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Elliot Murphy
Elliott Murphy
Elliott Murphy (American singer-songwriter)
Elliott Murphy (americký písničkář)
Elliott Murphy (Amerikaans singer-songwriter)
Elliott Murphy (cantautore e giornalista statunitense)
Elliott Murphy (US-amerikanischer Songwriter)
Murphy, Elliot
Murphy, Elliott
Murphy, Elliott James
Murphy, Elliott ((Vocalist))
الیوت مورفی (خواننده-ترانه‌سرا، ژورنالیست، نویسنده، و موسیقی‌دان آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
BMG France
BMG Music International (Europe)
Durand, Olivier (1967-.... guitariste)
Elliott Murphy & band
Elliott Murphy & band (see also from)
Elliott Murphy & the Normandy all stars
Elliott Murphy & the Normandy all stars (see also from)
Fan Club Records
Last call records
Murphy, Elliott James (1949-...)
New rose
Wagram music
WEA Filipacchi music
Whitley, Chris (1960-2005)
35 Millimeter Dreams
40 Days And 40 Nights
Abraham Lincoln Continental
Absalom, Davy & Jackie O
Acting so friendly (5 min 18 s)
Acting To Friendly
Affairs etc
Alive in Paris
All That Money Can Do
All the way from Tokyo (1 min 26 s)
All These Days
Alone In My Chair
Am Empty, I
Anastasia (Live)
And General Robert E.Lee
And that's called insanity (3 min 07 s)
Après le déluge
April - A Live Album
Aquashow Deconstructed
Aquashow, p1973:
Artificial Paradise
As Bad as It Gets
As Good As
Automatic Erotic
Baby, I've been thinkin' (2 min 46 s)
Baby Please Don't Go
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Ballad of Me
Ballad of sal Paradise (2 min 53 s)
Ballad of Sal Paradise, The
Banks of the Ohio, The
Been Up These Stairs Before
Beginning And The End, The
belle dame sans merci, La
Bells of Beauregard
Best Kiss, The
Better Days
Big Sky
Bilingual lover (4 min 31 s)
Black Crow
Blue towers (3 min 36 s)
Buddy and Peggy Sue
Calling on Cathleen (3 min 27 s)
Can't Be Satisfied, I
Canaries in My Mind
Canaries In The Mind
Caught Short in the Long Run
'cause I saw you (3 min 38 s)
Chain of pain (2 min 59 s)
Change will come (4 min 29 s)
Change Will Come (Live)
Chelsea Boots
Clean It Up
Come On Louann
Coming Home Again
Continental kinda girl (4 min 41 s)
Cool panic (3 min 48 s)
Crying Creatures of the Universe
Cutting the Cake
Darlin’ (And She Called Me)
Day After Valentine's Day, The
Day After You, The
Day For Night
Day Is Gone
Deco Dance
Deep Drunk in Love
Diamonds by the Yard
Diamonds in the Mine
Disco sadness (6 min 19 s)
Djanjo 306
Doctor calabash (3 min 52 s)
Doctor of Mercy
Dolly sisters (3 min 01 s)
Dolly Sisters, The
Don't Go Away
Drive All Night (Live)
Drowning (3 min 11 s)
Dusty Roses
Eiffel Tower Blue
Elliott Murphy is Alive !
epicenter (3 min 57 s)
Epicenter/Runaway/House of the Rising Sun, The
Eternal Highway
Euro-tour (3 min 54 s)
Eva Braun
Even Steven
Everybody Got Lucky
Everything I Do (Leads Me Back to You)
Eyes of the Children of Maria, The
Fall of Saigon (6 min 12 s)
Fall Of Saigon, The
Feel that way (3 min 29 s)
Fix Me a Coffee
Fool for Love
Frankenstein's Daughter
From Room 102
Future, Le
Garden city (4 min 23 s)
Glorious Feeling
Going Through Something (Don't Know What It Is)
Going Through Something: The Best Of Elliott Murphy
Gone, Gone, Gone
goodbye song (4 min 20 s)
Goodbye Song, The
Got My Mojo Working, I
Graveyard Scrapbook (Live)
Green River
Greetings From Sydney
Hangin' Out
Hard Core
He's Gone
He Who Laughs Last (Laughs Alone)
Hey Gunslinger
Hey Little Sister
Hey Miss Betty
Hold On
Hollywood (Live)
Home Again
Hometown (Live)
Hot point live
How's the Family (Live)
I'm Ready
If poets were king
If Poets Were Kings
Immigration Cross the Nation
Irish Eyes
Is Fellini Really Dead?
