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B, H.K.
Brown, Hablot K.
Brown, Hablot Knight
Browne, H. K.
Browne, Hablot
Browne, Hablôt K.
Browne, Hablôt Knight
Browne (Hablot Knight; 1815-1882)
Browne, Hablot Knight (British painter and printmaker, 1815-1882)
Browne, Hablot L.
Browne, Phiz
Hablot Knight Browne
Hablot Knight Browne (artiste britannique)
Hablot Knight Browne (British artist)
Hablot Knight Browne (Brits karikaturist (1815-1882))
Hablot Knight Browne (englischer Illustrator)
Knight Browne, Hablôt
Phis (Pseudonym)
Phiz (illustratore inglese)
Phiz (pseud)
Phiz (Pseudonym)
Seymour i Phiz
Браун, Хэблот Найт
Гэблат Найт Броўн (ангельскі гравёр)
Хеблат Найт Броўн
Հելբոտ Նայթ Բրաուն
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'Phiz' (see also from)
Blount, Trevor
browne gordon frederick
Browne, Hablot Knight (1815-1882; see also from)
Cattermole, George (1800-1868)
Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)
Curry, William Jun. and Company
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870)
Dickens, Charles John Huffam (1812-1870)
Fraser, and Co
Górski, Włodzimierz (ca 1824-1878))
Lever, Charles James (1806-1872)
Miller, Thomas (1807-1874)
Orr, William Somerville (and Company)
Pedraza, A. de la
Phiz (1815-1882; see also from)
Popławska, Zofia (1891-1969))
Popławski, Wiktor (1889-1935))
Salís, Marta
Seymour, Robert
Seymour, Robert (1798-1836)
Spence, Gordon
Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza "Czytelnik"
All about kisses.
Aventuras de Pickwick
Barnaby Rudge
Bleak house
book of remarkable trials and notorious characters, The : from "Half-hanged Smith," 1700 to Oxford, who shot at the Queen, 1840
Charles O'Malley, the Irish dragoon
commissioner: or, De lunatico inquirendo., The
complete Newgate calendar; being Captain Charles Johnson's General history of the lives and adventures of the most famous highwaymen, murderers, street-robbers and account of the voyages and plunders of the most notorious pyrates, 1734; Captain Alexander Smith's Compleat history of the lives and robberies of the most notorious highwaymen, footpads, shop-lifts and cheats, 1719: The Tyburn chronicle, 1768; the malefactors' register, 1796; George Borrow's Celebrated trials, 1825; The Newgate calendar, by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin, 1826; Camden Pelham's Chronicles of crime, 1841; etc., The
complete writings of Charles Dickens including his novels and tales, The
Confessions of Con Cregan, the Irish Gil Blas.
confessions of Harry Lorrequer, The
Daltons; or, Three roads in life, The
Davenport Dunn, a man of our day.
David Copperfield.
democratic Micawber, The
Documentos póstumos del club Pickwick
Dodd family abroad., The
Dombey and son : by Charles Dickens
Dzieje, przygody, doświadczenia i zapiski Dawida Copperfielda juniora, rodem z Blunderstone, (których nigdy ogłaszać drukiem nie zamierzał) : [powieść].
Estampas de caballeretes y de parejitas
fortunes of Colonel Torlogh O'Brien; a tale of the wars of King James, The
fortunes of the Colville family; or, A cloud and its silver lining: a Christmas story., The
Godfrey Malvern or The life of an author
Grimms' goblins.
Hawbuck Grange.
Historia de dos ciudades
Historien om två städer.
horloge de maître Humphrey
Jack Hinton : the guardsman
Klein Dorrit
Klub Pickwicka.
knight of Gwynne; a tale of the time of the union., The
Lewis Arundel; or, The railroad of life.
Life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, The
Little Dorrit
Luttrell of Arran
Magazyn osobliwości
Martin Chuzzlewit
Martins of Cro'Martin, The
Master Humphrey's clock.
minister's wooing., The
Mr. Facey Romford's hounds
Mr. Pickwick's pilgrimages.
Newgate novel 1830-1847, The : Bulwer, Ainsworth, Dickens & Thackeray
Nicholas Nickleby Roman
Nuts and nutcrackers
O'Donoghue; a tale of Ireland fifty years ago., The
old curiosity shop;, The
One of them
Opowieść o dwóch miastach
oude rariteitenwinkel, De
Our mess
Paved with gold
Penny theatres : from Sketches in London, 1838.
personal history of David Copperfield, The
"Phiz" (Hablot Knight Browne), 1882:
Phiz illustrations from the novels of Charles Dickens
Phiz! : the book illustrations of Hablot Knight Browne
Pickwick-klubbens efterlämnade papper ; med originalupplagans illustrationer av Robert Seymour och Hablôt K. Browne ("Phiz") ; [översättning av Nils Holmberg], 1994
Pickwick papers
Pickwickier oder Herrn Pickwick's und der correspondirenden Mitglieder des Pickwick-Clubs Kreuz- und Querzüge, Abentheur u. Thaten
Posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club, The
Racing and chasing; the road, the river and the hunt.
Rambling recollections of a soldier of fortune
Raritätenladen, Der : Roman
Roland Cashel.
romance and reality of the London streets
[Sämtliche Werke]
Selected short fiction
Sketches by Boz : illustrative of every-day life and every-day people
Sketches of young gentlemen and young couples.
Sporting adventures of Thomas Scott
Sprawy firmy Dombey i Syn : hurt, detal, export.
St. Patrick's eve
Star-chamber. - [1892], The
strange gentleman, 1828:, The
tale of two cities., A
Tales of the trains : being some chapters of railroad romance
Tom Burke of "Ours."
Traits and stories of the Irish peasantry.
wits and beaux of society in one volume, The
works of Charles Lever, The
Zwei Städte. -