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Dawson, J. W.
Dawson, J. W. (Sir)
Dawson, J. William
Dawson, J. William (Sir)
Dawson, John W.
Dawson, John William
Dawson, John William (Sir)
Dawson, William
Dawson, William (Sir)
John William Dawson
John William Dawson (Canadees botanicus (1820-1899))
John William Dawson (Canadian geologist, principal of McGill University)
John William Dawson (kanadischer Geologe und Paläontologe)
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Language material
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British Association for the Advancement of Science
Cornell, John F.
Harrington, Bernard J. (1848-1907)
Harrington, Bernard James (1848-1907)
Hinde, G. J.
Hinde, George Jennings (1839-1918)
McGill University
Pagnuelo, S. (1840-1915)
Pagnuelo, Siméon (1840-1915)
Pictou County Temperance League
Prince Edward Island
Shea, William R. (1937-)
Shea, William R. (1938?-....))
Shea, William Rene (1937-)
Société royale du Canada
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Acadian Geology. -
Air-breathers of the coal period a descriptive account of the remains of land animals found in the coal formation of Nova Scotia, with remarks on their bearing on theories of the formation of coal and of the origin of species
Alpine and arctic plants a lecture delivered before the Young Men's Christian Association of Montreal, February, 1862
Archaia, or, Studies of the cosmogony and natural history of the Hebrew Scriptures
Canadian ice age, The : being notes on the pleistocene geology of Canada, with especial reference to the life of the period and its climatal conditions
Contributions toward the improvement of Agriculture in Nova-Scotia, with practical hints on the management of Live Stock
dawn of life, 1875:, The
Duties of educated young men in British America, The : being the annual university lecture of McGill University, Montreal, session of 1863-4
Egypt and Syria : their physical features in relation to Bible history
Fifty years of work in Canada, scientific and educational;
First lessons in scientific agriculture, for schools and private instruction
Fossil men and their modern representatives. An attempt to illustrate the characters and condition of prehistoric men in Europe, by those of American races.
geological history of plants, The
Geological map of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and part of New Brunswick
Hand book of the geography and natural history of the province of Nova Scotia, for the use of schools, families, and travellers, A
Handbook of zoology : with examples from Canadian species, recent and fossil
historical deluge in its relation to scientific discovery and to present questions, The
Life of Sir William E. Logan, kt., LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., &c., first director of the geological survey of Canada. Chiefly compiled from his letters, journals, and reports.
Life's dawn on earth : being the history of the oldest known fossil remains, and their relation to geological time and to the development of the animal kingdom.
Modern ideas of evolution as related to revelation and science
Modern science in Bible lands
Nature and the Bible. A course of lectures delivered in New York, in December, 1874, on the Morse foundation of the Union theological seminary.
New species of fossil sponges from Little Métis, province of Quebec, Canada ...
Note on Balanus hameri in the Pleistocene at Rivière Beaudette, and on the occurrence of peculiar varieties of Mya arenaria and M. truncata in the modern sea and in the Pleistocene
Notes on prehistoric man in Egypt and the Lebanon
On fossil plants collected by Mr. R.A. [i.e. R.G.] McConnell, on Mackenzie River, and by Mr. T.C. Weston, on Bow River
On new species of Cretaceous plants from Vancouver Island
On some points in the history & prospects of protestant education in Lower Canada : a lecture delivered by principal Dawson before the Association of Teachers in connection with the McGill Normal School, Dec., 1864. --
On the correlation of early Cretaceous floras in Canada and the United States, and on some new plants of this period
On the course of collegiate education adapted to the circumstances of British America the inaugural discourse of the principal of McGill College, Montreal. --
On the flora of the Devonian period in north-eastern America
On the genus Lepidophloios as illustrated by specimens from the coal formation of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
On the graphite of the Laurentian of Canada
On the history of Eozoön Canadense
On the microscopic structure of Stromatoporidae and on paleozoic fossils mineralized with silicates in illustration of Eozoon
On the upper coal-formation of eastern Nova Scotia and Prince-Edward Island in its relation to the Permian
Origin and history of life on our planet an address by vice-president J.W. Dawson, before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at Detroit, Michigan, April, 1875.
origin of the world, according to revelation and science, The
Peter Redpath, governor and benefactor of McGill University and founder of the Museum, library and chair of mathematics which bear his name with historical notice of the Peter Redpath Museum
Pictou Coal and Iron Co., Nova Scotia, Dominion of Canada reports by Dr. W.J. Dawson, F.R.S., G.M. Dawson, associate of the School of Mines, London, Walter Shanly, Esq., Kennett Blackwell, Esq. and Edwin Gilpin, Esq., M.A., F.G.S. mining engineer, together with estimates and tables of analysis., The
Points of contact between science and revelation
quelques sépultures d'anciens indigènes de l'Amérique découvertes à Montréal, De
Recollections of Sir Charles Lyell being the Annual Presidential address of the Natural History Society of Montreal, for 1875
relation of McGill University to legal education letter, The
Relics of primeval life : beginning of life in the dawn of geological time
Remarks on Mr. Carruther's views of prototaxites
Remarks on recent papers on the geology of Nova Scotia from a paper communicated to the Nova Scotian Institute of Natural Science
Report of J.W. Dawson, LL.D, F.R.S., F.G.S., Principal of McGill University, Montreal, on the deposits of apatite on certain lots in the township of North Burgess, Ontario
Report on the fossil plants of the lower Carboniferous and millstone grit formations of Canada.
Report on the geological structure and mineral resources of Prince Edward island. Being the result of explorations conducted under the authority of the local government.
Review of the evidence for the animal nature of Eozöon Canadense
Revision of the land snails of the Paleozoic era, with descriptions of new species
rights and duties of science, The
Science education abroad a lecture
Science, the ally of religion
Some salient points in the science of the earth
Specimens of eozoon Canadense and their geological and other relations
story of the earth and man., The
Synopsis of the air-breathing animals of the Palæozoic in Canada up to 1894
Synopsis of the flora of the carboniferous period in Nova Scotia
testimony of the Holy Scriptures respecting wine and strong drink being the substance of a course of lectures delivered before the Pictou T.A. Society, The
Thoughts on the higher education of women the introductory lecture to the first session of the classes of the Ladies' Education Association of Montreal, Oct., 1871
Université McGill et les Canadiens-Français au sujet de la loi du barreau et de la profession médicale, L' : réponse à Sir William Dawson
Universities and the bar : criticism of the Annual report of McGill, from a French-Canadian standpoint
universities and the professions letters, The