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Cambell, Joseph
Campbell, J.
Campbell (J.; 1904-1987)
Campbell, Joseph,
Campbell, Joseph John
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell (American mythologist, writer and lecturer)
Joseph Campbell (Amerikaans schrijver)
Joseph Campbell (saggista e storico delle religioni statunitense)
Joseph Campbell (US-amerikanischer Mythenforscher, Professor und Autor)
Joseph John Campbell
Τζόζεφ Κάμπελ (Αμερικανός συγγραφέας)
Джоузеф Камбъл
Кэмпбелл, Д
Кэмпбелл (Д; 1904-1987)
Кэмпбелл, Джозеф
Џозеф Кемпбел
ჯოზეფ კემპბელი
Ժոզեֆ Քեմպբել
ג'וזף קמפבל
קמפבל, ג'וזף
جوزف کمبل
جوزيف كامبل،
كامبل، جوزيف،
キャンベル, ジョゼフ
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Antonínová, Hana (1959-)
Bachofen, Johann Jakob (co-author)
Columbia University
Cousineau, Phil (co-author)
Crès, Henri (co-author)
Cvetković Sever, Vladimir
Eliade, Mircea (1907-1986)
Epstein, Edmund Lloyd (co-author)
Froebe-Kapteyn, Olga (co-author)
Kudler, David (co-author)
Levet, Muriel (co-author)
Manheim, Ralph
Möhring, Hans-Ulrich (1953-)
Moyers, Bill
Moyers, Bill D. (1934-...)
Moyers, Bill D. (co-author)
Perron, Marie (co-author)
Robinson, Henry Morton (1898-1961)
Społeczny Instytut Wydawniczy Znak
Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862)
Van Couvering, Antony (co-author)
Walter, Robert (co-author)
Zimmer, Heinrich (1890-1943)
Zimmer, Heinrich R. (1890-1943)
Zimmer, Heinrich Robert (1890-1943)
Zimmer, Heinrich Robert (co-author)
مويرز، بيل، (1934-)
山室, 静 (1906-2000)
5 quotes on a heartbeat!
Adventure of the Hero, Part 1, The
Adventure of the Hero, Part 2, The
Adventure of the Hero, Part 3, The
Adventure of the Hero, Part 4, The
Adventurer Gets What He Is Ready For, The
[American Indian Story: The Refusal of Suitors]
[At the Center Is Peace]
Baksheesh and brahman Asian journals, India
Bohater o tysiącu twarzy
[Buddha, Christ and Muhammed: All the Same]
Buddhism 01
Buddhism 02
Buddhism 03
Buddhism 04
Buddhism 05
Buddhism 06
Buddhism 07
Buddhism 08
Buddhism 09
Buddhism 10
Cathedral], [The
Changing images of man
collected works of Joseph Campbell, The
Cosmogonic Cycle, Part 1, The
Cosmogonic Cycle, Part 2, The
Cosmogonic Cycle, Part 3, The
Cosmogonic Cycle, Part 4, The
Creative mythology
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 1
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 2
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 3
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 4
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 5
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 6
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 7
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 8
Creativity in Oriental Mythology, Part 9
Des mythes pour se construire
Eastern Way, The
Experiencing the Divine: Introduction
Experiencing the Divine, Part 1
Experiencing the Divine, Part 10
Experiencing the Divine, Part 11
Experiencing the Divine, Part 12
Experiencing the Divine, Part 13
Experiencing the Divine, Part 2
Experiencing the Divine, Part 3
Experiencing the Divine, Part 4
Experiencing the Divine, Part 5
Experiencing the Divine, Part 6
Experiencing the Divine, Part 7
Experiencing the Divine, Part 8
Experiencing the Divine, Part 9
First storytellers
flight of the wild gander; explorations in the mythological dimension., The
Flug der Wildgans mythologische Streifzüge
Goddesses : mysteries of the feminine divine
grossen Mythen der Menschheit
held met de duizend gezichten, De
hero's journey Joseph Campbell on his life and work, The
Hero with 1,000 Faces], [The
Hero With a Thousand Faces, The
Héroe de las mil caras, El : psicoanálisis del mito
héros aux mille et un visages
Heros in tausend Gestalten, Der
Hinduism, Part 1
Hinduism, Part 10
Hinduism, Part 11
Hinduism, Part 2
Hinduism, Part 3
Hinduism, Part 4
Hinduism, Part 5
Hinduism, Part 6
Hinduism, Part 7
Hinduism, Part 8
Hinduism, Part 9
Historical atlas of world mythology
History of the Gods: Introduction
History of the Gods, Part 1
History of the Gods, Part 10
History of the Gods, Part 2
History of the Gods, Part 3
History of the Gods, Part 4
History of the Gods, Part 5
History of the Gods, Part 6
History of the Gods, Part 7
History of the Gods, Part 8
History of the Gods, Part 9
In all her names : explorations of the feminine in divinity
inner reaches of outer space metaphor as myth and as religion, The
Interpreting Symbolic Forms: Introduction and Part 1
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 10
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 11
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 12
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 2
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 3
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 4
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 5
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 6
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 7
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 8
Interpreting Symbolic Forms, Part 9
[intro/Following the Hero's Path]
Joseph Campbell companion, A : reflections on the art of living
Junak s tisuću lica
Kami no kamen.
