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Fairfield, Henry O.
Fairfield, Henry Osborne
Fairfield Osborn, Henry
Henricus Fairfield Osborn
Henry Fairfield Osborn (American geologist, paleontologist, and eugenist)
Henry Fairfield Osborn (Amerikaans geoloog (1857-1935))
Henry Fairfield Osborn (amerikanischer Geologe, Paläontologe und Eugeniker)
Henry Fairfield Osborn (paleontologo statunitense)
Osborn, Henry F.
Osborn, Henry Fairfield
Осборн, Генри Файрфилд
הנרי פיירפילד אוסבורן (גאולוג ופלאונתולוג אמריקאי)
هنري فارفيلد أوزبورن
هنری فرفیلد اوزبورن
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American Museum of Natural History
Andrews, Roy Chapman (1884-1960)
Brock, Reginald Walter (1874-1935)
Grant, Madison
Milligan, Florence
Müller, Max (1890-1953)
Percy, Mabel Rice
Poulton, Edward Bagnall Sir, 1856-1943
Sartiaux, Félix (1876-1944)
Scott, William Berryman (1858-1947)
Shackelford, James B.
Stefansson, Vilhjalmur
Vilhjálmur Stefánsson, 1879 (1962)
弓削, 達勝
age of mammals in Europe, Asia and North America, The
Alfred Russel Wallace, 1823-1913
American museum ideal, The
Aus der Fährte des Urmenschen : Abenteuer und Entdeckungen dreier Expeditionen in die mongolische Wüste
Biographical memoir of Edward Drinker Cope, 1840-1897
Camarasaurus, Amphicaelias, and other sauropods of Cope
Camarasaurus, Amphicoelias and other Sauropods of Cope
Cenozoic mammal horizons of Western North America...
Ceratopsia, The
Cope: master naturalist; the life and letters of Edward Drinker Cope, with a bibliography of his writings classified by subject; a study of the pioneer and foundation periods of vertebrate palaeontology in America
Correlation between tertiary mammal horizons of Europe and America
Correlation of the Cenozoic through its Mammalian Life
Crania of Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus.
Creative education in school, college, university, and museum:
Dai greci a Darwin : Disegno storico dello sviluppo dell'idea dell'evoluzione
earth speaks to Bryan, The
effets de l'usage et de la désuétude sont-ils héréditaires ?
Equidæ of the Oligocene, Miocene and Pliocene of North America
Evolution and religion in education, polemics of the fundamentalist controversy of 1922 to 1926
Evolution of mammalian molar teeth to and from the triangular type including collected and revised researches trituberculy and new sections on the forms and homologies of the molar teeth in the different orders of mammals
extinct rhinoceroses. [Pt. I-II], The
Fifty-two years of research, observation and publication, 1877-1929; a life adventure in breadth and depth
Fifty years of Darwinism : modern aspects of evolution : centennial addresses in honor of C.D. before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Baltimore, Jan. 1, 1909.
Fifty years of museum work. Autobiography, unpublished papers, and bibliography of Frederic A. Lucas, SC. D.
Fifty years of Princeton '77;
Fossil Man in Spain. -
From the Greeks to Darwin: an outline of the development of the evolution idea
Geheimnis der Eskimos 4 Jahre im nördlichsten Kanada, Das
George Fisher Baker 1840-1931
hall of the age of man, The
Heritage and habitus
History and homologies of the human molar cusps, The
Impressions of great naturalists reminiscences of Darwin, Huxley, Balfour, Cope and others
Integument of the iguanodont dinosaur Trachodon.
Karl Alfred von Zittel
Life and works of Darwin, 1909:
Linnaean Classification and phylogenetic classification of the Proboscidea
Mammals and birds of the California tar pools : Rancho La Brea and McKittrick
Man rises to Parnassus; critical epochs in the prehistory of man
Memoir upon Loxolophodon and Uintatherium two genera of the sub-order Dinocerata, A
Men of the old stone age their environment, life and art
My life with the Eskimo
naturalist in the Bahamas: John I. Northrop, October 12, 1861-June 25, 1891, A : a memorial volume
New miocene Rhinoceroses with revision of known species
New or little known Titanotheres from the Eocene and Oligocene
Old and new standards of Pleistocene division in relation to the prehistory of man in Europe
On Achaenodon, an Eocene Bunodont. -
On the skull of the Eocene Rhinoceros, Orthocynodon, and the relation *. -
On the trail of ancient man : a narrative of the field work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions
On "Vertebrata" of the mid cretaceous of the North West territory, by Henry Fairfield Osborn,... and Lawrence M. Lambe,...
Origin and evolution of life; on the theory of action, reaction and interaction of energy
origin of mammals, 1899?:, The
Origin of single characters as observed in fossil and living animals and plants
origin of species, V, The : speciation and mutation
origine et l'évolution de la vie, L' ; éd. française avec préf. et notes par Félix Sartiaux, 1921
Palæontological report of the Princeton scientific expedition of 1877.
passing of the great race; or, The racial basis of European history, The
Planète au pillage, La
Points of the Skeleton of the Arab Horse
Preservation of the wild animals of North America
Proboscidea : A monograph of the discovery, evolution, migration and extinction of the mastodonts and elephants of the world
Recent zoopaleontology Additional discoveries in Egypt
reptilian subclasses Diapsida and Synapsida and the early history of the Diaptosauria., The
Review of the pleistocene of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa
Rise of the mammalia in north america
Seimei no kigen to shinka
Shinkaron to sore izen
Shizen kagaku shisōshi
skeleton of Diplodocus., A
structure and classification of the mesoroic mammalia, The
Syllabus of lectures on the vertebrata. -
Titan otheres of ancient wyoming dakota and nebraska
titanotheres of ancient Wyoming, Dakota and Nebraska
Untergang der großen Rasse Die Rassen als Grundlage d. Geschichte Europas
upper pliocene cave, An