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Bard of Ayrshire
Bërns, R.
Berns, Robert
Bērnss, Roberts
Borns, R.
Bunrs ..
Burns, ..
Burns, R.
Burns, R. (поэт)
Burns (R.; поэт; 1759-1796)
Burns, Rob
Burns, Robbie
Burns (Robert)
Burns, Robert E.
Burns, Robert Elliott
Burns, Robert (pjesnik)
Burns, Robert (поэт)
Burns, Rt
Byorns Robert
Ian Burns
National Bard
Rabbie Burns
Raibeart Burns
Robert Berns
Robert Burns
Robert Burns (britisk poet og låtskrivar)
Robert Burns (britisk poet og låtskriver)
Robert Burns (britisk poet og sanger)
Robert Burns (brittisk poet och låtskrivare)
Robert Burns (Penyair dan penulis lirik Scotland)
Robert Burns (poeta e compositore scozzese)
Robert Burns (poeta escocés)
Robert Burns (poeta szkocki)
Robert Burns (poète écossais)
Robert Burns (poetul național al Scoției)
Robert Burns (Rabbie Burns)
Robert Burns (Schotse dichter en liedjesschrijver)
Robert Burns (schottischer Schriftsteller und Poet)
Robert Burns (Scottish poet and lyricist)
Robert Burns (skót költő, dalszerző)
Roberts Bērnss
Robertus Burns
the Ploughman Poet
Ρόμπερτ Μπερνς
Бернс, Р (поэт)
Бернс (Р; поэт; 1759-1796)
Бернс, Роберт
Бернс, Роберт (поэт)
Борнс (Р; поэт; 1759-1796)
Борнс, Роберт
Бэрнс, Роберт
Роберт Бернз
Роберт Бёрнс (британский (шотландский) поэт)
Роберт Бернс (шкотски поет и национален херој)
Робърт Бърнс
Робэрт Бэрнз
რობერტ ბერნსი
Ռոբերտ Բըրնս
ברנס, רוברט
רוברט ברנס
رابرت برنز (ترانه‌سرا و شاعر بریتانیایی)
رابرٹ برنز
روبرت برنز
रॉबर्ट बर्न्स
ராபர்ட் பர்ன்ஸ்
റോബർട്ട് ബേൺസ്
로버트 번스
バーンズ, ロバート
ロバート・バーンズ (スコットランドの詩人)
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Language material
Manuscript language material
Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
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Berdel, Dieter (1939-)
Byron, George Gordon Noel (baron)
Cadell, Thomas (I, Londen)
Cunningham, Allan (1784-1842)
Currie, James (1756-1805)
Davies, William (Londen)
Dymny, Wiesław (1936-1978))
Ferguson, John de Lancey (1888-1966))
Kinsley, James (1922-1984)
Maršak, Samuil Âkovlevič (1887-1964)
Nef (Groupe musical)
O'Hagan, Andrew (1968-)
Schindler, Gaston (1872-1939)
Smith, Alexander (1830-1867))
Smith, Sydney Goodsir (1915-1975)
Thomson, George (1751-1851)
Thomson, Mr. (1751-1851)
Wailly, Léon de
Zanella, Giacomo (sac., 1820-1888)
Маршак С. Я (1887-1964 Самуил Яковлевич)
Маршак, Самуил (1887-1964)
Маршак, Самуил Яковлевич (1887-1964)
中村, 為治 (1898-)
2 Songs, op. 34
4 Lieder, op. 21: No. 3. Wollt' er nur fragen?
5 Epigrams: No. 1. On a noisy polemic
5 Epigrams: No. 2. On the death of Robert Ruisseaux
5 Epigrams: No. 3. On a henpecked country squire
5 Epigrams: No. 4. On a lady famed for her caprice
5 Epigrams: No. 5. Andrew Turner
8 English and American Folk Songs, op. 63f: 2. John Andersson (English)
8 English and American Folk Songs, op. 63f: 6. Seems She Walked Along the Rye (English)
Address to a Haggis
Address to Edinburgh
Address to the shade of Thomson.
Ae Fond Kiss
Am Strande
And I'll kiss thee yet, yet
Auld lang syne
Birthday Hansel, op. 92, A
Bonie Wee Thing
Bruce's address to his army : a favorite Scotch song sung by Mr. Incledon.
Burns, day by day.
Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes
Caw the Yowes
Chanson écossaise "Vallons, côtaux du fleuve ami"
Charlie Is My Darlin'
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye
Commonplace book, 1783-1785.
Correspondence. Selections
cotter's saturday night
Day Returns, Hob. XXXIa:259, The
Dearie, op. 43 no. 1
Deil’s Awa wi’ the Exciseman, The
Deserted, op. 9 no. 1
die Waldlerche, An
Drei Gesänge, op. 92: Mein Hochland
Drei Gesänge, op. 92: Mein Lieb
Du hast mich verlassen, op. 4 no. 6
Džbánek vína (Silver Tassie)
Ejot cauri rudziem
Elli Dunbar, op. 39 no. 2
entmutigter Liebhaber, WoO Nr. 1, Ein
Far Awa’, op. 43 no. 4
Five Songs for Spring
Flow gently, sweet Afton
For a' That and a' That
Four Burns Songs, op. 92 no. 3 "A Birthday Hansel": Wee Willie
Four Burns Songs, op. 92 no. 4 "A Birthday Hansel": My Hoggie
Four Burns Songs, op. 92 no. 5 "A Birthday Hansel": Afton Water
Four Burns Songs, op. 92 no. 6 "A Birthday Hansel": The Winter
Four Songs: No. 1. Wilt thou be my dearie?
