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Big Joe Krash
Kris Parker
KRS-1 ((Musician))
Krs One
KRS-One ((Musician))
L. Parker
Lawrence Krisna Parker
Lawrence Parker
Parker, Lawrence
Parker, Lawrence Kr
Teacha' KRS One, The
The Teacha' KRS One
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Parker, Kris (other identity, same person)
Parker, Lawrence Krisna (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Parker, Lawrence (real name)
Related names: 
Alert, Red (co-performer)
Aston, Rob (co-performer)
Barnett, Robert (co-performer)
Bill, Ill (co-performer)
Boogie Down Productions
Boogie Down Productions (isMemberOf)
Chandler, James (co-performer)
Correa, Eric (co-performer)
Cynic (co-performer)
D‐Nice (co-performer)
Darkman, La the (co-performer)
DeVille, Scoop (co-performer)
DJ Tomekk
Dog, Sen (co-performer)
Dre, Dr (co-performer)
Everlast (co-performer)
Evidence (co-performer)
Freese, Louis (co-performer)
Gipp, Cameron (co-performer)
Gonzalez, Joaquin (co-performer)
Green, CeeLo (co-performer)
Green, Jason (co-performer)
GZA/Genius (co-performer)
Havoc (co-performer)
III, G.O.D. Pt (co-performer)
Jean, Wyclef (co-performer)
Jones, Marvin (co-performer)
Khalil, DJ (co-performer)
Knighton, Willie (co-performer)
Kool Moe Dee
Kurupt (co-performer)
Lethal, DJ (co-performer)
Madchild (co-performer)
Maman, Alan Daniel (co-performer)
Medina, Ernesto (co-performer)
Melodie, Ms (co-performer)
Mills, Sidney (co-performer)
Muggerud, Larry (co-performer)
Muggs, DJ (co-performer)
Nassar, Fredwreck (co-performer)
Parker, Kenny (co-performer)
Priest, Maxi
Ranks, Shabba
Ray, Todd (co-performer)
Rene MC
Ricks, Barron (co-performer)
RZA (co-performer)
Schrody, Erik (co-performer)
Scott La Rock, DJ (co-performer)
Scott, Pamela (co-performer)
Shelton, Demerick (co-performer)
Smith, Lee (co-performer)
Solo, DJ (co-performer)
Soul Assassins (isMemberOf)
Sumal, Dwayne (co-performer)
Twins, Big (co-performer)
Tyler, Aaron (co-performer)
Vasquez, Jason (co-performer)
Xzibit (co-performer)
123 Victory
1st Quarter — The Commentary
2nd Kreditz
2nd Quarter — Free Throws
3 Lil Putos
3rd Quarter — The Commentary
4th Quarter — Free Throws
5 Boroughs (instrumental)
9 Elements
9mm Goes Bang
Adventures in Emceein
Ah Yeah!
Ain't No Stopping Us
Ain't Ready
Ain’t the Same
All Day
All My Men
All Skool
Alright With Me
Am There, I
American Flag
And Health
And Racism
And Self Awareness
And Then Again ..., ...
And Wealth
Are You Ready for This
as raw as ever sr p
Automatic, De
Awakening, The
B Side Intro
Back to the L.A.B. (Lyrical Ass Beating)
BDP Album, The
Be Original
Been There, I
Believe It
Best of oldschool hip hop
Best of Rapture’s Delight
Black Cop
Bling Blung
Blueprint, The
Bo! Bo! Bo!
Booga Bandit Bitch
Brainstorm / P.S.K.
