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Dick, ..
Fish ((Vocalist))
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Dick, Derek W. (other identity, same person)
Dick, Derek William (other identity, same person)
Dick, Derek William (real name)
Related names: 
All Blacks BV
Brown, Sam (1964-)
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
Dick, Derek W.
EMI music France
EMI records Ltd
Engine, Strange (co-performer)
Fishy Records Ltd
Jelliman, Brian (co-performer)
Kelly, Mark (co-performer)
Lavender, Green (co-performer)
Marillion (isMemberOf)
Marillion (Grupo musical)
Marillion 1981-1988 (see also from)
Marillion Affiliation (see also from)
Marquee Club's Parents Association Children's Choir
Marter, John (co-performer)
Minnitt, Diz (co-performer)
Mosley, Ian (co-performer)
Mover, Jonathan (co-performer)
Pointer, Mick (co-performer)
Polygram international
Polygram, Division Polydor
Punch, Mr (co-performer)
Roadrunner Records BV
Rothery, Steve (co-performer)
Sons, Forgotten (co-performer)
StillMarillion (co-performer)
Trewavas, Pete (co-performer)
Trios Marillos, Los (co-performer)
Ward, Andy (co-performer)
13th Star (live in Amsterdam 2008)
1991-10-26: No Place for Children (A Cucumber-Lovers Fanclub Gig): Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands
30+ Intro / Dear Friend
3D (Live in Rotterdam 10/05/01)
5 years
Acoustic Session
Album Title, Inspiration From a Dream, CNN, School Maps, Hollywood History, Vietnam, The Net, Mark Wilkinson's Artwork, The
All Loved Up
Apeman (5 min 54 s)
(Applause Fade Under)
Arc of the Curve (album version)
Arc of the Curve (single version)
artwork, The
Assassing (Reprise)
Bagpipe Disaster (Internal Exile Tour)
Big wedge (5 min 19 s)
Big Wedge (album version)
Big Wedge (Fade In)
Big Wedge, The
Bitter Suite: (I) Brief Encounter - (II) Lost Weekend - (III) Blue Angel
Black Canal
Blind Curve: (I) Vocal Under a Bloodlight - (II) Passing Strangers - (III) Mylo - (IV) Perimeter Walk - (V) Threshold
Blind to the Beautiful
Bosnia, Forgotten Sons and The Falklands War, Phone Calls From the Front, Spike Milligan, Bosnia's Scenic Beauty
Boston tea party (4 min 25 s)
Bouillabaisse the best of Fish
Bouillabaissethe best of Fish
Breaks, The
Brother 52 (4 AM dub mix)
Brother 52, Grooves and Loops, Doc's Story
Brother 52 (Stateline mix)
Brother 52 (Stateline single edit)
Candlelight in Fog
career curve, The
Carnival man (6 min 20 s)
Chance of heart
Change of Heart, Classic Pop Songs, Kayleigh, Declaring Love in Black and White
Change of heart, Looking at Relationships, Glory in Defeat, Scottish World Cup Dreams
Chasing Miss Pretty
Chelsea Monday
Childhood's End?
Childhoods End?
