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Butch Morris
Butch Morris (American cornetist)
Butch Morris (americký kornetista)
Butch Morris (Amerikaanse jazz en improvisatie muzikanten)
Butch Morris (amerikansk komponist)
Butch Morris (amerikansk kompositör)
Butch Morris, Lawrence
Butch Morris (US-amerikanischer Jazz- und Improvisationsmusiker)
Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris
Morris, Butch
Morris, Butch (pseudonym)
Morris, Lawrence
Morris, Lawrence Butch
Morris, Lawrence D.
Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch"
Morris, Lawrence Douglas
Батч Моррис
بوچ موریس (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Black Saint
Byron, Don (co-performer)
Carroll, Baikida (co-performer)
Chancey, Vincent (co-performer)
Clark, Curtis
Coleman, Steve (co-performer)
Dara, Olu (co-performer)
David Murray Big Band (isMemberOf)
David Murray Octet (isMemberOf)
Harris, Craig (co-performer)
Haynes, Graham (co-performer)
Henry, Khalil (co-performer)
Higgins, Billy (co-performer)
Higgins, Patience (co-performer)
Hopkins, Fred (co-performer)
Horvitz, Wayne
Kowald, Peter (1944-2002)
Lacy, Frank (co-performer)
Lowe, Frank (1943-2003)
Morris, Butch (1947-)
Morris, Wilber (1937-2002)
Murray, David (1955-...)
Murray, David (co-performer)
Nublu Orchestra
Previte, Robert
Purcell, John (co-performer)
Ragin, Hugh (co-performer)
Recorded Anthology of American Music, Inc
Ross, Brandon
Siddik, Rasul (co-performer)
Smith, Sonelius (co-performer)
Spaulding, James (co-performer)
Stewart, Bob (co-performer)
Tabbal, Tani (co-performer)
Threadgill, Henry (co-performer)
Zoller, James (co-performer)
3-D family (8 min 35 s)
American translation
Bartok Comprovisation, The
Ben (10 min 09 s)
Ben... [etc]
Black February
Burning cloud
Butch Morris conducts Berlin Skyscraper '95
Calling Steve McCall (6 min 17 s)
Choctaw blues (6 min 08 s)
Christ Mass
Closer to you the pop side
Conception (18 min 57 s)
Cond #70: Tit for Tat
Conduction #11, Part I
Conduction #11, Part II
Conduction #15, Part I
Conduction #15, Part II
Conduction #15, Part III
Conduction #22, Part I
Conduction #23, Part I
Conduction #25
Conduction #26, E
Conduction #28, E
Conduction #28, Part II-X
Conduction #31, E I
Conduction #31, E II
Conduction #35, Part I
Conduction #35, Part II
Conduction #36, E
Conduction #38, E
Conduction #39, E
Conduction #40, E
Conduction #41, E I
Conduction #41, E II
Conduction #41, E III
Conduction #41, E IV
Conduction #50, E I
Conduction #50, E II
Conduction #50 Part I
Conduction #50, Part II
Conduction® / Induction
Cornet Solo
Current trends in racism in modern America (a work in progress)
David Murray Big Band
David's tune (7 min 50 s)
David Tune (12 úin 22 s)
Dewey's circle (13 min 42 s)
Dice, The
Duos - America
Dust to Dust (second and third parts)
Dust to dust [SR] p1991:
Fatal attraction original motion picture soundtrack.
Flowers for Albert (9 min 40 s)
Food Chain Dialogue
Four minutes Marvin (2 min 34 s)
Graffiti in two parts (37 min 22 s)
Great peace (9 min 43 s)
Home (5 min 58 s)
Intro - INterlude
Istanbul (9 min 24 s)
Last of the hipmen (9 min 12 s)
Lester (9 min 56 s)
Let the music take you (3 min 49 s)
Live at Sweet Basil
Long Goodbye
Lovejoy (6 min 11 s)
Murray's steps (12 min 25 s)
Nine below zero
Nowhere Ever After I
Nowhere Ever After II
Nowhere Ever After III
Nublu Orchestra
Othello A
Othello B
Outline no. 12
Part One
Part Two
Paul Gonsalves (17 min 37 s)
Roses (11 min 04 s)
Santa Barbara and Crenshaw follies (6 min 50 s)
Seeing together (13 min 26 s)
Sing song (9 min 40 s)
Sound Interlude
Sweet lovely (8 min)
Tag (53 s)
Testament a conduction collection
Todos santos Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, Robert Previte play Robin Holcomb
Tricks of the trade [Enregistrement sonore]
Via Talciona
Vietnam the aftermath
When the sun is out you don't see stars
Contributed to or performed: 
Art of Falling Apart, The
Awakening Ancestors
Be Cool In Munich - Live Concert - Part III
Be Cool In Munich / Part 3/1
Be Cool In Munich / Part 3/2
Bold as Gold
Burning Cloud
Burning Spirits
Bursting Bubbles
Calle Estrella
Con Alma
Crayon Bondage
Dance of the Invisibles
Dark Side of White
David Murray Big Band
Dawn in Tuva
Flowers for Albert
Happy Birthday Wayne, Jr.
Happy Sad
House of Trouble
Killer Planets
Line, The
Little World Music, A
Long Trust and These Jokes
Mode De Fa
No Longer Down Under
Other Side, The
Overcome Babylon
Ozone - Burning Blue
Ozone - Burning Red
Ozone - Burning Yellow
Paris Bar
Pretty Ugly
Road to Zamora / Ashes to Ashes, The
Roads to Zamora, The
Sacred Places
South of the Border
St. Thomas
State of the Union
Thousand Years Etcetera, A
Todos Santos
Verona Jazz
When the Sun Is Out You Don't See Stars
Wind Talking
World of the Children
Yes Yes the Anarchy
Your Palm on the Windows, drawing