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Eric Maskin (American economist)
Eric Maskin (Amerikaans econoom)
Eric Maskin (amerikansk ekonom)
Eric Maskin (amerikansk økonom)
Eric Maskin (amerykański ekonomista)
Eric Maskin (economista statunitense)
Eric Maskin (économiste américain)
Eric S. Maskin (US-amerikanischer Mathematiker und Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Eric Stark Maskin
Ericus Stark Maskin
Erik Meskin
Maskin, E.
Maskin, Eric
Maskin, Eric S.
Maskin, Eric Stark
Έρικ Μάσκιν (Αμερικανός οικονομολόγος)
Ерик Маскин
Ерік Мескін
Эрик Мэскин
Эрык Мэскін
ერიკ მასკინი
Էրիք Մեսքին
אריק מסקין
إيريك ماسكين
ارک ماسکن
اریک ماسکین (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
ایرک ماسکن
এরিক মাসকিন (American economist)
எரிக் மாஸ்க்கின்
매스킨, 에릭
에릭 매스킨
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and, D. Fudenberg E. Maskin
Arrow, Kenneth Joseph (1921-)
Baliga, Sandeep
Banerjee, A.V.
Banerjee, Abhijit V
Barrett, Scott
Bessen, James
Bos, Wouter van den
Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) / China Economics and Management Academy
Chen, Mark A.
Dasgupta, P.
Dasgupta, Partha
Dasgupta, Partha S
Dewatripont, M
Dewatripont, M.
Dewatripont, Mathias
Diamond, P.
Diamond, P. A.
Diamond, Peter
Diamond, Peter A.
Dubey, Pradeep
Eric, Joseph Farrell and Maskin
Evans, Robert
Farrell, Joseph
Fishburn, Peter C.
Fudenberg, D.
Fudenberg, Drew
Gehrlein, William V.
Grossman, Sanford J
Grossman, Sanford J.
Hammond, Peter
Hammond, Peter J
Hart, Oliver D
Hart, Oliver D.
Harvard University / Department of Economics / Harvard Institute of Economic Research (HIER)
Institute for Advanced Study / School of Social Science
Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, NJ Affiliation (see also from)
Kornai, János
Kremer, M
Kremer, M.
Kremer, Michael
Kreps, D. M.
Kreps, David
Kreps, David M
Laffont, Jean-Jacques
Laffont, Jean-Jacques (1947-2004)
Lau, Tatiana
Levine, David I
Levine, David K
Levine, David K.
Li, Jian
Mäler, Karl-Göran
Mäler, Karl-Göran (1939-..)
Maskin, E
Maskin, E.S.
Maskin, Eric
Maskin, Eric S
Maskin, Eric S.
Moore, J.
Moore, John
Myerson, Roger
Myerson, Roger B.
Newbery, D.
Newbery, David
Newbery, David M
Princeton University / Department of Economics
Qian, Yingyi
Quan, Yingyi
Radner, Roy
Riley, J.
Riley, Joan G
Riley, John
Riley, John G
Riley, John G.
Roberts, Kevin
Roberts, Kevin W.S.
Roland, Gérard
Sen, Amartya
Simonovits, András
Sjostrom, Tomas
Stiglitz, Joseph E. (1943- ))
Tauman, Yair
Tirole, J
Tirole, J.
Tirole, Jean
Venturini, Andrea
Xu, Cheng-Gang
Xu, Chengagn
Xu, Chenggang
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Roy Radner and Incentive Theory
Segregation by Skill and the Rise in Inequality.
Sequential innovation, patents, and imitation
Sequential Innovation, Patents, and Innovation
Simple Economics of Research Portfolios., The
Social choice and individual values
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Soft budget constraints and transition
Theorem on Utilitarianism., A
Theories of the soft budget-constraint
Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, 1: Overview and Quantity Competition with Large Fixed Costs, A
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World Scientific
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