Chocolate Frogs
Circle Line (Live at Islington Assembly Rooms, London, December 15th 2017)
Cliche (7 min 01 s)
Cliché / The Perception of Johnny Punter
Clock Moves Sideays (Live in Oslo 18/05/01)
Clock Moves Sideways (live)
Clock Moves Sideways (Two Clocks in One Whole Re‐mix)
Clutching at straws
Cold Day in Hell
Company (4 min 04 s), The
company (album version), The
Company (demo version), The
Company / Geezabun
Company (live, Londdon), The
Complete BBC Sessions, The
concept behind Yin & Yang, The
Concept Running Through the New Album, Comparison With Marillion and Previous Solo Albums, The
Credo (6 min 39 s)
Credo (7" mix)
Credo (Fade Up)
Credo (live)
Credo7" mix
Crucifix Corner
Curtain Call
Dancing in Fog (History of Guns Re‐mix)
Dark Star (live in Amsterdam 2008)
Dear Friend (live, London)
Decision Tree (We’re Alive), The
Derek Dick and His Amazing Electric Bear
Derek to Fish
Dick Bros Record Company
Do Not Walk Outside This Area
Drum solo
Early Influences
Early Years, The
Emperor's Song / Credo / What Colour Is God? / Mr. 1470
Emperor's Song (Live at Islington Assembly Rooms, London, December 15th 2017)
Emperors Song (live)
End of the Circle
Exit Wound
External Inside
Faith Healer Intro / Big Wedge
Faith Healer (live)
Family business (5 min 14 s)
Family Business (live version)
Farewell to Childhood: Live in Europe 2015-2016
Favourite stranger
Fearless (6 min 15 s)
Feast of Consequences, A
Fellini Days
Fellini nights
Field (demo), The
Field (live, Haddington, 2006), The
Field of Crows
Fish - 1980 - 1995
Fish Head Curry
Fish's Introduction To
Fishheads Club Live
Fishing All Over the World
Five years (5 min 19 s)
Five Years Old
Flower of Scotland
For Whom the Bells Toll!: Edinburgh Playhouse New Years Eve '91
Forgotten Songs
Forgotten Sons
Fortunes of War (acoustic June '94)
Fortunes of War (acoustic session July '94)
Fortunes of War (disc 1)
Fortunes of War (disc 2)
Fortunes of War (disc 3)
Fortunes of War (disc 4)
Fortunes of War (live, London)
Fortunes of War (single edit)
Fortunes of War (Video)
Fortunes of warlive acoustic set UK'94
Funny Farm Interview July '95, The
Funny Farm project - Outpatients '93, The
Gathering, The
Gentleman's excuse me (4 min 15 s), A
Gentleman's Excuse Me (demo version), A
Gentlemen’s Excuse Me, A
Gentlemens Excuse Me, A
Gi’s a Bun
Goldfish and Clowns (radio edit)
Goldfish & Clowns, Fairground Images, "The Shows", Marital Problems
Gone Fishing: Leamington Spa Convention 2012
Great Unravelling, The
Haddington Convention
He Knows You Know
Heart of Lothian: (I) Wide Boy - (II) Curtain Call
High Wood, I: High Wood, The
High Wood, II: Crucifix Corner, The
High Wood, III: The Gathering, The
High Wood, IV: Thistle Alley, The
High Wood, V: The Leaving, The
Hold your head up (3 min 43 s)
Hold your head up (album version)
Hold Your Head Up (edited version)
Hotel Hobbies / Warm Wet Circles / That Time of the Night
In the Company of Freaks
Incomplete (demo)
Infernal exilé (3 min 30 s)
Innocent Party (live, Amsterdam, 2005)
Innocent Party (live, Bradford, 2004)
Institution Waltz
Internal exile (3 min 30 s)karakoe mix
Internal exile (3 min 30s)
Internal exile (4 min 36 s)album version
Internal Exile (7" edit)
Internal exile a collection of a boy's own stories
internal exile enregistrement sonore
Internal Exile (karaoke mix)
Internal Exile (live, London)
Internal Exile/Market Square Heroes incl. the laugh
Internal Exile/Market Square Heroes/Roadhouse Blues
Internal Exile (original version)
Internal exilea collection of a boy's own stories
Intro - Air Conditioning and the Fog
Intro - American Football and Jason's Story
Intro - Company Address
Intro - Gascooker Rap
Intro - Happy Birthday and Doc's Memorial
Intro: Muppets
Intro - Riff Raff - The Wine Waiter!