From the white blossom'd sloe
From Thee, Eliza, I Must Go
Fünf Lieder, op. 55: Nr. 1. Das Hochlandmädchen
Fünf Lieder, op. 55: Nr. 2. Zahnweh
Fünf Lieder, op. 55: Nr. 3. Mich zieht es nach dem Dörfchen hin
Fünf Lieder, op. 55: Nr. 4. Die alte gute Zeit
Fünf Lieder, op. 55: Nr. 5. Hochlandbursch
Für Einen, op. 1 no. 8
Gallant Weaver, The
Galloway Tam
Highland Lad, A
Highland Laddie
history of the sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution, The
Ho Ro 'S Na Hug Oro Eile / Ae Fond Kiss, I
Holy Willie's Prayer
I'm O'er Young to Marry Yet
Ihr Hügel dort am schönen Doon, op. 4 no. 4
John Anderson
jolly beggars
Lament, The
Lassie Lie Near Me
Lassie Wi’ The Lintwhite Locks (Ian Bruce) (5.1 mix)
Last May a Braw Wooer
Letters...., The
Liebliche Maid, op. 4 no. 3
Lieder und Balladen
Lieder und Gesänge, op. 27: Nr. 2. Dem roten Röslein gleicht mein Lieb
Lovely Lass of Inverness, The
Man’s a Man for A’ That, A
Mein Hochlandskind, op. 4 no. 1
Menie, op. 34 no. 1
Merry muses of Caledonia. Selections
Montgomery Gretchen, op. 4 no. 5
My Heart Is Sair for Somebody
My heart's in the Highlands
My Jean, op. 34 no. 2
My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose
My Luve Is Like a Red, Red Rose
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 10. Die Hochländer-Witwe
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 13. Hochländers Abschied
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 14. Hochländisches Wiegenlied
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 19. Hauptmanns Weib
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 20. Weit, weit
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 22. Niemand
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 23. Im Westen
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 4. Jemand
Now Westlin Winds
O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose
O säh' ich auf der Haide dort, op. 1 no. 5
O, saht Ihr mein Liebchen?
Obra selecta
Oeuvres choisies
Oh, whistle, and I’ll come to you, my lad
Piwnica pod Baranami.
Poems (Cambridge ed.)
Poems (Caxton)
Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect
Poems (Kinsley)
Poems. Selections
Poems (T.C. & E.C. Jack (Firm))
Poésies complètes de Robert Burns
red, red rose, A
Reliques of Robert Burns
Rigs O' Barley
Robert Berns v perevodach S. Maršaka : izbrannoje
Robert Burns; as a poet, and as a man.
Robert Burns's tour of the Borders, 5 May-1 June, 1787
Romanzen und Balladen für Chor Heft II, op. 75: IV. Der Rekrut
Romanzen und Balladen für Chorgesang Heft III, op. 145: IV. John Anderson
Romanzen und Balladen für Chorgesang Heft IV, op. 146: II. Bänkelsänger Willie
Romanzen und Balladen, op. 67: Nr. 5. John Anderson
Scots musical museum 1787-1803, The
Scots, Wha Hae
Selected poems of Robert Burns
Sic a Wife as Willie Had
Six Romances for Bass, op. 62: II. Oh Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast
Six Romances for Bass, op. 62: III. Macpherson’s Farewell
Six Romances for Bass, op. 62: IV. Jenny
Six Romances on Verses by W. Raleigh, R. Burns and W. Shakespeare, op. 62a: II. Oh Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast...
Six Romances on Verses by W. Raleigh, R. Burns and W. Shakespeare, op. 62a: III. Macpherson's Farewell
Six Romances on Verses by W. Raleigh, R. Burns and W. Shakespeare, op. 62a: IV. Jenny
Slave's Lament, The
So Deep
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 1. I Am My Mammy’s Ae Bairn
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 2. Summer’s a Pleasant Time
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 3. O, Whistle an’ I’ll Come to Ye, My Lad!
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 4. Ca’ the Yowes to the Knowes
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 5. Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 6. Jamie Come Try Me
Songs for a Winter’s Evening: No. 7. John Anderson My Jo
Songs & Poems of Robert Burns
Sto pjesnika svijeta
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
süsse Dirn' von Inverness, op. 4 no. 2, Die
Sweet Afton
Tam O' Shanter
Three Robert Burns Ballads: Behold My Love, How Green the Groves
Three Robert Burns Ballads: Oh Whistle, and I'll Come to Ye
Three Robert Burns Ballads: The Winter It Is Past
Tibby Dunbar
Till a' the Seas Gang Dry
To a mouse
To the Weaver's Gin Ye Go
Up in the Morning Early
Volkslied, op. 63 no. 5
Vosem´ anglijskih i amerikanskih narodnyh pesen
Vsyu zemlyu t'moy zavoloklo
Wiersze wybrane
Winter It Is Past, The
works of Robert Burns with a series of authentic pictorial illustrations, marginal glossary, numerous notes, and appendixes, The : also the life of Burns by J.G. Lockhart, and essays on the genius, character, and writings of Burns by Thomas Carlyle and Professor Wilson
works of Robert Burns; with an account of his life, and a criticism on his writings. To which are prefixed, some observations on the character and condition of the Scottish peasantry ..., The
Works. Selections
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon.
Ye Jacobites by Name
Yonder Lea
Моей душе покоя нет
Песни на стихи Роберта Бернса
Роберт Бернс в переводах С. Маршака
Шотландская слава стихотворения
Contributed to or performed: 
Auld Lang Syne
Ca' the Yowes
Celtic Poets
Great Poets, The
Green Grow the Rashes
Heiland Harry
Man’s a Man for A’ That, A
My Luv’s Like a Red, Red Rose
Najpiękniejsze kołysanki świata
Pan Flute Christmas, Vol. 1, A
Red, Red Rose, A
Super Audio Surround Collection Vol. 2, The
Words for You