Breaks, The
Breath Control
Bridge is Over / Black Cop / South Bronx Medley, The
Bring It Back
Bring It to the Cypher
Brown Skin Woman
Bucshot Shoutout
Busy Bee Shout Out
By all means necessary
Call to Order: Spoken by Afrika Bambaataa, A
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Can’t Wake Up, I
Check It Out
Cherchez La Ghost
Club Shout Outs
Come to Da Party
Comin’ In
Conscious Rapper, The
Consciousness, The
Criminal justice from darkness to light ; the temple of hiphop kulture
Criminal Minded
Cutclusion, The
Cypher (remix)
Dayz Ahead
Deejay Red Alert Shout-Outs
Devil’s Crown, The
Disaster Kit
Do This for You, I
Do You Got It
Doggz Gonna Get Ya
Don't Diss Me (& I won't Diss U)
Don’t Ever Stop
Don't Get So High (Dancehall mix)
Dope Beat
Doth Thou Know
Down the Charts
Drugs Won
Early Days, The
Elements, The
Essence, The
Everybody Rise
Fake Dat
False Pride
Feel This
Five boroughs
Five: Your Olderself and Your Younger Self
For Example
Forever Hip Hop
Four: Your Second Set of Senses
Freedom of Speech
Freestyle (live acapella)
Freestyle Ministry (Server Verbals)
French Connection, The
Friend / Heartbeat, A
Friend (instrumental), A
From darkness to light
From the Beginning Again
Fuck This
Fucked (Mister Softy Brooklyn remix)
Fucked Up
Fundamentals of Hip Hop, The
Funke funke wisdom
Funkmaster Flex - The mix tape
G. Simone Speaks
Get It Done
Get Off Your ....
Get Your Mind Right
Get Your Self Up (album version)
Get Your Self Up (Pete Rock instrumental)
Get Your Self Up (Pete Rock remix)
Get Your Self Up (Pleasure King & A-Sharp instrumental)
Get Your Self Up (Pleasure King & A-Sharp remix)
Get Yourself Up (Independant)
Get yourself up remix
Ghetto Lifestyles
Ghetto music - The blueprint of hip hop
Gimme, Dat (Woy)
Go Back
Going Way Back
Good Bye
gospel of hip hop, The : first instrument
Got Next / Neva Hadda Gun, I
Got You, I
Guetto Lifestyles (clean)
Guetto Lifestyles (instrumental)
Gunnen’ Em Down
Gunnin' Em Down
H-Law, The
Handle the Vibe
Harmony and Understanding
He's So Arrogant
HEAL - Civilization vs. [versus] technology
Health, Wealth, Self
Heartbeat / A Friend (The Video Cut)
Heartbeat (instrumental)
Heat, The
Hera (More Chicken Shit)
Here We Go
High school high music from and inspired by the motion picture
High School Rock
Higher Level
Highschool Rock
Hip hop lives
Hip Hop Rules
Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven
Hip Hop vs. Rap (a cappella)
HipHop Knowledge
Hiphop - The Early Days
Hiphop vs. Rap
House of Hits
How Bad Do You Want It
Hustle, The
I'm a Free M.C.
I'm on the Mic
I’m Still No.1 (Numero Uno mix)
If It's Lovin' That You Want
If U Only Knew
Illegal Business Remix 2004
In the Club
Intro: You Know What's Up!
Invader (2019 VERSION)
Invaders, The
It Appears
It’s All a Struggle
It’s All Insane to Me
It's Too Late
Jack of Spades (extended remix)
Jam Master Jay (intro)
Jam, The
Just to Prove a Point
K*#! A Rapper
Keep Clicking
Keep Flowin’
Keep Right
Keep Talkin
Kenny Parker Intro
Kim-O/Steph-Lover Shout-Outs
King of the Ol' Skool
Know Thy Self
Kool & deadly (Justisizms)
Kool Herc, The
Kristyle, The
KRS Loves Simone
KRS-One Attacks
KRS-One Intro
KRS-One Speaks (interlude)
KRS-One Speech
Krush Them
Lessin, The
Let ’em Have It
Let It Flow (D’You Like Scratchin?)
Let It Flow (Do You Like Scratchin'?) (KRS-One remix)
Let Me Know
Let’s Go
Let Us Begin
Lick a Shot
Life Interlude
Lingo, The
Love Simone, I
Lyric Licking
Mad Crew
Mama / Show Love
Maximum strength 2008
Maximum strength two thousand eight
MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know (instrumental)
MC's Act Like They Don't Know (LP version)
MC, The
MCs Act Like They Don't Know
Me Man
Message 2002, The
Mic Check
Mind (clean), The
Mind (instrumental), The
mix tape, The
Moment of Silence, A
Monday in Lagos (Marksmen remix)
More Love
Mortal Thought
Most Dangerous Emcee, The
Move Ahead
Movement, The
My Dreams
My Life
My Mind Is Racing
My People
My Philosophy
Na Touch Da Just
Name Brand Guy
Never Afraid
Never Forget
Never Give Up
New York
No Problems
No Wack DJ's
Nothing in the World Is Impossible
Nothing New
Now Hear This (intro)
Ol' Skool
On the Streets With Gato
On the Strength
One Emcees
One: the Future Is Your Present Moment.
