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Bertil Lindblad
Bertil Lindblad (astronom szwedzki)
Bertil Lindblad (astronomo svedese)
Bertil Lindblad (schwedischer Astronom)
Bertil Lindblad (svensk astronom)
Bertil Lindblad (Swedish astronomer)
Bertil Lindblad (Zweeds astronoom)
Lindblad, Bertil
Lindblad, Bertil-Anders
Μπερτίλ Λίντμπλαντ (Σουηδός αστρονόμος)
Бертіл Ліндблад
Линдблад, Бертил
베르틸 린드블라드
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Language material
Manuscript language material
Related names: 
Bergstrand, Carl Östen Emanuel (1873-1948)
Bergstrand, Östen
Hawkins, Gerald Stanley
Kristenson, Henrik
Langebartel, Ray G.
Lundmark, Knut
Öhman, Yngve
Petersson, Harald
Southworth, Richard B. (1927-)
Southworth, Richard Boynton (1927-)
Wallenquist, Åke A.E. (1904-)
Combined visual and radar observations of Perseid meteors.
Cosmogonic consequences of a theory of the stellar system
Differential Motions in spiral nebulae indicated by certain traces of dark matter
Dynamical interpretation of velocity distribution and structural details in the galaxy
Festskrift tillägnad Östen Bergstrand, 1.9 1938
luminous surface and atmosphere of the sun., The
Milchstrasse., Die
Om bestämningen af de fotografiskt effektiva våglängderna i fixstjärnspektra
On the absolute magnitudes and parallaxes of bright stars determined by the cyanogen criterion
On the cause of the ellipsoidal distribution of stellar velocities
On the decrease of star-density with distance from the galactic plane
On the distribution of intensity in the continuous spectra of the sun and the fixed stars, and its relation to spectral type and luminosity ...
On the dynamics of the system of globular clusters
On the Emission and absorption in the H and K lines of calcium in Nova Herculis 1934
On the intensity-distribution in short grating spectra and objective-prism spectra as a function of spectral type and absolute magnitude
On the spiral orbits in the equatorial plane of a spheroidal disk : with applications to some typical spiral nebulæ
On the state of motion in the galactic system
Orientation of the planes of spiral nabulae inferred from the dark lanes of occulting matter
photographisch effektive Wellenlänge als Farbenäquivalent der Sterne
radar investigation of the delta Aquarid meteor shower of 1950, A
Radiative equilibrium and solar temperature, 1923:
Remarks on the dynamical theory of spiral structure
Researches based on determinations of stellar luminosities (Second paper)
small oscillations of a rotating stellar system and the development, The
Spectrophotometric determinations of stellar luminosities : the distances and tangential velocities of stars in the Greenwich polar zone
Star-streaming and the structure of the stellar system : second paper
Two computerized stream searches among meteor orbits: 1. Among 865 precise photographic orbits; 2. Among 2401 photographic orbits
velocity of faint meteors, The