd by him in the year 1682., The
display of tyranny, or, Remarks upon the illegal and arbitrary proceedings, in the courts of Westminster, and Guild-Hall, London, A : from the year 1678, to the abdication of the late King James, in the year 1688, in which time, the rule was Quod principi placuit, lex esto.
Eikon basilike: or, the picture of the late King James drawn to the life. : In which is made manifest, that the whole course of his life hath to this day been a continued conspiracy against the Protestant religion, laws and liberties of the three kingdoms. In a letter to himself. And humbly dedicated to the King's most excellent Majesty, William the Third, our deliverer and restorer. By Titus Oates, D.D. [Part I].
exact discovery of the mystery of iniquity as it is now practised among the Jesuits ..., An
Examinatie, depositie en ouvertures, gedaen aen en by Oates, voor het Lagerhuys des Parlaments, op den 23. october, oude-stijl, 1678. Over het subject vande conspiratie, met den gevolge ende aenkleven van dien, tegens sijn conincklijke majesteyt van Groot Brittanniën ende het gantsche rijck
familiar letter from Dr. Oates to William Fuller in the Fleet. Westminster; Feb. 6, A
Instruttione a' prencipi della maniera con la quale si governano li padri giesuiti.
Koninklyk tafereel, ofte de
Petition of Themis against the Salamancha fiend, 1684:, The
Popes warehouse. -, The
Relation véritable de l'horrible conspiration des papistes contre la personne sacrée du roy son gouvernement et la religion protestante, avec la liste des personnes de qualité, gentils hommes et autres conjurez... traduitte [sic] de l'anglois....
sermon preached at St. Michael's Wood-street, at the request of some friends, and now published to prevent mistakes, A
tragick-comedy of Titus Oates. -, The
Trials, convictions and sentence of Titus Otes, upon two indictments for willful, malicious, and corrupt perjury
True narrative of the horrid plot and conspiracy of the popish party against the life of his sacred majesty, the government and the protestant religion : with a list of such noblemen, gentlemen and others as were the conspirators, and the head-officers both civil and military that were to effect it
Waerachtig verhael, van het schrickelijck verraet, en samensweering van de Paepsche partye, tegens het leven van sijn geheyligde majesteyt, de regeeringe, en de Protestantsche religie. Met een lijst van soodanige heeren, edelen, en andere, als de samensweerders zijn, en de hooft-officieren, beyde in het politicq en militair, aengestelt omme het selve uyt te voeren. : Uytgegeven met last van de recht eerwaerde de geestelijcke en wereltlijcke heeren, vergadert in het parlament ...
witch of Endor or, a plea for the divine administration by the agency of good and evil spirits. Written some years ago, ... and now reprinted ... humbly addressed to the Honourable Members of the House of C-s, who brought in their bill (Jan. 27) for repealing the statute ... concerning witchcraft., The