Only One, The
Open Your Mind
Organ Break
Origin of Hiphop, The
Original Gangster of Hip Hop, The
Our Sins
Out for Fame
Outro: I'll Be Back
Outta Here (instrumental)
Outta Here (LP version)
Outta Here (video version)
Ova Here (remix)
Over 30 (remix)
Over Ya Head
P Is Free (remix), The
“P” Is Still Free
Pack Up (Wick-it Blend)
Pad and the Pen, The
Part Time Sucker
Perhaps She'll Die
Peter the Dreamer
Pick It Up
Plan Up Your Family
Playlist: The Very Best of KRS‐One
Power of Future, The
Prayer of Afrika Bambaataa, The
Preserve the Kulture
Priest Shout-Outs
Prophets vs. Profits
Put Ya Ones Up
Rap History
Rappaz R.N. Dainja (Kenny Parker mix)
Rappers Are in Danja
Rappin' the streets
Raptism, The
Raptures Delight
Re-Mind Yourself
Refinitions, The
Remember, I
Remix for P Is Free
Retrospective, A
Return of hip hop (ooh, ooh)
Return of the boom bap
Rising to the Top
Rock Dis
Rockin’ Til the Morning
Rough & [and] ready
Round & Round
Same Old Thing, The
Same Shit
See It
Self Awareness
Seven: Affirm Your Achievements
Show Respect
Show Shocked
Six: Fill Your Room With Light
Slammin' rap
Slap Them Up
sneak attack, The
Solution, The
Some Live Shit From the East Coast
Some Live Shit From the West Coast
Sooo Good
Sound Man
Sound of Da Police (Freq Nasty's Breakbeat Bacon mix)
Sound of da Police (remix instrumental)
Sound of tha Police
Sound of the Police (Remix Instrumental)
Sound of the Police (Showbiz Remix)
Sound of the Police (Street)
South Bronx 2002
South Bronx (Heavy Hitters remix)
Spiritual Meaning
Spiritual minded
Squash All Beef
Steady Bounce
Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight) (instrumental)
Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight) (LP version)
Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight mix)
Step Into a World (Rapture’s Delight) (radio edit)
Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight) (The Remix-Radio Version)
Step Into a World (Rapture'Ws Delight)
Step Into the World (A Rappers Delight)
Stick Up
Still Slippin'
Still Spittin’
Stop Frontin’
Stop It
Stop Skeemin’
Stop the Violence, Part 2
Straight Through
Street Light |FIRST EDITION|
Strickly for da Breakdancers & Emceez
Strictly Hip Hop
Style You Haven’t Done Yet, The
Suppose to Be
System Gotcha, The
T-Bone Speaks Again
Take em Out
Take It to God
Take You There
Take Your Tyme
Teacha Returns, The
Tell the Devil Ha!
Temple of Hiphop Kulture (interlude)
temple of hiphop kulture, The
Temple Tactics
That BO BO
That's It
They’re Taking Your Time
Things Is About to Change
Things Will Change
This Is All We Got
This Is What It Is
Thje Teacha's Back
Three: Your Reality Is Based On Your Awareness
Times Up
Tote Gunz
Transition Four
Transition One
Transition Three
Transition Two
True School
True Story
Truth, The
Two: Do Not Neglect Your Future
Uh Oh
Victory, The
Walking Away
Wanna Battle?
Wanna Be MCeez
Warm Up
Warning (intro)
Was There, I
Way It's Going Down, The
Way We Live, The
We Don't Care Anymore
We Got It
We Got You
We will rock you
Welcome to the Temple (interlude)
What Else Happened
What Kinda World
What's Your Plan?
Who da Best
Who Protects Us From You?
Why Is That?
Will Make It, I
Woke Up
Woop! Woop! (Showbiz remix)
Word From Our Sponsor
Word perfect
World Is MIND, The
World Peace
Ya Feel Dat
Ya Feel That
Ya Slippin
Yes, Yes, Y’all
You a Millionaire
You Ain’t Got Time
You Don't Really Want It
You Gon Go?
