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Cope, E. D.
Cope, Edward D.
Cope, Edward Drinker
Drinker Cope, Edward
Eduardus Drinker Cope
Edward Drinker Cope (American paleontologist and biologist)
Edward Drinker Cope (Amerikaans geoloog (1840-1897))
Edward Drinker Cope (biolog amerykański, ewolucjonista)
Edward Drinker Cope (paleontologo e anatomista statunitense)
Edward Drinker Cope (paléontologue et biologiste américain)
Edward Drinker Cope (US-amerikanischer Paläontologe und Zoologe)
Έντουαρντ Ντρίνκερ Κόουπ
Едвард Коп
Коп, Эдвард
אדוארד דרינקר קופ (פלאונטולוג וביולוג אמריקאי)
إدوارد درينكر كوب
ادوارد درینکر کوپه
에드워드 드링커 코프
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Baily, William L. (1828-1861)
Baily, William Lloyd (1828-1861)
Geological Survey (U.S.)
Gray, Ormando Willis
Matthew, William Diller (1871-1930))
McKinney, Kevin C.
Mercer, Henry C. (1856-1930)
Mercer, Henry Chapman (1856-1930))
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
Selwyn, Alfred R. C.
United States Geological Survey of the territories
United States. National museum. [from old catalog]
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Batrachia of North America. -, The
Catalogue of vertebrata of the Permian formation of the United States [microform].
Cetacea, The
classification of the Ophidia., The
Condylarthra, The
Contributions to Canadian Palaeontology. I-The Species from the Oligocene or Lower Miocene beds of the Cypress Hills
Contributions to the herpetology of New Granada and Argentina
Cope, master naturalist : [the life and letters of Edward Drinker Cope, with a bibliography of his writings classified by subject]
Crocodilians, lizards and snakes of North America, by Edward Drinker Cope,...
Dizionario biografico universale
evidence for evolution in the history of the extinct Mammalia., The
Exploration of an Indian ossuary on the Choptank river, Dorchester county, Maryland, by Henry C. Mercer,... Physical characters of the skeletons... by Edward D. Cope. Traces of disease in the human remains... by R. H. Harte,...
extinct Sirenia, The
Hitherto unpublished plates of Tertiary Mammalia and Permian Vertebrata
homologies of the fins of fishes, The
Map of the United States showing the principal Zoological divisions.
Mechanical causes of the development of the hard parts of the mammalia, The
Obituary notice of Professor John A. Ryder
On Bathmodon : an extinct genus of ungulates
On inheritance in evolution
On lemurine reversion in human dentition
On some new Batrachia and Reptilia form the Permian beds of Texas;
On the brain of Procamelus occidentalis.
On the characters of the skull in the Hadrosauridæ.
On the contents of a bone cave in the island of Anguilla (West Indies).
On the extinct cats of America.
On the extinct Vertebrata of the Eocene of Wyoming observed by the Expedition of 1872, with notes on the geology
On the Fishes of the Recent and Pliocene Lakes of the Western Park of the Great Basin and of the Idaho Pliocene Lake
On the geologic age of the vertebrate faunae of the Eocene of New Mexico.
On the homologies and origin of the types of molar teeth of Mammalia educabilia.
On the hypothesis of evolution: physical and metaphysical.
On the method of creation of organic types (Read before the American Association for the advancement of science, August 27th, 1871)
On the Plagopterinæ and the ichthyology of Utah
On the remains of population observed on and near the Eocene plateau of northwestern New Mexico.
On the structure of the brain and auditory apparatus of a thermomorphons reptile of the permain epoch
On the Structure of the Skull in the Plesiosaurian Reptilia and on two New Species from the Upper Cretaceous
On the Vertebrata of the bone bed in eastern Illinois.
On the zoological position of Texas.
On two new forms of polydont and gonorhynchid fishes from the Eocene of the Rocky Mountains
On vertebrata from the tertiary and cretaceous rocks of the North West Territory, 1891:
origin of the fittest; essays on evolution, The
origin of the fittest, The : essays on evolution
Our own birds; a familiar natural history of the birds of the United States.
Partial synopsis of the fresh water fishes of North Carolina.
Perissodactyla, The
preliminary Report on the vertebrate Paleontology of the Llano Estacado, A
primary factors of organic evolution, The
relation of the sexes to government, The
Report on the geology of the region of the Judith River, Montana, and on*. -
Report upon the collections of fishes made in portions of Nevada, Utah, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, during the years 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874.
Report upon the extinct vertebrata obtained in New Mexico by parties of the expedition of 1874 a digital archive
Researches upon the antiquity of man in the Delaware valley and the eastern United States
Review of the modern Doctrine of evolution, A
structure of the columella auris in the Pelycosauria ..., The
Sur les relations des niveaux des vertébrés éteints dans l'Amérique du Nord et en Europe, par M. Edward Cope,...
Syllabus of lectures on the vertebrata. -
Synopsis of new Vertebrata from the Tertiary of Colorado, obtained during the summer of 1873.
Synopsis of the Batrachia and Reptilia abtained by H.H. Smith, in the Province of Mato Grosso, Brazil
Synopsis of the vertebrate fauna of the Puerco series
Vertebrata of the tertiary formations of the West, book I, by Edward D. Cope,...
Vertebrate remains from Port Kennedy bone deposit.
XXXIII.-On a carnivorous Dinosaurian from the Dakota beds of Colorado...