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Bruce Duncan Phillips
Bruce Phillips
Bruce Utah Phillips
Phillips, Bruce
Phillips, Bruce Duncan
Phillips, Bruce Utah
Phillips, U. Utah
Phillips, Utah
U Utah Phillips
Utah Phillips
Utah Phillips (American labor organizer, folk singer, storyteller and poet)
Utah Phillips (Amerikaans muzikant (1935-2008))
Utah Phillips (chanteur de country music)
Utah Phillips (US-amerikanischer Folksänger und Dichter)
Utah Phillips (usona kantisto kaj poeto)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Cooking vinyl
DiFranco, Ani (1970-...)
Levy, Mark (19..-.... chanteur)
Penn, Larry
Phillips, Utah
Righteous babe records
Sorrels, Rosalie (1933-)
Velásquez, Baldemar (1947-)
Aces, Straights, & Flushes
Ain’t It Fine
All used up, a scrap book
All We Want Is to Create Voluntary Combinations
Anarchy (6 min 27 s)
Ant Language
Anybody Who Don't Need a Cop to Tell Him What to Do
Armed Only With Our Sense of Degradation
Ashes on the Sea
Bed Bug Song, The
Blackies's Fridge
Boss, The
Bread and Roses
Bridges (8 min)
Bum on the Road
Bum on the rod (4 min 17 s)
Calling Trains
Candidacy (1 min 45 s)
Cannonball Blues
Capitan, El
Casey Jones - The Union Scab
Charge on Mother Jones, The
Classic labor songs from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.
Clearing in the Forest, A
Collie Wilkins
Daddy, What’s a Train?
Disc 3 Intro
Dog Canyon
Don’t Go Home
Don't mourn-organize !
Dump the Bosses Off Your Back
Eddie’s Song
Eddy's Song
Egg Sittin' Horse
Enola Gay
Enormously wealthy (43 s)
Faded Roses of December, The
Fellow workers
Five Penny Blues
Fly Away
Frisco Road
From the Bottom Up
From the Top Down
Funeral Train
General, Your Tank
Going Away
Golden Mansions
Good though!
Goodnight-Loving Trail, The
Got to Know Why, I
Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia (1974), The
Half a ghost town (4 min 21 s)
Hallelujah I'm a Bum/How I Became a Buddhist
Hard Times
He Comes Like Rain
Heroes (1 min 08 s)
Holding on (6 min 12 s)
Hood River, Roll On
How to Live in Peace
Huddled Chickens
Hymn Song
I've Got a Home Out in Utah
I’ve Got to Know
If I could be the rain [Phonodisc] 1967.
Introduction to "Korea"
Jesse's Corrido
Job Action
Joe Hill’s Last Will
John Baptiste
John D. Lee
Johnny Thurman
Judas Ram
Keep Your Hands in Your Pockets
Kid’s Liberation
Killing Ground
Korea (8 min 31 s)
Larimer Street
Legends of folk
LG 1-01 Introduction.Mp3
LG 1-02 the West.Mp3
LG 1-03 Busking.Mp3
LG 1-04 Holidays.Mp3
LG 1-05 Whimsical Stew.Mp3
LG 1-06 Tramping.Mp3
LG 1-07 Politics.Mp3
LG 1-08 Titanic.Mp3
LG 1-09 Radio.Mp3
LG 1-10 Hard Times.Mp3
LG 1-11 Radicalism.Mp3
LG 1-12 Musical Stew.Mp3
LG 1-13 Black History.Mp3
LG 1-14 Cowboys.Mp3
LG 1-15 More Stew.Mp3
LG 1-16 Labor Songs.Mp3
LG 1-17 New Strike Music.Mp3
LG 1-18 Baseball.Mp3
LG 1-19 Utah.Mp3
LG 1-20 War & Peace.Mp3
LG 1-21 Mark Ross.Mp3
LG 1-22 Spoken Word.Mp3
LG 1-23more Tramping.Mp3
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels.Mp3
Lg 1-25 Jungle Stew.Mp3
LG 1-26 a Magical Welcome Back.Mp3
LG 1-27 Kids.Mp3
LG 1-28 World War II.Mp3
LG 1-29 Animals.Mp3
LG 1-30 Tramp Songs.Mp3
LG 1-31 Labor's Untold Story.Mp3
LG 1-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish.Mp3
LG 2 - 33 Satire.Mp3
LG 2 - 34 the Progressive Movement Part 1.Mp3
LG 2 - 35 the Progressive Movement Part 2.Mp3
LG 2 - 36 the Progressive Movement Part 4.Mp3
LG 2 - 37 More Tramp Songs.Mp3
LG 2 - 38 Labor Songs.Mp3
LG 2 - 39 Peace.Mp3
LG 2 - 40 Off the Cuff.Mp3
LG 2 - 41 Utah Arcana.Mp3
LG 2 - 42 Spoken Word.Mp3
LG 2 - 43 Live Concert.Mp3
LG 2 - 44 Bodie Wagner.Mp3
LG 2 - 45 More Spoken Word.Mp3
LG 2 - 46 Tragicomedy.Mp3
LG 2 - 47 Meet Me at the Fair.Mp3
LG 2 - 48 Radicals.Mp3
LG 2 - 49 Labor Day.Mp3
LG 2 - 50 Christian Music.Mp3
LG 2 - 51 My West.Mp3
LG 2 - 52 Labor Day.Mp3
LG 2 - 53 the Elegant.Mp3
LG 2 - 54 the Event.Mp3
LG 2 - 55 Down Under.Mp3
LG 2 - 56 Dealers Choice.Mp3
LG 2 - 57 Labor Gazzette.Mp3
LG 2 - 58 Another Dealer's Choice.Mp3
LG 2 - 59 California.Mp3
LG 3 - 100 Pick of the Litter.Mp3
LG 3 - 60 Poetry.Mp3
LG 3 - 61 Mulligan Stew.Mp3
LG 3 - 62 New and Old Friends.Mp3
LG 3 - 63 Folk Songs.Mp3
LG 3 - 64 Me Being Weird 1.Mp3
LG 3 - 65 Sad Old Songs 1.Mp3
LG 3 - 66 Maine.Mp3
LG 3 - 67 the Wild Dogs of Kitwanga.Mp3
LG 3 - 68 the Fading Old West 1.Mp3
LG 3 - 69 Nevada County Fair.Mp3
LG 3 - 70 Annual Labor Day Show.Mp3
LG 3 - 71 Now I Really Like This One.Mp3
LG 3 - 72 Good Company.Mp3
LG 3 - 73 Tell Me a Story.Mp3
LG 3 - 74 United Front.Mp3
LG 3 - 75 the Streets Take In.Mp3
LG 3 - 76 Broken Toe.Mp3
LG 3 - 77 Paul Durst.Mp3
LG 3 - 78 What Is It.Mp3
LG 3 - 79 Rose Tattoo.Mp3
LG 3 - 80 Palm Trees and Polotics.Mp3
LG 3 - 81 Women in My Life.Mp3
LG 3 - 82 No American.Mp3
LG 3 - 83 Thunder.Mp3
LG 3 - 84 Anybodys.Mp3
LG 3 - 85 Andrew.Mp3
LG 3 - 86 Tickle.Mp3
LG 3 - 87 White Pine.Mp3
LG 3 - 88 Pete Seeger.Mp3
LG 3 - 89 Talking NPR.Mp3
LG 3 - 90 Carl Sandberg.Mp3
LG 3 - 91 Earth First.Mp3
LG 3 - 92 Railroad Rag.Mp3
LG 3 - 93 Peace Rant.Mp3
LG 3 - 94 Songsheard.Mp3
LG 3 - 95 Dignity Village
LG 3 - 96 U U P and Rosalie
LG 3 - 97 Future of Peace.Mp3
LG 3 - 98 Philo.Mp3
LG 3 - 99 Utahs Songbook.Mp3
Loafer's Glory: The Hobo Jungle of the Mind
Lonely Street
long memory [SR] p1996:, The
Look for Me in Butte
Lord, Ain’t It Sad?