Isadora’s Dancers
It Feels Like
It Takes A Worried Man
Johnny Boy Gone
Just a story from America (5 min 47 s)
Just a Story from America (Live)
Karen Where Are You Going
King of the Serpentine
Knee Sock Dream
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Lady Stilletto
Last of the Rock Stars (Live)
Last of the Rock Stars, The
Last of the Rockstars
Last Star of the Night, The
Last Train to Memphis
Let Go (Live)
Let it rain (4 min 44 s)
Let Me In
Like a Great Gatsby
Little Big Man
Little Bit More
Little Push, A
Little Red Rooster
Live Hot Point
Lo and Behold
Look Around You
Lookin' Back
Lookin' for a Hero
Loser, The
Losing It
Lost and Lonely
Lost generation
Love Song of Eva Braun
Love to America
Made in Freud
Making Friends With The Dead
malady & the medicine (3 min 50 s)
Malady & The Medicine, The
Manhattan Rock
Mannish Boy
Many Can Read (Few Can Reason)
Marilyn (Live)
Mary Ann's Garage Sale
Max's Kansas city
Maybe You Were Laughing
Mick’s Dream
Modern romance (4 min 21 s)
Mountain of Love, A
Moving Sky
Mr. Coffee
Murph the surf
Never as Old as You
New World Order
Niagara falls (5 min)
Night Falls
Night lights
No I... I couldn't touch you (3 min 24 s)
Not Enough Time
Notes From the Underground
Nothing Can Take the Place of You
O Catarina
O'Henry Story" (translated by Livia), "The
O Wyoming
Off the shelf (3 min 35 s)
On Elvis Presley's birthday
On My Mind
On Romeo Street
On the Wings of Icarus
Open City
Out for the killing (4 min 47 s)
Party Girls and Broken Poets/Gloria
People Don't Learn
Pneumonia Alley
Poet and the Priest, The
Poetic justice, c2012:
Poise'n Grace
Poise ’n Pen
price I pay (2 min 25 s)
Price I Pay, The
Prince Of Chaos, The
Prodigal Son, The
Put It Down
Rain, Rain, Rain
Rainy Season
Real Time
Red Lights, The
Red, White & Blue
Rich Girls (Live)
Rio Grande Revisited
Rock ballad (7 min 50 s)
Rock Ballad (Live)
Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll
Route 66 (Live)
Route soixante-six
Running Around
Sad after sex (1 min 10 s)
Scandinavian Skies
Selling the Gold
Sicily (Tropic Of Separation)
Sicily (Tropic of Seperation) (acoustic)
Silver Bullet
Sister real (3 min 45 s)
Small Room
Somebodies Anniversary
Something Ain't Right
Something like Steve McQueen (4 min 23 s)
Soul surfing the next wave
spider n the honey
St. Elmo's Motel
Stolen Car
Strangers on a Train
Streets of New York (4 min 07 s)
Strings of the Storm
Summer House
Sun flower
Take That Devil Out of Me
Take Your Love Away
Taking the Silence
Talkin' About America (Live)
Talkin' About America (original)
Talking the silence (4 min 40 s)
Taste the good life (3 min 44 s)
Taste the Grand Life
Tell Me
Temple Bar
Terraplane Blues
terre commune
Texas (4 min 24 s)
Thème de Gawin (1 min 15 s)
Theme song (3 min 54 s)
Theme Song (Looking For A...)