King and the corpse, The : tales of the soul's conquest of evil
Kraft der Mythen Bilder der Seele im Leben des Menschen
Kwestia bogów
Le héros aux mille et un visages
Les mythes à travers les âges
Les philosophies de l'Inde
Love and the goddess
Man and myth.
Masken Gottes
masks of God, The
Masks of the spirit : image and metaphor in Mesoamerica
Masky bohů
Message of the myth
Mitos, Los : su impacto en el mundo actual
Mitos y símbolos de la India
Mitte ist überall, Die : die Sprache von Mythos, Religion und Kunst
My life and lives : the story of a Tibetan incarnation
Mystical Traditions of India: Introduction and Part 1, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 2, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 3, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 4, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 5, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 6, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 7, The
Mystical Traditions of India, Part 8, The
Myth, religion and mother right : selected writings
Mythe en bewustzijn
mythes à travers les âges, Les
Mythes et symboles dans l'art et la civilisation de l'Inde
mythes pour se construire
mythic dimension selected essays 1959-1987, The
Mythic image
Mythic imagination collected short fiction
Mythic Vision: Introduction
Mythic Vision, Part 1
Mythic Vision, Part 10
Mythic Vision, Part 11
Mythic Vision, Part 12
Mythic Vision, Part 2
Mythic Vision, Part 3
Mythic Vision, Part 4
Mythic Vision, Part 5
Mythic Vision, Part 6
Mythic Vision, Part 7
Mythic Vision, Part 8
Mythic Vision, Part 9
Mythic worlds, modern words on the art of James Joyce
Mythologie et épanouissement personnel les sentiers du bonheur
Myths and Masks of God, The
Myths and symbols in Indian art and civilization
Myths, dreams, and religion
Myths of alienation & rapture.
Myths of Greece and Rome
Myths of light Eastern metaphors of the eternal
Myths to live by
Occidental mythology
open life
Oriental Mythology, Part 1
Oriental Mythology, Part 10
Oriental Mythology, Part 11
Oriental Mythology, Part 2
Oriental Mythology, Part 3
Oriental Mythology, Part 4
Oriental Mythology, Part 5
Oriental Mythology, Part 6
Oriental Mythology, Part 7
Oriental Mythology, Part 8
Oriental Mythology, Part 9
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Pathways to bliss mythology and personal transformation
Philosophies of India
Planet as an Organism], [The
Poder del mito, El
portable Jung
Potęga mitu : rozmowy Billa Moyersa z Josephem Campbellem
Power of myth, The
Primitive mythology
Puissance du mythe
Religious Impulse: Introduction, The
Religious Impulse, Part 1, The
Religious Impulse, Part 10, The
Religious Impulse, Part 11, The
Religious Impulse, Part 12, The
Religious Impulse, Part 13, The
Religious Impulse, Part 2, The
Religious Impulse, Part 3, The
Religious Impulse, Part 4, The
Religious Impulse, Part 5, The
Religious Impulse, Part 6, The
Religious Impulse, Part 7, The
Religious Impulse, Part 8, The
Religious Impulse, Part 9, The
Sacrifice and bliss
Sake and satori Asian journals, Japan
Scritti scelti
[Seeking Your Humanity Within the System]
Sen no kao o motsu eiyū.
Shinwa no chikara
skeleton key to Finnegans wake, A
[Slaying the Dragon Within]
[Star Wars: Standard Mythological Features]
study of the dolorous stroke, A
This business of the gods
Thou art that : transforming religious metaphor
Transformations of myth through time
Univers fantastique des mythes, L'
way of myth, The : talking with Joseph Campbell
way of the animal powers, The
way of the seeded earth, The
Where the two came to their father, a Navaho war ceremonial
[Who Was Joseph Campbell?]
Тысячеликий герой
כחו של מיתוס
قوة الاسطورة
Contributed to or performed: 
Hero With a Thousand Faces, The
Hero With a Thousand Faces, Volume I: The Adventure of the Hero, The
Hero With a Thousand Faces, Volume II: The Cosmogonic Cycle, The
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
My Lagan Love
Papers from the Eranos yearbooks
Simply Celtic Moods
Thesis (M.A.)--Columbia University, 1927