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Gill, Theod
Gill, Theodore
Gill, Theodore N.
Gill, Theodore Nicholas
Theodore Gill (American biologist)
Theodore Gill (amerikansk bibliotekar)
Theodore Gill (amerikansk bibliotekarie)
Theodore Nicholas Gill
Theodore Nicholas Gill (Amerikaans auteur)
Theodore Nicholas Gill (US-amerikanischer Ichthyologe)
Theodore Nicholas Gill (zoologo statunitense)
Theodorus Gill
Θίοντορ Τζιλ
Теодор Гил
Теодор Гилл
תאודור גיל
ธีโอดอร์ กิลล์
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Allen, Joel A. (1838-)
Allen, Joel Asaph (1838-)
Allen, Joel Asaph (1838-1921)
Coues, Elliott (1842-1899)
Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (U.S.)
Hayden, F. V. (1829-1887)
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer (1829-1887)
Osborn, Henry Fairfield (1857-1935)
Scott, William Berryman (1858-1947)
Smithsonian Institution
Sterling, Keir B.
United States. Bureau of fisheries. [from old catalog]
Addresses in memory of Edward Drinker Cope.
American fishes; a popular treatise upon the game and food fishes of North America
Analytical synopsis of the order of Squali; and revision of the nomenclature of the genera.
Arrangement of the families of fishes, or classes pisces, marsipobranchii and leptocardii
Arrangement of the families of mammals : with analytical tables
Arrangement of the families of mollusks
Bibliography of the fishes of the Pacific coast of the United States to the end of 1879.
Catalogue of the fishes of the east coast of North America.
Catalogue of the publications of the U. S. Geological and geographical survey of the territories.
[Collected papers, reprints, etc. on fishes]
Contributions to the bibliographical literature of American mammals : Arno Press, 1974
Contributions to the life histories of fishes
differential characters of the syngnathid and hippocampid fishes., The
families of synentognathous fishes and their nomenclature., The
family of cyprinids and the carp as its type, The
Günther's literature and morphography of fishes. A review of Dr. Günther's Introduction to the study of fishes.
Material for a bibliography of North American mammals
Monograph of the genus Lobrax, of Cuvier.
nomenclature of Rachicentron or Elacte, a genus of acanthopterygian fishes., The
nomenclature of the fishes of the characinoid genus Tetragonopterus., The
Notes on characinoid fishes with etenoid scales, with a description of a new Psectrogaster.
Notes on the genus Cephaleutherus of Rafinesque, and other rays with aberrant pectoral fins (Propterygia and Wieoptera).
Notes on the nomenclature of Scymnus or Scymnorhinus, a genus of sharks.
Notes on the synonymy of the Torpedinidæ or Narcobatidlae.
On recent additions to the fish fauna of Massachusetts.
On the application of the name Teuthis to a genus of fishes.
On the characteristics of the primary groups of the class of mammals.
On the generic characteristics of Prionotus stearnsii.
On the genetic relations of the cetaceans and the methods involved in discovery.
On the genus Fulgur and its allies.
On the limits of the class of fishes.
On the "Prodromus methodi mammalium" of Storr.
On the proper name of the gunnels or butter-fishes.
On the pteroceræ of Lamarck, and their mutual relations.
On the relations of the order of mammals.
On the systematic relations of the amnodytoid fishes.
plea for observation of the habits of fishes and against undue generalization., A
Preliminary list of works and papers relating to the mammalian orders Cete and Sirenia. 1974
principles of zoogeography, a presidental address delivered at the third anniversary meeting of the Biological society of Washington, January 19, 1883, The
Prodrome of a monograph of the pinnipedes
proper names of Bdellostoma or Heptatrema, The
remarkable genus of fishes, the umbras., A
remarkable story of a Greek fish, the glanis., The
Scientific and popular views of nature contrasted : a lecture delivered in the national museum, March 11, 1882
State ichthyology of Massachusetts
Synopsis of the fishes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Bay of Fundy.
Synopsis of the fresh water fishes of the western portion of the island of Trinidad, W.I.
Systematic arrangement of the mollusks of te family Vivparidæ, and others, inhabiting the United States.