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Foster, Mo
Mo Foster
Mo Foster (bassiste de rock)
Mo Foster (British session musician, playing primarily jazz, jazz-fusion and rock bass guitar)
Mo Foster (Brits bassist)
Mo Foster (brytyjski gitarzysta basowy)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Affinity (isMemberOf)
Affinity (see also from)
Airey, Don (co-performer)
Ballard, Russ
Banks, Tony (1950-)
Barden, Gary John (co-performer)
Bennett, Brian (co-performer)
Chamberlain, Simon
Clempson, Clem (co-performer)
Dalton, Mitch
Fancy (Groupe de rock) Groupe de rock (see also from)
Foster, Mo
Gray, Steve (co-performer)
Hart, Paul (co-performer)
Hoyle, Linda (co-performer)
Ice (isMemberOf)
Marvin, Hank (1941-)
Michael Schenker Group (isMemberOf)
Michael Schenker group (see also from)
Naiff, Lynton (co-performer)
Palmer, Phil
Phillips, Simon
Phillips, Simon (1957-...)
Phillips, Simon (co-performer)
Powell, Cozy (co-performer)
RMS (isMemberOf)
Rms (see also from)
Robinson, Peter
Russell, Ray
Russell, Ray (co-performer)
Schenker, Michael (co-performer)
Serpell, Grant (co-performer)
Stuermer, Daryl (1952-)
Survivors (isMemberOf)
The Armada Orchestra (isMemberOf)
The RJ Wagsmith Band (isMemberOf)
17 watts? : the birth of British rock guitar
Achill Island
Addicted to your love
American dream [today in the USA ... ; tracks featuring guitars and rhythm section]
Analytical Engine
And Then There Were Ten
Anything Goes
Asian Factor
Barley Mo (1)
Barley Mo (2)
Baroque Guitar (1)
Baroque Guitar (2)
Bass talk
Beater Blocker
Becko (3 min 59 s)
Being there
Bel assis
Belsize Lane: A Collection of Sketches
Blues for B&C
Blues for Shindig, A
Bottleneck Blues (1)
Bottleneck Blues (2)
Breakfast Time (1)
Breakfast Time (2)
Built by Robots
Can-utility and the coastliners (5 min 49 s)
Carefree Days 1
Carefree Days 2
Carefree Days 3
Carefree Days 4
Caring for You 1
Caring for You 2
Child Care
City Beat 1
City Beat 2
City Beat 3
City Never Sleeps 1, The
City Never Sleeps 2, The
City Never Sleeps 3, The
Classic rock countdown
Climate of hunter
Colour Me Cool 1
Colour Me Cool 2
Colour Me Cool 3
Community Care 1
Community Care 2
Community Care 3
Country Morning 1
Country Morning 2
Country Morning 3
Cowboy Boots (1)
Cowboy Boots (2)
Crete Revisited
Crete - Yet Another Visit
Cry of the Unheard, The
Daytripper (1)
Devotion (1)
Devotion (2)
Duane Stays Mainly on the Plane
Duet: Looking Through the Window
Duke's travels
Easy Living
Easy Rider
Entangled (5 min 17 s)
Evita [Enregistrement sonore] : rock opera based on the life story of Eva Peron :1919-1952
Fancy Pants
Fashion Wise (1)
Fashion Wise (2)
Fast Fax
Fast Graphics
Feel the groove
Fiftys and 60s rock 'n' roll
final peace (3 min 36 s)
fire still burns
Follow you, follow me (4 min 13 s)
Fountain of salmacis
Four Susans, The
Fractal Landscape
Free Time 1
Free Time 2
Free Time 3
Friendly Care 1
Friendly Care 2
Friendly Care 3
Gentle Care 1
Gentle Care 2
Gentle Care 3
Get It Together
Going Downtown 1
Going Downtown 2
Going Downtown 3
golden road (4 min 55 s)
Gone Fishing (1)
Gone Fishing (2)
Good Friends
Grand Unified Boogie
Guide vocal
Guitar Prelude (1)
Guitar Prelude (2)
Guitar Study (1)
Guitar Study (2)
Hanging Out 1
Hanging Out 2
Hanging Out 3
Hard Hat
Health Care 1
Health Care 2
Health Care 3
heart of the matter
Hitching a Ride 1
Hitching a Ride 2
Hitching a Ride 3
Hitching a Ride 4
Hitching a Ride 5
Horizons (2 min 42 s)
Hot Buttered Cats
Importance of Being Invoiced, The
In certi momenti
In My Car
It's About That Time of Day
Ja ja
Just Another Day
know what I like (3 min 56 s), I
Let's Go on Somewhere
Life Is for Living 1
Life Is for Living 2
Life Is for Living 3
Life Is for Living 4
Life Is for Living 5
Light in Your Eyes, The
Live at Blues West 14
Long Man of Wilmington, The
Lotus Flower
Love in c minor
Lunch in the Park
Mad man moon (9 min 10 s)
Made it thru' the rain
Madness, money and music
Man From the Everglades, The
Market Research
Matthew Fisher
Mellow (1)
Mellow (2)
Midnight train
Nashville Tennessee (1)
No more the fool
Notional Anthem, A
Oh No
Old Friend
Old Timer (1)
Old Timer (2)
Omapere Dawn
On a wing [and] a prayer
On Frith Street
On the air tonight
Ornate Guitar (2)
Over my head
Phil Collins - Live at the Perkins Palace
Pick a Tune (1)
Pick a Tune (2)
Pink Python (1)
Prelude - Blues SW19
Prelude - That Dream Again
Pretty Places
Prism (1)
Prism (2)
pump (5 min 43 s)
Pump II
Puppy Love
Red house
Reflective Guitar (2)
Rêves voyage au coeur de l'imaginaire
Rhythm Stick
Rock symphonies
Russ Ballard
Say it's alright Joe
Scenes from a night's dream
Seventeen watts?
