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Constantine S. Rafinesque-Schmaltz (US-amerikanischer Polyhistor)
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque (naturalist)
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz (Amerikaans botanicus (1783-1840))
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz (biologo e archeologo statunitense)
Constantinus Samuel Rafinesque
Jobson, Constantine
Rafineque, Constantie Smaltz
Rafinesque, A.M.
Rafinesque, C. S.
‎Rafinesque, C. S.‏ ‎
Rafinesque, C.S. (Constantinople-born (French father, Greek mother of German extraction) naturalist and author; in Italy 1795-1802, in the United States 1802-1804(?), in Sicily 1804-1815; settling in the United States in 1815)
Rafinesque, Constantin S.
Rafinesque, Constantin Samuel
Rafinesque, Constantine S.
Rafinesque, Constantine S.‏ ‎
‎Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel (Constantinople-born (French father, Greek mother of German extraction) naturalist and author; in Italy 1795-1802, in the United States 1802-1804(?), in Sicily 1804-1815; settling in the United States in 1815)
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuele
Rafinesque-Schmaltz, C.S.
Rafinesque Schmaltz, Constantin Samuel
Rafinesque Schmaltz, Constantine Samuel
Rafinesque Smaltz, Constantin Samuel
Rafinesque Smaltz, Constantine Samuel
Schmaltz, Constantin Samuel Rafinesque
Schmaltz, Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-
Smaltz Rafinesque, Constantine
Константен Самуел Рафинеск
Рафинеск, Константэн Самюэль
Рафінеск Константін-Самуель
קונסטנטין סמואל רפינסק
قسطنطين صموئيل رافينسك
کنستانتین ساموئل رافینسکوئه
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Boewe, Charles E. (1924- ))
Brinton, Daniel G. (1837-1899)
Brinton, Daniel Garrison (1837-1899)
Call, Richard Ellsworth
Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)
Lanthois, E. Dr
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel (1783-1840)
Rafinesque, Jean (1929-...)
Reynaud, Georges (1941- ))
Reynaud, Georges (1941-...)
Robin, (Abbé)
Robin, Claude C.
Robin, Claude César
Seaton, Beverly
Tryon, George W.
Violani, Carlo
Alsographia americana or An american grove of new or revised trees and shrubs...
American manual of the grape vines and the art of making wine...
American manual of the mulberry trees their history, cultivation, properties, diseases, species and varieties etc., with hints on the production of silk from their barks etc.
American nations, or Outlines of their general history ancient and modern, including the whole history of the earth and mankind in the western hemisphere, the philosophy of American history, the annals, traditions, civilization, languages, etc., of all the American nations, tribes, empires and states... by C. S. Rafinesque,... First [-Second] volume...
Analyse de la nature ou Tableau de l'univers et des corps organisés
Ancient history, or Annals of Kentucky;
Annals of nature, or, Annual synopsis of new genera and species of animals, plants, &c. discovered in North America
Atlantic journal, and friend of knowledge.
Autikon botanikon or botanical illustrations of 2500 new, rare or beautiful trees, shrubs, plants, vines, lilies, grasses, ferns &c, of all regions, but chiefly North America, with descriptions &c and 2500 self figures or specimens
Brieven van Constantine Samuel Rafinesque (1783-1840) aan Christiaan Hendrik Persoon (1761/62-1836)
Bulletin of the historical and natural sciences
C.S. Rafinesque anthology, A
C. S. Rafinesque envoie ses travaux, Philadelphie, 15 novembre 1833
Caratteri di alcuni nuovi generi e nuove specie di animali e piante della Sicilia.
Chloris aetnensis o Le quattro florule dell'Etna
Circular address on botany and zoology ; followed by the prospectus of two periodical works; Annals of nature and Somiology of North America.
complete writings of Constantine Smaltz Rafinesque, on recent & fossil conchology., The
Descriptions of three new genera of plants, from the State of New York : Cylactis, Nemopanthus and Polanisia
Flora telluriana
Florula ludoviciana, or A flora of the state of Louisiana
Ichthyologia ohiensis, or Natural history of the fishes inhabiting the river Ohio and its tributary streams, preceded by a physical description of the Ohio and its branches.
Improvements of universities, colleges
Incombustible architecture, or, Fire proof buildings of all kinds, built as cheap as any combustible buildings
Indice d'ittiologia siciliana
John D. Clifford's Indian antiquities
Life of travels and researches in North America and south Europe.
Medical flora or Manual of the medical botany of the United States of North America containing a selection of above 100 figures and descriptions of medical plants, with their names, qualities, properties, history, &c., and notes or remarks on nearly 500 equivalent substitutes
Mexicans in 1830, The
monograph of the fluviatile bivalve shells of the river Ohio, A
Monographie des coquilles bivalves et fluviatiles de la rivière Ohio : contenant douze generes et soixante-huit espèces. Remarques sur les rapports naturels des genres viscum, samolus, et viburnum
natural family of Carexides, The
New Flora of North America : Third part : new Syloa
pleasures and duties of wealth., The
Précis des découvertes et travaux somiologiques de C.S. Rafinesque-Schmaltz entre 1800 et 1814 : ou choix raisonné de ses principales découvertes en zoologie et en botanique, pour servir d'introduction à ses ouvrages futurs.
Précis ou Abrégé des voyages, travaux, et recherches de C. S. Rafinesque, 1833 the original version of "A Life of travels", 1836
Principes fondamentaux de somiologie ou les loix de la nomenclature et de la classification de l'empire organique ou des animaux et des végétaux, contenant les règles essentielles de l'art de leur imposer des noms immuables et de les classer méthodiquement
Pulmiste, ou Introduction à l'art de guérir et de prévenir la consomption ou la phtisie chronique, La
Rafinesque : autobiography and lives
Review of flora Americae Septentrionalis, or a systematic arrangement and description of the plants of North America
Safe banking, including the Principles of wealth;
Second decade of undescribed American plants
Statements respecting a six per cent savings bank, or institution to be established in the city of Philadelphia
Sur les animaux polistomes et porostomes.
Sylva telluriana : mantissa synoptica ; trees and shrubs of North America and other parts ...
Voyages à travers l'Amérique, 1802-1840 la nature et les hommes
Walam olum.
Western minerva, or American annals of knowledge and literature
Works. Selections.
world or instability (1836)... A facsimile reproduction with an introduction by Charles Boewe., The
world, or, Instability. A poem. In twenty parts, with notes and illustrations., The