Love My Flag, I
Lumberjack's Prayer, The
Making Speech Free
May Day at the Pabst
Mess with people (6 min 43 s)
Miner's Lullaby, The
Moose Turd Pie
Moscow Hold, The
Most Dangerous Woman in America, The
Mountain Valley Home
Mr. Block
Natural Resources
Natural ressources (2 min 30 s)
Nevada city, California (6 min 41 s)
Nevada Jane
Nickel Plate Road No. 759
No More Reds in the Union
No One Knows Me
Nobody Knows Me
Old Buddy, Goodnight
old guy poems, The
Oliver and the Fork
Oliver's Outhouse
One More Mile Down the Road
Origin of the Hiring Hall and Free Speech Fights, The
Orphan Train
past didn't go anywhere
Phoebe Snow
Pig Hollow
Popular Wobbly, The
Preacher and the Slave, The
Preamble to the IWW Constitution
Pretty Boy Floyd
Queen of the Rails
Ragged Old Man, A
Railroading on the Great Divide/Moose Call
Railroading on the Greate Divide
Rebel voices songs of the Industrial Workers of the World
Remember Loving You, I
Revolt in the Desert
Rice and Beans
Rich Will Not Permit You to Vote Away Their Wealth, The
Riding the Peace Train
Rock Me to Sleep
Rock, Salt and Nails
Room for the Poor
Sally Ann
Schofield Mine Disaster
Scott's Creek Bluf
Scott's Creek Bluff
Scribner on the Draft
See Here, She Said
Shadow Maker
Shark Fishing
She Favored Bankrobbers
She’ll Never Be Mine
Sheep and Goats
Shoot or Stab Them
Silly songs Modern lullabies.
Sing in the Spring
Sitting by the Old Corral
Soldier’s Return, The
Solidarity Forever
Songbook Introduction
songs of Bruce "Utah" Phillips
Stand to Your Glasses Steady
Star of Bannock, The
Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook
Stephen Brady’s Last Ride
Strangers in another country
Strike Is a Massive Act of Free Speech, A
Stupid’s Pledge
Stupid's Song (I Have Led a Good Life)
Sweet Briar, The
Talking N.P.R. Blues
Telling Takes Me Home, The
There Is Power in a Union
There's Power in the Union
There Shall Come Soft Rains
Think of You, I
This Here River
This Land Is Not Our Land
Timberbeast's Lament, The
Touch Me
Trains, tramps, & traditions
Travel All My Lonesome Blues Away
Trooper’s Lament
Truman Cactus
Twist and a Pound
Two Bums, The
Union Burying Ground
Unless You Are Free
Utah on 'A Clearing in the Forest'
Utah on 'A Ragged Old Man'
Utah on 'Aces, Straights, & Flushes'
Utah on 'Ain't It Fine'
Utah on “All Used Up”
Utah on 'Ashes on the Sea'
Utah on 'Collie Wilkins'
Utah on “Daddy, What’s a Train?”
Utah on “Dancers”
Utah on “Dog Canyon”
Utah on “Eddie’s Song”
Utah on 'Enola Gay'
Utah on “Fly Away”
Utah on “Frisco Road”
Utah on “Funeral Train”
Utah on 'Going Away'
Utah on 'Golden Mansions'
Utah on “Goodnight Loving Trail”
Utah on “Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia”
Utah on “He Comes Like Rain”
Utah on “Hood River, Roll On”
Utah on 'Hymn Song'
Utah on 'I Think of You'
Utah on 'I Will Not Obey'
Utah on “If I Could Be the Rain”
Utah on 'Jesse's Corrido'
Utah on “John D. Lee”
Utah on 'Judas Ram'
Utah on “Kid’s Liberation”
Utah on 'Killing Ground'
Utah on 'Larimer Street'
Utah on “Look for Me in Butte”
Utah on “Nevada Jane”
Utah on 'Old Buddy, Goodnight'
Utah on 'Orphan Train'
Utah on “Phoebe Snow”
Utah on 'Pig Hollow'
Utah on “Queen of the Rails”
Utah on 'Rice & Beans'
Utah on 'Rock Salt & Nails'
Utah on 'Room for the Poor'
Utah on 'Scott's Creek Bluff'
Utah on “Shadow Maker”
Utah on “She’ll Never Be Mine”
Utah on “Sing in the Spring”
Utah on “Starlight on the Rails”
Utah on “Stupid’s Song”
Utah on “Talking N.P.R. Blues”
Utah on 'The Faded Roses of December'
Utah on 'The Miner's Lullaby'
Utah on “The Soldier’s Return”
Utah on “The Telling Takes Me Home”
Utah on “Touch Me”
Utah on 'Trooper's Lament'
Utah on 'Twist and a Pound'
Utah on “Wabash Cannonball / Tolono”
Utah on 'Walking Through Your Town in the Snow'
Utah on “Weepy Doesn’t Know”
Utah on 'Wolverine 14 Talking Blues'
Utah on 'Yellow Ribbon'
Utah on “Yuba City”
Victory Stuff
Violence Within, The
Wabash Cannonball / Tolono
Walking Through Your Town in the Snow
Was It You?
