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Ernest George Ravenstein
Ernst Georg Ravenstein (Duits cartograaf (1834-1913))
Ernst Georg Ravenstein (English autobiographer of German descent)
Ernst Ravenstein (deutscher Kartograf und Demograph)
Ravenstein (E. G.)
Ravenstein (Ernest George)
Ravenstein, Ernst Georg
Ravenstein, Ernst George
Ернст Равенщайн
Равенштейн, Эрнст-Георг
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Battell, Andrew (fl. 1589-)
Bibliographisches Institut (Lipsk)
Gama, Vasco da (1469-1524)
George Philip and Son Londres
Greenlee, William Brooks
Hughes, William (1817-1876)
Jaeger Frankfurt
Johnston, Alexander Keith
Krapf, J. L. (1810-1881) (Johann Ludwig))
Krapf, J.L. (1810-1881)
Krapf, Johann Ludwig (1810-1881)
Purchas, Samuel (1575?-1626))
Sá, João de
Velho, Álvaro (sec. XV-XVI)
White, Arthur Silva (1859-1932)
Afrique (Centre-Est)
Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers. Official guide. To which is appended a tourist guide specially prepared, with maps and plans, ..., The
Cyprus : its resources and capabilities with hints for tourists
Darsman's and angler's map of the rever Thames, compiled and drawn by E. G. Ravenstein...
development of Africa, The
E. G. Ravenstein : a life's work : a catalogue of maps, books, and papers drawn, compiled, or written, 1853 - 1908
earth and its inhabitants, The : the universal geography
Egypt below Beni-Suef
Eisenbahn und Schiffahrts-Karte der Kaiserreiche von Russland und der Turkei
Eisenbahnkarte der Vereinigten-Staaten von Nord-Amerika und von Britisch Canada
Englischer Sprachführer, Konversations-Wörterbuch, von E. G. Ravenstein, Neunter Abdruck
Englischer Sprachführer : Taschenwörterbuch für Reise und Haus
Ethnographische Übersicht von Afrika mit Berücksichtigung v[on] Kultur u[nd] Eingebornen-Staaten nach Cust, Ravenstein u[nd] Ratzel
Gymnasium and its fittings being an illlustrated description of gymnastic apparatus, covered and open-air gymnasia, illustrated with 38 woodcuts and 143 figures on 14 plates, The
handbook of gymnastics and athletics, A
journal of the first voyage of Vasco da Gama, 1497-1499, A
Lake region of central Africa : a contribution to the history of African cartography, by E. G. Ravenstein
laws of migration, The
London, England, Schottland und Irland
Map of eastern equatorial Africa, A
Map of part of Central Abyssinia based upon the surveys and explorations of Ch.T. Beke, J.G.Bell, Blondeel van Cuelebroeck, J.Bruce, Combes & Tamisier, A. d'Abbadie, Sir W.C. Harris, T. von Heuglin, Lieut. Kirk, L.Krapf, T. Lefebvre, Lejean, Rochet d'Héricourt, E. Rüppel and E.Steudner. Scale 10 Statute miles to one inch [1 : 62 500 ]
Map of the country between Nyassa and Tanganyika
Map of the Siberian Polar Sea
Martim de Bohemia (Martin Behaim)
Martin Behaim, his life [1459-1507] and his globe
Neueste Karte von Afrika in 3 Blättern mit Benutzung aller vorhanden Quellen
Paraguay : the land and the people, natural wealth and commercial capabilities
Philip's symetrical atlas ... 1894:
Philips' gazetteer of India
Philips' handy-volume atlas of the world : containing seventy-four new and specially engraved plates with statistical notes & complete index.
Physical, historical, political and descriptive geography, by Keith Johnston,... 2d edition, revised [by Ravenstein]
railway and navigation map of the empires of Russia and Turkey, A
Regionale Mobilität : elf Aufsätze
Roteiro da viagem de Vasco da Gama.
Route map of Abyssinia. Scale 10 miles to one inch, 50 miles [=Om. 063 : 1 277 000 environ]
Russians on the Amur ; its discovery, conquest, and colonisation, with a description of the country, its inhabitants, productions, and commercial capabilities ; and personal accounts of Russian travellers. By E. G. Ravenstein,...
Salz. Kammergut
Siege of Sebastopol October 1854, drawn. ..
Six Maps of Smith Sound route... from Bylot and Baffin to Hall, 1616-1873
Skeleton map of the countries betwen Kashmir and Panjkorah, including Chilas, Kandia and other districts of Dardistan, compiled... by E. G. Ravenstein...
Sketch map of part of the Kingdom of the Marutse, illustrating papers
Stanley in Africa 1867 to 1889
statistic view of the population, the religions & languages of Europe, Transcaucasia and Turkey in Asia in 1855., A
strange adventures of Andrew Battell of Leigh, in Angola and the adjoining regions, The
training college atlas., The
Translations and commentary on Martin Behaim's "Erdapfel"
Travels, researches, and missionary labours during an eighteen years' residence in Eastern Africa : together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessinia and Khartum, and a coasting voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado
Voyages of Diogo Cão and Bartholomeu Dias
World's great explorers and explorations...