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Alogoskoufis, G.
Alogoskoufis (George)
Alogoskoufis, George S.
Alogoskouphēs, G.
Alogoskouphēs, Giōrgos
George Alogoskoufis (Greek academic)
George Alogoskoufis (politicus uit Griekenland)
Geórgios Alogoskoúfis
Georgios Alogoskoufis (griechischer Ökonom und Politiker)
Αλογοσκουφης, Γιωργος
Γεώργιος Αλογοσκούφης
Γεώργιος Αλογοσκούφης (Έλληνας οικονομολόγος και πολιτικός)
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Language material
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Alogoskoufis, G
Alogoskoufis, G.
Alogoskoufis, G.S.
Alogoskoufis, George
Alogoskoufis, George S
Alogoskoufis, George S.
Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) / Department of Economics
Baltas, Nicholas
Christodoulakis, Nikos
Kalyvitis, Sarantis C
Lee, Dong-Ho
Lockwood, Ben
Manning, Alan
Martin, Christopher
Papademos, Lucas
Papademos, Lucas (1947- ))
Philippopoulos, Apostolis
Pissarides, Christopher A
Pittis, Nikitas
Ploeg, F. van der
Ploeg, F. van der (1956-)
Ploeg, Frederick (1956-)
Portes, R
Portes, R.
Portes, Richard
Portes, Richard (1941-....))
Portes, Richard David (1941- ))
Rey, H
Rey, H.
Rey, Hélène
Smith, Ron
Smith, Ron P
Stengos, Thanasis
van der Ploeg, Frederick
Varangis, Panayotis N.
Varangis, Panos
Aggregate employment and intertemporal subsitution in the UK, 1985
Aggregate Employment and Intertemporal Substitution in the UK.
Competitiveness, Oil Prices and Government Expenditure in the United Kingdom Business Cycle
Competitiveness, Wage Adjustment and Macroeconomic Policy in a Small Open Economy
Debts, deficits and growth in interdependent economies
emergence of the euro as an international currency, The
Enarmonisē tēs Kypriakēs oikonomias me tēn Eurōpaikē Henōsē
Endogenous growth and overlapping generations
Essays in honor of Constantine G. Drakatos, c1994:
Exchange Rate Regimes and the Persistence of Inflation
Exchange-Rate Regimes, Political Parties and the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff: Evidence from Greece
External Constraints on European Unemployment
External constraints on macroeconomic policy : the European experience
Fiscal Deficits, Seigniorage and External Debt: The Case of Greece
Greece’s Sovereign Debt Crisis: Retrospect and Prospect
Hē Hellada meta tēn krisē, 2009:
Hellēnikē oikonomia : poroi gia tēn anaptyxē kai tēn koinonikē synochē
Inflationary expectations, political parties and the exchange rate regime: Greece 1958-1989
International costs and benefits from EMU
labour market in an equilibrium business cycle model, The
Macroeconomic policy and aggregate fluctuations in a semi-industrialized open economy : Greece 1951-1980
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Makrooikonomikē diacheirisē kai anaptyxiakē emplokē, 1993:
Monetary Accommodation, Exchange Rate Regimes and Inflation Persistence.
Monetary, nominal income and exchange rate targets in a small open economy
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Monetary Policy and the International Implications of the Phillips Curve in an Open Economy
Money and Endogenous Growth.
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On Error Correction Models: Specification, Interpretation, Estimation.
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On Public Debt Stabilizations in an Interdependent World
On Relative Shocks and Fiscal Policies in a Monetary Union
Phillips Curve and the Lucas Critique: Some Historical Evidence, The
Phillips Curve, the Persistence of Inflation, and the Lucas Critique: Evidence from Exchange-Rate Regimes., The
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Price and quantity adjustment in a dual character market: The case of the Greek poultry sector
Pricing and Product Market Structure in Open Economies: An Empirical Test
Public investment and endogenous growth in a small open economy
Stabilization Policy, Fixed Exchange Rates and Target Zones
Test of Price Sluggishness in the Simple Rational Expectations Model: U.K. 1950-1980., A
Testing for nonlinear dynamics in historical unemployment series
Tests of alternative wage employment bargaining models with an application to the UK aggregate labour market
Traded Goods, Competitiveness and Aggregate Fluctuations in the United Kingdom.
Unanticipated money, output and prices in Greece
Unemployment: choices for Europe
Wage Inflation, Electoral Uncertainty and the Exchange Rate Regime: Theory and UK Evidence.
Wage Setting and Labour Market Adjustment in Europe, Japan and the USA
Wage setting and unemployment persistence in Europe, Japan and the USA