You Like Me
You Looking at This
You Must Learn (Live From the Caucus Mountains remix)
Your Spirituality
Contributed to or performed: 
"P" Is Still Free
[Circlejerk] Volume III
1 Cop, 2 Cops
1-2, Here’s What We Gone Do
100% Ragga Hip-Hop
100% Recycled Material: Yesterday's Hits All Remixed
15 Years of Duck Down
16, 17, 18
187 on a Muthafackin’ Cop
19 361
2009-10-24: DJ Spinbad Live in Japan: Club Asia, Tokyo, Japan
25th Anniversary Collection
4, 5, 6 Goin' For Broke, The
5 Boroughs
5 Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn
50 Hip Hop Classics
À bout portant
À la vie, à la mort
Adventure to Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space, An
Africa in Your Earbuds 4.0: What It Means
Afrika Bambaataa Presents Eastside
Ain't Leavin', I
Air & Style, Volume 6
All City Kings
All for the Love
All My Love
All Right
All Skool
All the Brothers
All The Massive
Allstar Selection (disc 1)
Alter Ego
Ancient Hip Hop (skit)
Angry Birds Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Animal Grammar
Another Day
Another Day (Park Jam mix)
Anthem (a cappella), The
Anthem (main), The
Anthem (radio), The
Anthem, The
Anthems Hip-Hop II
Anthems: Hip-Hop
Anthems: Hip-Hop II
Anthems: Hip-Hop III
Anthems: Hip-Hop IV
Arcane Terrain, The
Arms & Hammers
Arrival (Bassnectar remix)
Article (remix)
Arts & Entertainment
As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 7
As Raw As Ever
As You Already Know
Assault on Precinct 13
Automatic, De
Awakening, The
Back to the Old Skool: Hip Hop
Best Hip Hop Party Hits! 40 Massive Club Anthems, The
Best of Biggie Smalls
Best of Black '97
Best of DJ Tomekk
Best of Hip Hop 2002
Béton Armé : Ultimate Edition
Bette Davis Eyes
Better & Better
Better Than I’ve Ever Been
Better Than I’ve Ever Been (a cappella)
Better Than I’ve Ever Been (instrumental)
Better Then I've Ever Been
Bin Laden Remix
Bin Laden Remix (Bin Laden, Part 2)
Bin Laden Remix (Bin Laden, Part 2) (clean)
Bin Laden Remix (Bin Laden, Part 2) (dirty)
Black Cargo
Black Cop
Black Flavour Club III
Black Pearls: From R&B to Hip Hop, Volume 2
Blade: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Blah Blah (remix)
Blah, Blah, Blah
Blah, Blah, Blah (DJ Tones remix)
Blast Master Intro
Blazin' The Soundtrack
Blow Up Da Spot
Bo! Bo! Bo!
Bombtracks, Volume 1: Studio Tracks
Bombtracks, Volume 2: Remixes & Live
Boogie Down Ox
Boom Slap!
Boom! Volume #2: 16 Explosive Hits
Booty Call: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Born and Raised
Box of Tapes, Part 3
Brainstorm / P.S.K (remix)
Brainstorm / P.S.K.
Brainstorm-PSK (Baghira remix)
Brand New Bein'
Bravo Supershow 2001
Bravo: 30 Jahre Hip Hop
Breath of Fresh Air
Bridge: Concept of a Culture, The
Bring It to the Cypher
bringing it back
Bronx Legends Never Die
Bronx Tale
Brothers of the Stone
Brrrah! (Battle)
Buffalo Gals Back to Skool
Buffalo Gals: Back to Skool
Build And Destroy
Build Ya Skillz
Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It)
Bulworth: The Soundtrack
C.I.A. (Criminals in Action)
C.I.A. (Criminals in Action) (Kasz mix)
Cali Kings Mix Tape Vol. 1
Cali Kings Mixtape, Volume I
Can You Recognize?
Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Cant Breathe
Caught Up: Music From the Motion Picture
Change Gears
Chase, The
Chemical Warfare
Chilled Hip Hop
Chris Sheppard Presents Groove Station 4
CIA (Rough remix)
Class of '87
Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)
Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) (DJ Premier remix)
Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) (DJ Premier remix) (instrumental)
Classic Rap & Hip Hop: Back by Dope Demand
Clean Up Crew
Clear 'em Out
Clear 'n Present Danger
Clear ’em Out
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 92: April 2001
Come to the Temple
Confessions d’un enfant du siècle, Volume 1
Contacto con el plástico
Cool Jams
Corruptor: The Soundtrack, The
Criminal Minded
Crooklyn Cuts, Volume III (Tape a)
Crossing All Over! Volume 6
Crown of Thorns
Cult Assassin
Cut Killa Show 19361
Cut Killer Show
D.I.T.C.: Diggin in the Crates for Classics
D'Illusions of Grandeur
Da Sound of Da Irish Police Band
Da Underground Sound East Side
Dance Like It Don't Matter
Danger Mouse Promo: Volume 3
Dangerous Ground
Dark Is Here, The
Deadly Needles
Dear Mr. President
Dear Mr. President (Revisited)
DEF CON 22: The Official Soundtrack
Destroy all DJs
Destroy All DJs 2
Did What We Had to Do (Showoff mix)
Difference, Volume 1, The
Diggin' in the Crates: Rare Studio Masters (1993-1997)
Digital (Armand Van Helden's dub)
Digital (Armand Van Helden's mix)
Digital (Armand Van Helden’s mix)
Digital (Boymerang mix)
Digital (CD 1)
Digital (edit)
Digital (radio edit)
Digital (V.I.P. mix)
Dirtchamber Sessions, Volume One, The
DJ (clean), The
DJ (main), The
DJ Js1 Ground Originals
DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used to Us
DJ Premier Salutes James Brown: The Foundation of Hip Hop
DJ Premier's Greatest Hits
DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams
DJ, The
Do or Die
Dogz Mixtape: Who's Next?, The
Domingo Presents... Behind the Doors of the 13th Floor
Don't Give It Up
Don’t Ever Stop
Double Face, Volume 3
Double Trouble
Double Trouble (Third World mix clean)
Double Trouble (Third World mix street)
Double Trouble (Third World Mix)
Down 4 My Ninjas EP
Download the Right Thing
Drop It Heavy
Drum & Bass Arena Presents DJ Hype!
Duck Down
Duck Down Hotline
Duck Season, Volume 2
Ebola in Memphis (Every Time I Die vs. Norma Jean)
Electro: The Definitive Electro & Hip Hop Collection
Elephant in the Room, The
Eminem presented by DJ R Dub L
Espaço Rap Internacional
Essays On Bdp-ism
Essential KRS-One And Boogie Down Productions, The
Essential New School vs. Old School, The
Essentials (JS‐1 Remix)
Essentials (original extended street version)
Essentials (short radio version)
Essentials / Hold Dat
Everybody Get
Exclusive Freestyle Battle
Exodus (instrumental)
Ey-Yo! (The Reggae Virus)
Ey‐Yo! (The Reggae Virus)
FabricLive 14: DJ Spinbad
FabricLive 42: FreQ Nasty
Fat Beats "Compilation", Volume 1
Feel the Streets: The Real Masters of Hip Hop
Fight for Love
First Cut Is the Deepest, The
First Treatment, The
Flowing With the Vets
FM4: Soundselection 2
Fo The Heads Pt.7
Free Game BWS Radio, Volume 3
Free Mumia
Freeman (skit)
Freestyle (remix)
Freestyle (remix) (clean)
Freestyle Files
Freestyle Show, The
Freestyle Song
Freestyle Song, A
Frontline Rap Shit
Fuck This
Full Scale LP
Fully Loaded W/ Statik
Funkmaster Flex Presents: The Mix Tape, Volume 1: 60 Minutes of Funk
Future Funk
Game Over II
Gansta House
Generique Assault
Generique Assault (radio edit)
German Snow
Get It Done
Get Wrecked, I
Ghetto Berd
Gimme da 90’s
Gimme Da Gun
Global Connection, Volume 1
God Is Spirit
God's Assassins
Godfathers of Rap
Godsville (intro)
Golden Years Returns
Good Times With Joey and Norman Jay
Gospel of Hip-Hop (Dale Chase remix), The
Gospel of Hip-Hop (DJ Roborob remix), The
Gospel of Hip-Hop, The
Gothic Acoustic Tribute to Linkin Park, A
Graduate, The
Grand Concourse Benches
Grandmaster Flash Collection, The
Greatest Hits
Greatest Knockouts: Beat Box Mix CD, Volume 1, The
Gro---Oh! (Hiphop Nation)
Ground Original
Ground Original 2: No Sell Out
Ground Original 3: No One Cares
Ground Original 4: It Is What It Isn't
Hate No More
He Got Game
He’s Us
Headful of Hiphop
Hear Me More
Hear No Evil
Heartbeat (LP version)
Heavy Beatz
High School High
Hip Hop
Hip Hop 100 Hits - Urban rap & R n B anthems inc. Jay Z, A$ap Rocky, Wu-Tang Clan & Nas
Hip Hop 24/7
Hip Hop Anthology
Hip Hop Assassins
Hip Hop Classics
Hip Hop Don't Stop 2
Hip Hop Don't Stop: The Greatest
Hip Hop Don't Stop: The Ultimate Selection
Hip Hop in the Soul
Hip Hop Lives
Hip Hop of the ’80s & ’90s
Hip Hop Sessions
Hip Hop Soul Party, Volume 2
Hip Hop Story
Hip Hop Wars
Hip Hop We Love You
Hip Hop: A Tribute to Urban Culture
Hip Hop: The Collection
Hip House Presents Preemptive Hype Volume 2.5
Hit 'em!
