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Nataniel Vallix
Nathaniel Wallich
Nathaniel Wallich (botanicus uit Denemarken (1786-1854))
Nathaniel Wallich (botaniste, fut intendant du jardin botanique de Calcutta)
Nathaniel Wallich (dänischer Botaniker)
Nathaniel Wallich (Surgeon, botanist)
Wallich, ..
Wallich, N.
Wallich, Nathanael
Wallich, Nathanael Wulff
Wallich, Nathaniel
Wulff Wallich, Nathanael
Натаниэл Валлих
ناثانيال واليش
நத்தானியேல் வாலிக்
നഥാനിയേൽ വല്ലിച്ച്
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Carey, William (1761-1834))
Don, David (1799-1841)
Gauci, G.
Gauci, Lithographe
Hamilton, Francis (1762-1829)
Maggs Bros, Londen (antiq.)
Raffles, Thomas Stamford (1781-1826))
Roxburgh, William (1751-1815))
Roxburgh, William (co-author)
Sterry, J.
Treuttel, Jean-Georges (1744-1826))
Würtz, Jean-Godefroy (1768-1841))
An account of a new species of a Camelia growing wild at Napal
Briefwisseling met Nathaniël Wallich (1786-1854), botanicus
Catalogus librorum Sanskritanorum quos bibliothecae Universitatis Havnien*. -
Description of some rare Indian plants
Description of two new species of Sarcolobus and of some other Indian plants
Descriptions of some rare and curious plants : reprod. de l'éd. de 1834]
Flora Indica", or Descriptions of Indian plants, by the late William Roxburgh,... Edited by William Carey,... To which are added descriptions of plants more recently discovered, by Nathaniel Wallich,..., "
Letters of Sir Stamford Raffles to Nathaniel Wallich, 1819-1824
notes on the drugs called Mishme Teeta and Pucha Pat ; Notes on Cassia lanceolata (Senna)
numerical list of dried specimens of plants in the East India Company's Museum, A : collected under the superintendence of Dr. Wallich of the Company's botanic garden at Calcutta
Plantae asiaticae rariores", or Descriptions and figures of a select number of unpublished East Indian plants, by Nathaniel Wallich,..., "
Prodromus florae Nepalensis sive enumeratio vegetabilium, quae in itinere per Nepaliam proprie dictam et regiones conterminas, ann. 1802-1803 : detexit atque legit d. d. Franciscus Hamilton, (olim Buchanan) M.D. ...
Remarks on the flora of the Nicobar Islands
SBA. Dictionary of scientific biography
Tentaman flora napalensis, 1984:
Tentamen florae napalensis illustratae consisting of botanical description and lithographic figures of select Nipal plants
Tentamen florae Napalensis illustratae consisting of botanical descriptions and lithographic figures of select Nipal plants
Tentamen florae nepalensis illustratae", consisting of botanical description... of select Nipal plants.], ["
Testamen florae nepalensis illustrarae] consisting of botanical descrription.... of select Nipal plants, [
Wallich's catalogue