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De Pachmann, Vladimir
Pachman, Vladimir de
Pachmann, Vladimir de
Pachmann, Wladimir de
Pachmann, Wladimir von
Vladimir de Pachmann
Vladimir de Pachmann (pianista russo)
Vladimir de Pachmann (Russisch pianist (1848-1933))
Vladimir de Pachmann (Ukrainian pianist)
Vladimir von Pachmann
Vladimir von Pachmann (rysk pianist)
Wladimir von Pachmann (Pianist)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
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Bloomfield-Zeisler, Fannie (1863-1927)
Chopin, Frédéric (1810-1849)
Chopin, Fryderyk (1810-1849))
Cortot, Alfred (1877-1962)
Friedman, Ignaz
Horowitz, Vladimir (1903-1989)
Lhévinne, Josef (1874-1944)
Paderewski, Ignace Jan (1860-1941)
Paderewski, Ignacy Jan (1860-1941)
Rosenthal, Moriz (1862-1946)
Ballade in A Flat Major op. 47
Chopin & Raff, Schumann & Verdi-Listz
Dead or alive Horowitz, Lhévinne, Ney, Pachmann, Paderewski, Schnabel, Serkin and others today playing their 1904 - 1928 interpretations and in addition Peter Orth playing today
Dictionnaire biographique des musiciens
Early Recordings by the Pianist: The Condon Collection: Rare Recordings
essential Pachmann 1907-1927 early and unissued recordings
Étude en sol bémol majeur, Op. 25 n° 9 (Enr. 1907/1909)
Etude in C minor Op. 10/12
Etude in F major op. 25 n °3
Etude in G flat major Op. 25/9
Etüden, Kl
Études op. 10 and op. 25
Genius at the keyboard
Great pianists play Chopin
Impromptu in Flat Major, Op. 36
Instrumental music.
Italian Concerto in F Major: I. II. & III.
Keyboard giants of the past.
Masters of the Roll: Rare Original Recordings From the Reproducing Piano by the Great masters of Classical Piano 1904 - 1935: A 32 CD Catalogue: Disc 20
Masters Of The Roll - Vladimir De Pachmann, The
Mazurka in A Flat Major, Op. 50 No. 2
Mazurka in A minor, Op. 67,4 (posth.)
Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 67 No. 4
Mazurka in B minor, Op. 33,4
Mazurka in C major, Op. 33,3
Mazurka in C major, Op. 56 No. 2
Mendelssohn and Brahms
Minute Waltz in D-flat major, Op. 64 No. 1
Moment Musical in F Minor, Op. 94 No. 3
Nocturne in B major, Op. 32 No. 1
Nocturne in C-sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 1
Nocturne in D flat major op. 27 n °2
Nocturne in G major Op. 37/2
Novelette op. 21 n °1
Original piano roll recordings
Pachmann the mythic pianist 1907-1937 recordings
Piano music.
Polonaise; op.26, n °1
Prelude in F major, Op. 28 No. 23
Prélude op. 28 n °15
Préludes, OP. 28 No. 15 in D flat major
Préludes, OP. 28 No. 23 in F major
Préludes, OP. 28 No. 24 in D minor
Rondo a la turk KV 331
Song Without Words No. 25 in G Major, Op. 62 No. 1
Song Without Words No. 46 in G Minor, A
Valse en ré bémol majeur, Op. 64 n° 1 (Enr. 1907/1909)
Valse en ut Dièse mineur, Op. 64 n° 2 (Enr. 1907/1909)
Valse in C sharp minor op. 64 n °2
Vladimir de Pachmann.
Waltz in a flat; op.64, n °3
Waltz in C-sharp minor, op. 64, no. 2
Waltz in D flat major Op. 64/1
Waltz in D-flat, op. 64, no. 1
Waltz in F major, Op. 34 No. 3
Welte-Mignon piano. Hotel Waldhaus Sils-Maria
Werke, Kl
Works, piano.
Contributed to or performed: 
Rigoletto Paraphrase