Hit List 17, The
Hold It Down
Honest Mistakes
Hot This Week 15
House of Hits
How Bad Do You Want It (extended version)
How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???
Human Nature (Now Breathe)
I'm a Be Back
I'm Still #1
If U Only Knew
Ill Rated
Ill Remix EP, The
Illegal Business
Improve Myself
Improve Myself (Touch version)
In Defense of Animals, Volume 2
In Your Space
Indie Rocket Science
Industrial Metal
Intellectual Property:SOI2
It's Alive (intro)
It's All Good
It's All Love
It’s Alive (intro)
Jack Of Spades
Jam (Bridge remix), The
Jam on It
Jam, The
Jazzy Jeff: In the House
Jealous One's Envy
Jive Hall Of Fame
Jive Super Hits
Juice, Volume 6
Just You
Just‐Ice and KRS‐One EP, Volume 1, The
K*#! A Rapper
Keep Clicking
Keep It Zipped
Kenny Parker Show 2001
Kenny Parker Show, The
Key of Life
Kill a Rapper
King of the Beats
King of the Decks
Kiss 100fm Smooth Grooves
Kiss Anthems 97
Klick Clique
Knowledge Reigns Supreme
Kool Hercules
KRS-One vs. MC Shan: The Battle for Rap Supremacy
L’Année rap 1997
Last of the Human Skills
Latest & Greatest Hip Hop Anthems
Latest & Greatest: R&B Party
Let It Flow (Get You in the Mood)
Let Us Begin
Let's Go
Let's Go (It's a Movement)
Let'z Go
Lifted: The C.O.R.E. Mixtape
Line of Fire
Live & Direct
Live and Direct
Live From the Streets
Live on the Mic
Loaded With Hits
London Records Is Hot on the Block
Lord Live Within My Heart
Lords of the Boards Present Freestyle Beats
Lost Prophecy, The
Lost Treasures
Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)
Lyricist Lounge, Volume One
Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season One, The
M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Marley and Red Living Everyday Youthful) (skit)
M.A.R.L.E.Y. (skit)
Ma 6‐T va crack‐er
Mad Izm
Mad Izm (original remix)
Madonna and Child (skit)
Magic Hip Hop
Magic Hip Hop 2
Mark of the Beast
Masterblaster II
Maximum Bass 2
Maxx Long Player 5, De
Maysun Project, The
MC, The
MC's Act Like They Don't Know
MCEO Mixtape, The
MCs Act Like They Don't Know
Mega Fresh X
Memories - Remix EP
Memories T.M.E. (dub edit)
Men Of Steel
Mesmerizing the Ultra
Message (Pandemonium edit), The
Message 2000
Message 2000 (Pandemonium edit), The
Message, The
Milk (People Call Me) (radio)
Mind, The
Mix 6
Mix du Dragon, Le
Mix Tape, Volume 3: 60 Minutes of Funk: The Final Chapter, The
Modern Day Gangsta
Most Dangerous Emcee, The
Mother of All Swing Mix Albums, The
Mr. Percy
Mr. President
MTV Raps
MTV Raps, Vol. 2
MTV Raps, Volume 3
Much Dance 1997
Muggs Presents... The Soul Assassins Chapter I
Murda Ya’
Murder 1
Music for the 90's (Kid Capri remix)
Musical Meltdown
Must B 21
Muzik: 1997: The Tunes
My Conscience
My Mind (skit)
My Philosophy
My Playlist
My Thing!!