Intro: "See Rome & Die"
Intro/Sugar Mice
Intro: "The Observer"
Intro: "Where's the Wine From"
Introducing the Band
Isis and Osiris
Issue 30 CD
Jack and Jill (4 min 27 s)
Jeepster (4 min 30 s)
Jeff Wayne's musical version of Spartacus
Jumpsuit City (live, London)
Jungle Ride, Beat Poetry, The Fastest Ride in the Fairground, The Watering Hole, The Epitome of Sex
Just Good Friends (acoustic July '94)
Just Good Friends (Close)
Just Good Friends (live)
Just Good Friends (Video)
Kayleigh (Intro Chat)
Kayleigh / Lavender / Heart of Lothian
Kayleigh (live, London)
Kettle of Fish 88–98
Kettle of Fish: Video Collection
Kettle of Fish88-98
Kettle of fish88-98limited edition including fish CD-ROM
know what I like (4 min 17 s), I
Lady Let It Lie (acoustic session July '94)
Lady Let It Lie (Intro Chat)
Lady Let It Lie (Recorded Live in Rheinberg 30-10-93)
Lady Let It Lie (single edit)
Lady Nina
Last Straw, The
Lavender (Applause Fade)
Leaving Marillion
Leaving, The
like to watch, I
litigations, The
Little Man What Now
Live in Holland
Long Cold Day
Lords of the Backstage
Lost Plot (demo)
Lost Plot (live, Haddington, 2006)
Lost Plot (live, Oslo, 2004)
Lost Plot, The
Lucky Bastards
Lucky (live, Newport)
Man With a Stick
marillion musical group script for a jesters tear sr p
Market Square Heroes (including The Laugh)
Medley: Assassing / Credo / Tongues / Fugazi / White Feather
Medley: Brother 52 / Goldfish & Clowns
Medley: I. View from a Hill / II. He Knows You Know / III. She Chameleon / IV. Kayleigh
Medley: Lucky / Credo / Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors
Medley: So Fellini / Lucky / Internal Exile / Market Square Heroes
Microphone Intro
Miles de besos
Misplaced Childhood
Misplaced Rendezvous
Mission Statement
Moveable Feast: European Tour 2013-2015, The
Moving Targets (live, Amsterdam, 2005)
Moving Targets (live, Bradford, 2004)
Mr. 1470
Mr Buttons
Musical Styles, The Fan Base, "Movies for People's Ears", Dramatic Vocals, Cinemascope Production Techniques
Never Mind the Bullocks
Never mind the bullocksfeaturing "Hold your head up"
No Dummy
Numbers (live, Bradford, 2004)
Obligatory Ballad (Spaced Out Re‐mix)
Obra selecta.
Old Crow (live, Oslo, 2004)
Other Side of Me, The
Our Smile (Acoustic version)
Out of My Life (94 Suits Sessions)
Out of My Life (live)
Outpatients 1993
Parley With Angels, A
Perception of Johnny Punter, Lenny Bruce, Influence of Bosnia v. Croatia, The
Perception of Johnny Punter (US radio edit), The
Perfume River
Personal experience & lyrics
Pigpen's birthday
Pigpen's burthdayHammersmith Odean, 2nd April 19902nd night
Pilgrim’s Address (Live in Oslo 18/05/01)
Pilgrim’s Address, The
Plague of Ghosts: (6) Wake Up Call (Make It Happen)
Plague of Ghosts, Part 1: Old Haunts
Plague of Ghosts, Part 2: Digging Deep
Plague of Ghosts, Part 3: Chocolate Frogs
Plague of Ghosts, Part 4: Waving at Stars
Plague of Ghosts, Part 5: Raingods Dancing
Plenty of Fish in the Sea
Poet's moon (4 min 22 s)
Poet's Moon Over Kentish Town
Progressive Rock '84
Pseudo Silk Kimono
Punch and Judy
Punch & Judy (live version)
Question (6 min 38 s)
Raindogs with Zippos
Raingods dancing
Raingods with Zippos
Raw Meat (live version)
Recording Process, Instruments Used, Working With Calum Malcolm and Avril MacKintosh, Mastering the Album, The
Return to childhood20th anniversary tour of Misplaced childhood
Returning to Scotland '88
Rites of Passage
Roadhouse Blues (live version)
Rookie (live, Bradford, 2004), The
Say it with Flowers, Sick Lullabies, Short Red Roses, Problems During Mixing
Scattering Crows (demo)
Scattering Crows: Live at the Robin 2, Bilston Feb 18th 2004
Scattering Crows (live, Haddington, 2006)
Script for a Jester's Tear (continued)
Seeker, The
selection of tracks for Yin & Yang, The
Shadowplay (live)
Shadowplay (medley)
She Chameleon
Short Cut to Somewhere
Shot the Craw (live, Haddington, 2006)
singles collection, A : 1982-1992
Slàinte Mhath
Slainthe Mhath
So Fellini (Live in Poznan 31/05/01)
Solo (4 min 09 s)
Somebody Special (live, Norwich)
Somebody Special (radio edit)
Something in the Air (Christopher Robin mix)
Something in the Air (radio edit)
Something in the Air (Teddy Bear mix)
Something in the Air (Teddybear mix)
Songs from the mirror
Soundtracks music from the films 'Quicksilver' and 'Lorca and the outlaws'
special guests, The
Square Go
State of mind (4 min 42 s)
State of mind (album version)
State of mind : edited version
State of Mind (Live at Islington Assembly Rooms, London, December 15th 2017)
State of Mind (Presidential mix)
State of mindedited version
Sugar Mice (live, London)
Suitslimited edition
Sunsets on Empire, "Join the Dots" Lyrics, Night of the Big Awakening
Take a View From the Hill!