Shades of Grey
Smooth Running
So Far Away
So good for you
Something's going on
Southern reunion
Space boogie (5 min 04 s)
Stand by Me
Star cycle (4 min 56 s)
Summer Meadow
Sundown Talk 1
Sundown Talk 2
Sundown Talk 3
Sundown Talk 4
Sundown Talk 5
Sunny (1)
Supper's ready (6 min 13 s)
Sweet Talk
Swing Thing (1)
Take Your Time 1
Take Your Time 2
Take Your Time 3
There and back
Thoughts of Summer
Time Drifts by 1
Time Drifts by 2
Time Drifts by 3
Time Drifts by 4
Time to Think
Together Times 1
Together Times 2
Together Times 3
Together Times 4
Together Times 5
Too much to lose (2 min 55 s)
Top Marks
Toy Box
Truckers 1
Truckers 2
Truckers 3
Turn it on again (5 min 54 s)
Two Lane Blacktop
Undertow (6 min 13 s)
Unquiet slumbers
Up to the Minute
Véronique Sanson live at the Olympia
Video Business
Walk in the Country, A
Waves II
We know what we like the music of Genesis
White trails
Why Hurry 1
Why Hurry 2
Why Hurry 3
Winners 1
Winners 2
Winners 3
Winners 4
Winners 5
Wizard's convention
world starts tonight including Lost in France
You never know (4 min 03 s)
Young Ones
Contributed to or performed: 
Blues After Hours
Body Talk
Broadway Reunion
Broadway Rundown
Candy Connection
Chase Rhythm (1a)
Chase Rhythm (1b)
Christmas Spectacular of Carols and Songs, A
Classical Guitar
Comedy Rhythm (1a)
Comedy Rhythm (1b)
Comedy Rhythm (2)
Comedy Situations
Don't Preach to Me
Girls Will Be Boys
Happy Call
In Search of Excellence
Jazz Rhythm (1)
Jazz Rhythm (10)
Jazz Rhythm (11)
Jazz Rhythm (2)
Jazz Rhythm (3a)
Jazz Rhythm (3b)
Jazz Rhythm (4)
Jazz Rhythm (5)
Jazz Rhythm (6)
Jazz Rhythm (7)
Jazz Rhythm (8)
Jazz Rhythm (9)
Latin Rhythm
Momentus (1)
Momentus (2)
Momentus (3)
Momentus (4)
Momentus (5)
Momentus (6)
Momentus 7)
Moody Bass
Moody Rhythm (1)
Moody Rhythm (2a)
Moody Rhythm (2b)
Moody Rhythm (3)
Moody Rhythm (4)
Pop Rhythm (1a)
Pop Rhythm (1b)
Pop Rhythm (2a)
Pop Rhythm (2b)
Pop Rhythm (3a)
Pop Rhythm (3b)
Pop Rhythm (4)
Pop Rhythm (5)
Pop Rhythm (6a)
Pop Rhythm (6b)
Pop Rhythm (7)
Promos & Trailers, Volume 2
Pushin' Tin
R&B 3
Rock Me Gently
Rush Hour
Sunny Side Up
Take Your Time
Talking Science
Tense Rhythm (1)
Tense Rhythm (2)
Video Friendly 3
War and Peace
We Gotta Do That!
World Atmosphere
World Sport