Naga (skit)
Neva Left
Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations
New School Classics: Further Education in Hip Hop: 100 Joints That Define an Era
New School vs. Old School, Volume 2
No Doubt - Nasty Girl - That's The Rapper - Hard To Kill - Time To Move On (Choice Remix) - If You Really Wanna Know - Ground Up - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll - Changes - Incredible - Are You In Love? - 5 Boroughs - Like It Like That - One Man
No Gimmicks
No Industry Standard
No Requests
No Talent Required
No.1 R&B Classics, The
Nonstop (Original Live)
Nothing New
Nova Classics Eight
Now Look What You've Done, Lyrics Born! Greatest Hits
Now Look What You've Done, Lyrics Born! Greatest Hits!
O-Zone Files: Rare Demos and Unreleased Tracks, The
Ocean Within
Off Da Head Hip Hop, Volume 1
Oh Cruel Mob
Oh No
Oh Really
Old School Classics: An Education in Hip Hop
Old School Hip Hop
Old School Hip Hop Greats
Old School Hip Hop Workout
Old Skool Hip Hop
Once Again
One Intro
One of Them Days
One Shot
Open Mic Session, Part 1
Operation Take Back Hip‐Hop
Original Lyrics
Our Philosophy
Our Soldiers
Outta Here
Over 30
Pack Up (remix)
Pack Up Remix
Palm and Fist
Paris Presents Hard Truth Soldiers Vol. 1
Party Breaks
Party Jam
Pass the Mic
People Time
Perfect Beat, The
Phat 'N' Funky
Phat Jams in the Mix Vol. 2
Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Piece Maker, The
Platinum Hip‐Hop Hits
Player's Anthem
Politikment Incorrekt
Politricks (remix)
Politricks Remix (clean)
Promo Only: Urban Radio, October 1995
Promotional Copy
Puissance Rap RnB
Pump Ya Fist: Hip Hop Inspired by the Black Panthers
Pure Hip Hop 2003
Pure Hip Hop: Explicit Beats
Pure… Hip-Hop
Purp & Patron
R.I.P. 3
Racist, The
Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts!
Rap Flavas
Rap Revival
Rappaz R. N. Dainja
Rappaz R. N. Dainja (Chain Me to the Gear mix)
Rappaz R.N. Dainja
Rapper’s Delight
Rapper’s Paradise IV
Rapper’s Paradise V
Rappers Delight: Back in the Day
Razzy Kazzy
re: 1995 Beat Emotion Library
Real Hip-Hop, Part II
Real Hiphop, The
Real Terrorism
Redman Da Funk Doctor Spock
Refinitions, The
Reminisce: Hip Hop Classics
Remixes & Rarities
Represent of Real Hip Hop
Represent the Real
Represent the Real Hip Hop
Represent the Real Hip Hop (a cappella)
Represent the Real Hip Hop (instrumental)
Represent the Real Hip Hop (Street version)
Resident Presents: Black Sun Empire Recordings
Return From Mecca
Return of Hip Hop
Return of Hip Hop (Ooh, Ooh)
Return of Hip Hop (Ooh. Ooh)
Return of Hip Hop (radio version)
Return of Hiphop (DJ Membrain Remix)
Return Of The Boom Bap
Return, The
Revelation (skit)
Rhyme & Reason: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rhymin' Skills
Rise ‘n’ Shine
Rise ‘n’ Shine (instrumental)
Rise ‘n’ Shine (long version)
Rise ‘n’ Shine (short version)
Rising TO the Top
Robot (clean)
Robot (instrumental)
Robot (main)
Robot / The DJ
Rock Dis
Roll Wit Dis
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 9: Black & White Beatz
Rough & Ready, Volume II
Rough Versions Remix Series: Vol. 5 D.I.T.C., The
Round & Round
Round & Round (Rock vs. Rap mashup)
Royalty Check
Run It
Runnin Away
Running in the Dark
Same !@#$ Different Day
Same !@#$, Different Day (Clean Version)
Same Game New Rules
Saturday Nite Agenda, The
School Book Mix
Section 2: Bug Powder Dust / Pump Me Up / How High / Poison / Been Caught Stealing / I Get Wrecked
Selections From Tibetan Freedom Concert
Self Construcion
Setback, The
Sex, Drugs & Violence
Shabba Ranks and Friends
Show Power
Show Power (Park Jam mix)
Signature Sounds, Volume 1
Sleeping Bag Records Greatest Rap Hits
Sloppy Seconds, Volume 1
Smash! Das Original, Vol. 12
Smilin' Faces
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap
Sound Of Da Police
Sound Of Da Police (Freq Nasty's Breakbeat Bacon Mix)
Sound of Da Police / Mad Izm
Sound of the Funky Drummer
Soundtrack to the Streets
South Bronx
South Bronx Story, A
Speak the Truth
Spell My Name Right
Spin Psycle
Spirit of Apollo, The
Spitkicker: The Next Spit, Volume 2
Spring Sampler 1999
Stand Up
Star Is Born, Volume 1, A
Steel (soundtrack)
Steel: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Step Into a World
Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight)
Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight) (Marshall Arts remix)
Still Number 1 (Freestyle)
Still Number 1 Freestyle
Still Number One
Stop the Breaks
Stop The Violence
Stop the Violence (original Massive 12" a cappella version)
Stop the Violence (original Massive 12" extended version)
Stop the Violence (original Massive 12" instrumental version)
Stop the Violence, Part 2
Street Dance, Volume Two
Street Poetz
Street Poison (Stressed Out mix)
Street Rhymer
Street Sounds Nu Electro, Volume 3
Strictly Hip Hop
Strictly Hiphop
Struggle (skit), The
Struggle Continues (Choose Your Way), The
Style You Haven't Done Yet, The
Survival Skills
Switched On
SXSW 2015 Showcasing Artists - Part 1
Symphony 2000
T'cha & The Student
Take It
Take It to the Bronx
Take Ya Time
Targeting Zone
Targeting Zones
Taste of Tical 0, Part III, A
Teacha's Back, The
Teacha’s Back
Team Players
Temple of Hiphop Kulture: Criminal Justice: From Darkness to Light, The
Ten Years of Vision Recordings
Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha
That's It
There It Is
There It Is (remix)
There It Is (remix) (clean)
These Are the Breaks
These Are the Facts
Think of All the Things
Think U Iller Than Me
This Flow
This Is Gangsta Rap
This Is Hip Hop 2
This Is Hip Hop: 20 Phat Jams!
This Is Remixed Hits! Mashups & Rare 12" Remixes
This Is the End
This Is What It Is
This Is… Hip Hop
This or That
This Unruly Mess I’ve Made
Thje Teacha's Back
Tibetan Freedom Concert
Time 4 Change
Times Up
To nie jest hip-hop
To tha Rescue
Today's Topics
Todd Terry presents Supatrax Volume 3
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3
Top 100 R&B
Traffic Jams
Trouble Double
True School
True School (deluxe remix)
Truth, The
Ultimate Club Mix
Ultimate Hip Hop
Ultimix Medley Collection, Volume 4, The
Uncommon Classics Episode III: Full Circle
Uncommon: The Mixtape W/Mick Boogie
Underground Hip Hop for Dummies, Volume 2
Underground Skillz
Unified Field
Unknown, The
Up From da Undaground
Up From Da Underground
US Alien (Chapter One)
Very Best of Pure Hip Hop, The
Vibe I’m On…, The
Victory, The
Voll Bingo! Volume 4
Vybin' 4
Wackness, The
Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6
Wake Up Show Freestyles, Vol. 2
Wake Up Show Freestyles, Volume 5
Wake Up Show Mix Archives Volumes 1 & 2
War of Art, The
Was There, I
Washington Heights
Watch This!
Wax Assassin II: Training Day
Way I Live, The
We Dem Teachas
We Don't Need Ya
We In There
We Love This
We Made It
We Mean Business
We Need You
We Speak Hip Hop
What If
What Is Hip-Hop
What Is Hip-Hop?
What It Is / Outro
When the Moon...
Where U At
Where You At
Who Is It
Who Shot Ya?
Wholetrain (Original Soundtrack)
Why Is That?
Word 2
World's Greatest Eminem Tribute, The
Ya Know The Rules
You Better Believe It!
You da Real (interlude)
You Gotta Stay Hungry
You Must Learn (Live From Caucus Mountain Remix)
Your Mom's Favorite Mixtape, Volume One