We have fed you all a thousand years
Weepy Doesn’t Know
What Is a Pacifist?
Where the Fraser River Flows
Where Will You Go?
Wife of Flanders
Will Not Obey, I
Will Rogers
Wolverine 14 Talking Blues
Wright Patterson Bombers
Yellow Legs & Pugs
Yellow Ribbon
You Cannot Even Passively Participate
You’re a Drug
Yuba City
Yuri Gargarin
Contributed to or performed: 
All Used Up
Am a Union Woman, I
Aragon Mill
Aunt Molly Jackson Defines Folk Songs Once and for All
Bessie / Look for Me in Butte
Blackie & the Duck
Bread and Roses
Budgie Love
Bum on the Rod
Bury Me in My Overalls
Carolina Cotton Mill
Charge on Mother Jones, The
Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 41: January 1997
Colores, De
Cooking Vinyl Sampler, Volume 6: 1997
Country Music / Aces, Straights and Flushes
Creating Seeds of Change / Creando Semillas de Cambio
Dawdlin' Bill
Delicatessen One: 18 Delicious Creations From the Cooking Vinyl Kitchen
Direct Action
Don't Mourn - Organize!: Songs of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill
Don’t Mourn—Organize!: Songs of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill
Donna Devine
Dr. Demento 25th Anniversary Collection
Dump the Bosses
Dump the Bosses Off Your Back
End of Train Device
Enormously Wealthy
Fellow Workers
Gaffing / The Last Ride
Ghost Story
Gordan Vales / Shadowmaker
Half a Ghost Town
Happy Birthday Randy: Songs to Drive You All Night Long
Harry Orchard
Hell Bound Train
Heroes / Jesse James' Farewell Blue's
Holding On
Hood River Blackie / Hood River Roll On
Hood River Roll On
Internationale, The
Intro: Big Bill Haywood and His Family
Intro: Industrial Dark Age
Intro: North Idaho Miner's War and the Western Federation of Miners
Intro: The Life of Mary Harris 'Mother Jones'
Jay Gould's Daughter
Joe Hill
Joe Hill (instrumental)
Kettle Valley Line, The
Live at Caffè Lena: Music From America's Legendary Coffeehouse (1967-2013)
Loafer's Glory
Loafer's Glory / Nothin' to Do but Go
Long Memory, The
Mess With People
Moffit Tunnel / Walking Through Your Town
Most Dangerous Woman, The
Mr. Block
Musicians to Oust Bush
Natural Resources
Nevada City, California
Nevada Jane
No More Reds in the Union
Past Didn't Go Anywhere, The
Pie in the Sky
Power in the Union
Rebel Voices
Red House 25
Saw-Playing Musician, The
Sheep & the Goats, The
Shoot or Stab Them
Silence That Is Me, The
Singer Songwriter Collection, The
Slow Motion Shorty
Soapbox Oration
Spare Change Artists
Steel Rails: Classic Railroad Songs, Volume 1
Story / All Used Up
Stupid's Pledge
Stupid's Song
Syracuse / Fly Away
This Train
Time to Go
Trains, Tramps & Traditions Live
Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf
Two Bums
Unless You Are Free
Way Out There
Whistle in the Night / Loafers Glory / Disenchantment, The
Why Come?
Will Not Obey, I
Wobbly Doxology