Then I'm Going to Make Love to You
Then I'm gonna make love to you (4 min 17 s)
Then You Start Crying
Think too hard (3 min 29 s)
Thirty Was a Long Time Ago
Thrill Is Gone, The
Tip On In
Touch of Kindness, A
Touch of mercy (3 min 29 s)
Touch of Mercy, A
Toujours la même chose
Train Kept a Rolling
Tropic of separation
Valley Below, The
Veronique the actress (4 min 25 s)
Vintage Series, Vol. 9 (The Paris Concerts: Eldorado 1981) [Like Boats Against the Current]
Vision of the night (3 min 43 s)
Visions of the Night (Live)
Voyage (3 min 30 s)
Want You, I
Well Intentioned Pedestrians
What do ya know ? (4 min 26 s)
What's That
What's the matter (3 min 52 s)
When You Ride
Where is my baby ? (3 min 36 s)
White Middle Class Blues
Who Am I Blues
whole new world (5 min 14 s)
Whole New World, A
Wild Horses
Wild in the Streets
Winners - Losers - Beggars - Choosers (4 min 30 s)
Wish I Was Picasso, I
Wit's End
With This Ring
Woman, LA
Worried Man Blues
You Can't Go Home
You Don't Need to Be More Than Yourself
You got it made (4 min 20 s)
You'll Come Back To Me
You never know what you're in for (4 min 39 s)
You Never Know What You're in For (Live)
You're gonna chase love away
You've Got It Made
Contributed to or performed: 
2007-05-25: Sala Pasternak, Vic, Spain
40 Days and 40 Nights
Acordes con Leonard Cohen
All Along the Watchtower
All Those Nights
All Those Nights, Vol. 2
American Land
American Santa in Paris, An
And General Robert E. Lee
As Good As (unplugged)
Ballad of a Soldier's Wife, The
Ballad of a Soldier’s Wife, The
Better Days
Big Umbrella
Blind Willie McTell
Blowin’ Down the Road
Blue Rose Collection, Volume 7
Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 36
Born to Run
Born to Run (2002-10-14, Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France)
Brown-Eyed Girl
Buffalo Gals
Canaries in the Mind
Change Will Come
Close to the Bone
Come on Louann
Cortez the Killer
Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in the Street
Darkness, Darkness
Day After Valentine's Day, The
Diamonds by the Yard
Don't Wanna Talk About It, I
Dusty Roses
Epicenter / Runaway / The House of Rising Sun / All Along the Watchtower / The Epicenter, The
Every Day Is a Holly Day
Fading Fast
Fall of Saigon, The
Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Volume 2, No. 7: CooP
Frankenstein's Daughter
Funk and Fire
Gent Night
Glory Days
Green River
Grooves, Volume Thirteen
Hungry Heart
I'm on Fire
Indi ★ Radio
Inrockuptibles : ROCK & littérature, Les
Just a Story From America / Twist & Shout / Satisfaction
Laserock'n'Roll Party Vol 2
Laserock’n’Roll Party, Volume 1
Last of the Rock Stars
Last of the Rock Stars / Shout! / Last of the Rock Stars
Leonard Cohen: En Boca De
Let It Rain
Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Like a Rolling Stone
Little Red Rooster
Love, Tears & Mystery: The Definitive Devils & Dust Tour Compilation
Making Friends With the Dead
Mr. S.’s Rising Tour Highlights August - October 2002
Murphy Gets Muddy
Musikexpress 22 - Blue Rose Records
Navy Blue
Ocean Sings, The
Official Blue Rose Bootleg Series - Elliott Murphy, Iain Matthews & Olivier Durands - Solingen 2001
On Elvis Presley's Birthday
One Cold Street
One Step Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen
Paris Dust Night
Paris Magic Night
Paris Night
Paris, Don’t You Lose Heart
Pneumonia Alley
Razor & Tie’s Near Legends & Soon-To-Be Household Names, Volume 2: 1993: Sampler
Red Lights, The
River Tour 2016, The
Rock 'n' Rose
Rock Ballad
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 24
Route 66
Ruta 66 Album, The
Sad Eyes
Scandinavian Skies
Sexy Sadie
She's a Mystery
Sister Real
Something Mighty
Sony Music Box: Rock
Spirit of Uncle Sam, The
Stade de France Wrecking Ball Night
Stockholm First Wrecking Ball Night
Stockholm Wrecking Ball Box
Stories of the Dogs: Songs for Dominique
Swinging From the Yardam
Terraplane Blues
Terre Commune, La
Touch of Kindness, A
Twist and Shout
Update Live
Want to Talk to You, I
Want to Talk With You, I
Where the Big Dogs Run
Wild Horses
Woman / Baby Please Don't Go / I Got My Mojo Working / Gloria, LA
You Never Know What You're in For