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De Grenville, George (Mons)
De Grenville, Jorge (Mons)
Džordžs Grenvils
George Grenvil
George Grenville (britischer Politiker und Staatsmann)
George Grenville (britisk politikar)
George Grenville (britisk politiker)
George Grenville (Brits politicus)
George Grenville (brittisk politiker)
George Grenville (politicien britannique)
George Grenville (politico inglese)
George Grenville (Prime Minister of Great Britain)
Georgius Grenville
Grenville, George
Grenville, George (Mons. de)
Grenville, Jorge
Grenville, Jorge (Mons. de)
Grenville (Mons. de)
Τζορτζ Γκρένβιλ (Βρετανός Ουίγος Πρωθυπουργός της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας)
Георге Гренвил
Гренвиль, Джордж
Джордж Гренвіль
Джордж Грэнвіль
ג'ורג' גרנוויל
جورج غرنفيل
जार्ज ग्रेनविल
जॉर्ज ग्रेनव्हिल
जोर्ज ग्रिनभिली
จอร์จ เกรนวิลล์
조지 그렌빌
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Force, Peter (1790-1868)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1763-1765 : Grenville) (see also from)
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Knox, William (1732-1810)
Lloyd, Charles (1735-1773)
Marcoleta, Domingo de
Mauduit, Israel (1708-1787)
Mein, John
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Temple, Richard Grenville-Temple (1711-1779; Earl))
Whately, Thomas (m. 1772)
Additional Grenville papers, 1763-1765
Books and manuscripts relating to America, arranged in chronological order, including the library of George Grenville (1712-1770) the promoter of the famous Stamp act and thereby one of the main agents in the genesis of the United States
budget inscribed to the man, who thinks himself minister, The
Calculations of the numbers most likely to attain the capital prizes in the ensuing lottery deduced from mathematical demonstration, philosophical observations on the laws of chance, astrological enquiry, the regular inversion of the wheels : with a retrospect to all former lotteries : from a ms. of that great financier ̱̱̱̱̱Grenville, Esq., deceased.
candid refutation of the charges brought against the present ministers, A : in a late pamphlet, entituled The principles of the late changes impartially examined, in a letter to the supposed author.
conduct of the late administration examined, The : with an appendix containing original and authentic documents ...
Considerations on the trade and finances of this kingdom, and on the measures of administration, with respect to those great national objects since the conclusion of the peace
Considerations upon the trade with India, and the policy of continuing the company's monopoly
controversy between Great Britain and her colonies reviewed the several pleas of the colonies, in support of their right to all the liberties and privileges of British subjects, and to exemption from the legislative authority of Parliament, stated and considered, The ; and the nature of their connection with, and dependence on, Great Britain, shewn, upon the evidence of historical facts and authentic records.
letter to the Right Hon. George Grenville., A
Mémoire sur l'administration des finances, de l'Angleterre, depuis la paix ouvrage attribué à M. Grenville, ministre d'Etat, chargé de ce département dans les années 1763, 1764 & 1765 ; traduit de l'anglois ; et augmenté de notes, de sommaires & d'une table des sommaires, ainsi qui d'une introduction qui contient une idée du revenu & des dettes de l'Angleterre, & une analyse du Mémoire, et qui est suivie de l'état de la dette nationale au 5 janvier 1767.
Pintura de la Inglaterra...
present state of the nation particularly with respect to its trade, finances, &c. &c., addressed to the King and both Houses of Parliament., The
Proceedings. 1769-02-03
Regulations lately made concerning the colonies, and the taxes imposed upon them, considered. --, The
speech in behalf of the constitution, against the suspending and dispensing prerogative, &c., A
speech of a Right Honourable gentleman, on the motion for expelling Mr. Wilkes, Friday, February 3, 1769., The
Stato presente della nazione inglese sopratutto concernente il suo commercio e le sue finanze diretto al re ed alle due camere del Parlamento
Tableau de l'Angleterre, relativement à son commerce et à ses finances, présenté au Roi & aux deux chambres du Parlement. Par M. de Grenville.