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Everard Home (britischer Anatom und Chirurg, Erstbeschreiber des Ichthyosaurier)
Everard Home (British surgeon)
Everard Home (Brits bioloog (1756-1832))
Everard Home (chirurgo, anatomista e paleontologo inglese)
Home, Eberhard
Home, Everard
Home, Everard (Sir)
Home, Everh
Хом, Эверард
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Babington, George Gisborne (1794?-1856)
Baillie, Matthew (1761-1823))
Bell, Thomas (1792-1880)
Froriep, Ludwig Friedrich von (1779-1847)
Hunter, John (1728-1793))
Marchant, Léon
Ottley, Drewry
Raffles, Thomas Stamford (sir, 1781-1826.)
Roberton, John (1776-1820 ou 21))
Sprengel, Wilhelm
description of the teeth of the Delphinus Gangeticus, A
Hunterian oration in honour of surgery... instituted by the executors of John Hunter, delivered... [in] 1822, The
Lectures on comparative anatomy, in which are explained the preparations in the Hunterian collection, illustr. by engravings
Observations on the Changes the ovum of the Frog under goes during the Formation of the Tadpole
Observations on the mode of generation of the kanguroo. By Everard Home, Esq. F.R.S. from the philosophical transactions.
Observations on the structure, and mode of growth, of the grinding teeth of the wild boar, and animal incognitum
Observations on the structure of the different cavities, which constitute the stomach of the whale, compared with those of ruminating animals, with a view to ascertain the situation of the digestive organ
On the generative system Being an anatomical and physiological sketch of the parts of generation, and a treatise on their diseases ... as well as the more important complaints of the female ... To which are appended, a critical examination of Sir E. Home's works on stricture, a practical essay on scrofulous, and other ulcers, eruptions, &c. and an enquiry into the nature, properties, and uses of the lyttæ, &c
On the irritability of nerves.
On the power of the eye to adjust itself to different distances, when deprived of the crystalline lens, 1802:
Practical observations on the treatment of strictures in the urethra and in the oesophagus
Practical observations on the treatment of the diseases of the prostate gland
Practical observations on the treatment of ulcers on the legs, considered as a branch of military surgery. To which are added some observations on varicose veins and piles
Praktische Bemerkungen über die Heilart der Harnröhrverengerungen durch Aetzmittel
Praktische Beobachtungen über die Behandlung der Krankheiten der Vorsteherdrüse
short account of the author's life [John Hunter], A : reprod. de l'éd. de 1794]
short tract on the formation of tumours and the peculiarities that are met with in the structure of those that have become cancerous; with their mode of treatment, A
Some account of the Dugong
Some observations on the structure of the teeth of graminivorous quadrupeds; particularly those of the elephant and sus aethiopicus
Traité ou Observations pratiques et pathologiques sur le traitement des maladies de la glande prostate
treatise on the blood, inflammation, and gun-shot wounds, A
works of John Hunter, F.R.S. with notes., The