Tales from the big bus
Tara, Sowetto and Brazil, Growing Up in the Sunsets World, Fairy Tale Versus Reality, Another Sunrise
Tattooed Live and Acoustic
That Time of the Night
Themes Behind Sunsets on Empire, Personal Factors, The Yin & Yang World Tour, Global Issues, Characters on the Album, Dawn to Dusk, The
There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Fish
thieving magpie, The : la gazza ladra
Thistle Alley (Medley)
Tiki 4 (Live in Oslo 18/05/01)
Tilted Cross
Time and a Word
Toiling in the Reeperbahn
Tongues (Demo Version)
Tonguesdemo version
Torch Song/Slainthe Mhath
Tunnel of Light
Uncle Fish & the crypt creepers
Uncle Fish & the crypt creepersDusseldorf Philipshalle, 7.12.91
Video Shoot, Working with Duncan of Jordanstone College, Bim's Tattoo Studio, First Live Tattoo in a Video, The
View from a Hill
View from the hill (6 min 38 s)
View From the Hill / He Knows You Know
Vigil (8 min 43 s)
Vigil in a wildernes of mirrors
Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors
Vigil in the Wilderness of Mirrors
Vocal Under a Bloodlight
Voyeur (4 min 42 s), The
Voyeur (I Like to Watch), The
Voyeur (Live at Islington Assembly Rooms, London, December 15th 2017)
Wake Up All (acoustic version)
Wake Up Call (Make It Happen)
Warm Wet Circles (live, Newport)
Watch the Lizard
Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
Waverly Steps
What Colour is God?, Malcolm X, Talking to Tara, St. Lucia, Racial Stereotyping
What's the difference
Where in the World?
White Feather
White Russian
Windswept Thumb / Heart of Lothian
Worm in a Bottle, The Sad Man's Happy Birthday Song, Drinking the Dregs and Crunching the Mezcal Worm
Writing the Album, Working With Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree and NoMan, Band Problems
Yin & Yang: Radio Edits
Zoe 25 (single edit)
Zoo Class (live, Bradford, 2004)
Contributed to or performed: 
[band introductions]
[Chris Thompson introduces Fish]
[encore break]
1998-05-23: Gitarrentage '98: Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany
All the Way
All the Young Dudes
And the Road Goes On Forever, Volume 1
Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 18, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 7, The
Bernex 29-05-99
Best Symfo Rock, The
Burning Heart
Burning Heart 2
Classic Rock #002: Classic Cuts No. 2
Classic Rock #004: Classic Cuts No. 4
Classic Rock #087: The Best of 2005
Classic Rock #097: Shine On
Classic Rock #192: The Best of 2013
Classic Rock: The Ultimate Collection
Company, The
Compilation Rock Hard 31
Fast 90's, The
Game Started
Golden Rock Ballads, Volume 8
Greatest Singer‐Songwriter Classics 2, The
Hard Rock N°9
Highlands: Inspirations From the Islands and Highlands
Hot Pop
Just Good Friends
Just Good Friends (single edit)
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Now the Music: Strictly Men
Outpatients '93: The Funny Farm Project
Paintings in Minor Lila
Pseudo Silk Kimono
Pub Classics
Quicksilver: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Roadhouse Blues
Scotland by Our Side
Scotland the Brave
Sex, Drugs + Rock'n Roll
Shortcut to Somewhere
Stay With Me
Sweet Dreams
This Big Wonderful Night
Time to Remember: 1990, A
Tomasz Beksiński - In Memoriam
Upfront Pinup 3:5
Voiceprint Free CD Sampler: March 2002
With a Little Help From My Friends
You're the Voice