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Devereux of Essex, Robert
Devereux, Robert
Devereux, Robert (3rd Earl of Essex)
Devereux, Robert (Earl of Essex)
Essex (Earl of)
Essex, Robert Devereux
Essex, Robert Devereux (3rd Earl of)
Essex, Robert Devereux (Earl of)
Essex, Robert Devereux of
Essex, Robert of
Essex, ... van
Robert Devereux
Robert Devereux, 3:e earl av Essex
Robert Devereux, 3. Earl of Essex (englischer Offizier und Politiker)
Robert Devereux, 3. jarl af Essex
Robert Devereux, 3. jarl av Essex
Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex (English noble)
Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex (soldaat uit Engeland (1591-1646))
Robert Devereux, III conte di Essex
Robert (Earl of Essex)
Robertus (Comes Essexiae)
Роберт Деверё, 3-й граф Эссекс
รอเบิร์ต เดเวอรู เอิร์ลที่ 3 แห่งเอสเซกซ์
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Abbot, George (1562-1633)
Broersz, Joost (Amsterdam)
Goring, George
Great Britain. Army. [from old catalog]
Nicholas, Edward Sir, 1593-1669
Pembroke, Philip Herbert Earl of, 1584-1650
Somerset, Frances Howard Carr Countess of, 1593-1632
Warwick, Robert Rich Earl of, 1587-1658
case of impotency, The : as debated in England in that remarkable tryal, 1613, between Robert, Earl of Essex, and the Lady Frances Howard, who, after eight years marriage, commenc'd a suit against him for impotency : containing I. The whole proceedings and debates on both sides, II. The report of the seven matrons appointed to search the countess, III. The intrigue between her and the Earl of Somerset, who after the divorce married her, IV. A detection of some politicks in the court of King James the First
copy of a letter sent from Robert, earle of Essex, to Mr. Pym, a member of the House of Commons, 1642., The
Declaratie van de heeren ende de gemeente in 't parlement vergadert, dienende tot wervinghe van krijgsmacht ...
declaration of the noble resolution of the Earl of Essex. -, A
Laws and ordinances of warre, established for the better conduct of the Army, by His Excellency the Earl of Essex, lord generall of the forces raised by the authority of the Parliament for the defence of the king and kingdom.
letter from the Earle of Forth, to His Excellency Robert Earle of Essex, Lord Generall, &c. dated 15 Feb. 1643., A : And His Excellencies answer thereunto dated 19 Febr. 1643. It is his excellencies pleasure these letters be forthwith printed ... Also a petition of the well-affected nobility and gentry of the realm of Ireland, who have suffered under the bloody rebels there; and presented to the Lords Justices, to be presented to His Majesty, which was done accordingly; and the agents accepted to come to His Majesty.
Six speeches spoken in the Guild-Hall, London : upon Tuesday in the afternoon, Aprill 9 1644 printed in the same order they were spoken one after the other. By the Earle of Warwick, Sir Henry Vane, the Earle of Essex, the Earl of Pembroke, Collonell Hollis, and Master Recorder.
Speech in the Artilrie garden to the souldiers on Tuesday last