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Conaill, Dońall
Conaill, Dónall Ó.
Daniel O’Connell
Daniel O’Connell (irischer Freiheitskämpfer)
Daniel O'Connell (Irish political leader)
Daniel O'Connell (irländsk advokat och politiker)
Daniel O'Connell (irsk advokat og politikar)
Daniel O'Connell (irsk advokat og politiker)
Daniel O'Connell (politico e avvocato irlandese)
Daniel O'Connell (politicus uit Ierland (1775-1847))
Dónall Ó Conaill
Liberator (Pseudonym)
Ó Conaill, Dónall
O'Connel, Daniel
O'Connell, ..
O'Connell, Dan
O'Connell, Daniel
O'Connell, Daniel ((1775-1847))
Денієл О'Коннел
О’Коннелл, Дэниел
დენიელ ო’კონელი
דניאל או'קונל
دانيال أوكونل
แดเนียล โอคอนเนลล์
အိုကွန်နယ် ဒန်းနယဲ
도날 오 코날
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Barrett, Richard (d. 1854.)
Fitz-Simon, Ellen (1805-1883)
Fournier, Ortaire
Ireland. Court of King's Bench
Irish manuscripts commission
Loyal National Repeal Association of Ireland
O'Connell, Daniel (1816-1897; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
O'Connell, Daniel Charles Comte (1745-1833)
O'Connell, John (1810-1858)
O'Connell, Mary (1778-1836)
O'Connell, Maurice Richard
Peñalver Y Peñalver, Narciso José
Tierney, Thomas
Tyrrell, Peter James (1793-1843)
Address of Catholics of Ireland to the Protestant dissenters of England.
Brief biographical sketch of D. O'Connell,...]
Cartas al Libertador
Chenevix Trench, C. The Great Dan, 1984:
Cobbett's Manchester lecturesade in Dublin, on the 4th of January, 1832, against the proposition for the establishing of poor-laws in Ireland
Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell...
Daniel O'Connell and the committee of the Irish repeal association of Cincinnati.
Daniel O'Connell upon American slavery : with other Irish testimonies.
Discours de M. O'Connell [prononcé à Manchester, en faveur de l'Irlande et contre Robert Peel]
Dublin review
Five reports of the committee of the Precursor Association to whom it was referred, to enquire and report upon the relative state and nature of the parliamentary franchises in the United Kingdom, and to suggest the best modes for their identification and improvement : with an appendix
Full report of the proceedings of the meeting of the electors of Birmingham held ... the 28th day of November, 1834 with introductory remarks by the editor of the Birmingham Journal, extracts from the Examiner and Mr. Bulwer's pamphlet, and the admirable speech of O'Connell in Dublin on the recent change of ministers, "Lord Durham is the man..
full report of the speech of Daniel O'Connell on the subject of church rates and parish cess, as delivered at a meeting of catholics on wednesday, the 10th of January, 1827
Historical account of the laws respecting Roman Catholics.
Irish state trials
Irland's Zuständen alter und neuer Zeit
Irlande et les Irlandais, L' : mémoire de Daniel O'Connell
judgment of Lord Denman in the case of O'Connell and others against the Queen, The : as delivered in the House of Lords, September 4, 1844 : with notes, a preface, and additional observations
King of the beggars
Leben und Wirken Daniel O'Connells, mit dessen Dankschr. an die Köni*. -
Letter from Daniel O'Connell to his wife Mary
Letter to the Marquis Wellesley
letter to the members of the House of Commons of the United Parliament of Great Britain and Ireland, on the legal right of Roman Catholics to sit in Parliament to which is added a reply to Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, Esq, A
Letters of Daniel O'Connell, Esq. M.P. on the Reform Bill
Letters to the ministers and office bearers of the Wesleyan Methodist societies of Manchester
Life and speeches of Daniel O'Connell .... Including many speeches not in other collections.
life and times of D. O'Connell., The : With the beauties of his principle speeches.
martyre d'un peuple, Le
memoir of the Union, and the agitations for its repeal, A : in which that measure, its causes and its consequences, are historically and politically reviewed, and its indissolubility demonstrated from many great authorities, and particularly by that of Daniel O'Connell, Esq., M.P. ...
Memoir on Ireland native and Saxon
O'Connell's speeches in London, April, 1834 : [publ. by the Machester Repeal Committee].
O'Connell, Young Ireland, and violence.
Observations on corn laws, on political pravity and ingratitude
Opposition critics the antisymbolist reaction in the modern period
Oración fúnebre de Daniel O'Connell : pronunciada en la basílica de San Pedro de Roma; los dias 28 y 30 de Junio de 1847 por el R. P.
Part of affidavit signed by Daniel O'Connell as Lord Mayor of Dublin, 13th August 1842
Popular life of Daniel O'Connell : including the funeral oration of Padre Ventura at Rome, Father Burke's sermon at Glasnevin, and Wendell Phillips' centennial oration.
repeal catechism, The : being a familiar discourse on the repeal ...
Repeal of the Union : Mr. O'Connell's address to the jury in the case of the King v. Barrett, ... Court of King's Bench, ... November 26th, 1833. ...
Repeal of the Union report of the debate in the House of Commons on Mr. O'Connell's motion, and the proceedings in the House of Lords, on Earl Grey's motion for concurring in the address of the Commons, April, 1834.
Report of the committee, appointed at a public meeting held in Dublin, Thursday, March, 19, 1840. : To consider the effect of Lord Stanley's Irish registration bill.
Report of the committee : of the National Association of Ireland, on the means by which the union was carried
Society for the Improvement of the Condition of Factory Children
special report of the proceedings in the case of the Queen against Daniel O'Connell, Esq., M. P., John O'Connell, Esq., M. P., Thomas Steele, Esq., Thomas Matthew Ray, Esq., Charles Gavan Duffy, Esq., Rev. Thomas Tierney, Rev. Peter James Tyrrell, John Gray, Esq., M. D., and Richard Barrett, Esq., A : in the Court of Queen's Bench, Ireland, Michaelmas Term 1843 and Hilary Term 1844, on an indictment for conspiracy and misdemeanour
speech of Daniel O'Connell, Esq. M.P. in answer to an address presented to him from the trades' societies on his arrival in Edinburgh on ... September 17th, 1835, The
speeches and public letters of the Liberator, The
To the people of Ireland : beloved fellow country men
To the worthy & independent electors of the borough of Taunton
Triumphant reply of Mr. O'Connell : to the speeches of the Solicitor-General, (Dogherty)-- Lord L. Gower-- North and Callaghan, on requiring the judge's notes, and other papers connected with the trials of the persons charged with the Doneraile Conspiracy, on ... May 12th, 1830.
Über Irland und die Irländer
Uí Ógáin, R. An rí gan choróin, 1984: