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Richard (Earl of Tirconnel)
Richard Talbot
Richard Talbot, 1:e earl av Tyrconnell (irländsk politiker)
Richard Talbot, 1. Earl of Tyrconnell (irischer katholisch-royalistischer Adeliger, Lord Deputy of Ireland)
Richard Talbot, 1. jarl av Tyrconnell (irsk politikar)
Richard Talbot, 1. jarl Tyrconnell (irsk politiker)
Richard Talbot, 1º Conte di Tyrconnell (militare e politico irlandese)
Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell (Irish Earl)
Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell (politicus uit Ierland (-1691))
Talbot, Richard
Talbot, Richard (Earl of Tyrconnel)
Talbot Tyrconnel, Richard
Tirconnel, Richard Talbot (Earl of)
Tyrconnel, Richard T.
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot (Duke of)
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot (Earl of)
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot (Monsieur)
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Manuscript language material
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A. A
Great Britain. Treasury
Ireland Lord Deputy (1687-1689 : Tyrconnel) (see also from)
Ireland. Lord Deputy (1687-1689 : Richard Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnell)
Ireland. Lord Deputy (1687-1689 : Tyrconnel)
Ormonde, Dukes of
Royal Irish Academy. Library
Shirley, Evelyn Philip (1812-1882)
Talbot family
By the Lord Deputy, Chief Governour and General of His Majesties Army im Ireland. A declaration. Tyrconnell. Whereas, we find it requisite for His Majesties service, ...
Declaration concerning the incamping of the horse and dragoons
Letter from Richard Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnell, to unidentified recipient, informing them that the exchange of money between Ireland and England is subject to 6 1/2% to 7% interest
Letter from the Earl of Tyrconnel to the Commissioners of the Treasury
Letters and papers of the Talbot family, Barons Talbot de Malahide
Proclamations. 1689-09-04
sad estate and condition of Ireland, The : as, represented in a letter [dated Chester, March 4, 1689 and signed A.A.] from a worthy person, who was in Dublin on Friday last, to the Honourable Sir - Together with the declaration [dated 25 Feb. 1688] of the Earl of Tyrconnel, for the disarming all Protestants, and preventing their escape out of that kingdom.
To prevent, for the future, all the disorder and abuse that has hitherto been in this army, in their subsistence and clothing
vindication of the present government of Ireland, under his Excellency Richard, earl of Tirconnel, in a letter to a friend. With allowance, A
We having by our late declaration bearing date the 20th day of July last past
Whereas a petition was presented at this board on the behalf of the merchant traders and dealers
Whereas a proclamation issued from the late lord deputy and councel of this kingdom concerning the weighing of such forreign coyn as hath been made currant here
Whereas an act of council past at this board, dated the second day of May 1687
Whereas his sacred majesty, by the advice of his Privy Councel in England, hath lately issued a proclamation forbidding every person or persons ... from entring into, or listing themselves in the service or pay of any forreign prince or state
Whereas it hath been a custom in the cities and other great towns of this kingdom upon certain festival days
Whereas it hath pleased almighty God of his great and continued mercy to his Majesy and his kingdoms to bless him and his royal consort, the Queen, with a son
Whereas several merchants of this kingdom have driven a considerable trade in salting of salmon, and making them up in many parcels
Whereas several persons have of late used great endeavors and sinister practices to transport wooll and flocks out of this kingdom into forreign countreys, contrary to the laws and statutes of this realm
Whereas several persons in the province of Ulster and the town of Sligoe in this his Majesties kingdom have entered into several associations, containing no less offence than high treason
Whereas several persons of wicked and restless spirits have industriously gone about to spread false news, and to promote malicious slanders and calumnies
Whereas upon application made by the Commissioners of his Majesties Revenue
Whereas we are given to understand, that his Majesties forces, especially the foot, are in miserable condition for want of their due weekly subsistence
Whereas we are given to understand that several non-commissioned officers and souldiers of the old regiments in his Majestes army in this kingdom
Whereas we are informed that several disaffected persons within this his Majesites kingdom have been of late very industrious by false reports, and malicious insinuations, to suggest to many of his Majesties loyal subjects
Whereas we are informed that the price of corn and all sorts of grain, meal and malt is grown excessive high inseveral parts of this kingdom
Whereas, we find it requisite for His Majesties service, that the forces he is obliged to maintain, for the preservation of the peace of this his kingdom, be kept in good order and discipline
Whereas we have formerly thought fit to issue our proclamation bearing the date 11th day of April 1687, and therein pursuant to the power given us the Lord Deputy and Council
Whereas we have lately received divers and sundry complaints from several parts of this kingdom of daily robberies and depredation committed by loose and idle people
Whereas we have resolved, that three regiments of horse
Whereas we we have thought fit for the convenience and better accommodation of the army