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James Rennell (britischer Geograph, Historiker und Pionier der Ozeanographie)
James Rennell (British academic)
James Rennell (Brits historicus (1742-1830))
Old Englishman
Ranal, Ǧīms
Renell, J.
Renell, James
Rennel, ..
Rennel, J.
Rennel, James
Rennel, .. (M.)
Rennel (Major)
Rennell, ..
Rennell, J.
Rennell, Jacob
Rennell, Jacobo
Rennell, Jacques
Rennell, Jakob
Rennell (James)
Rennell, James (Major)
Rennell, Jaq
Rennell, Jaques
Джеймс Ренел
Реннел, Джеймс
جیمز رنل (تاریخ‌نگار بریتانیایی)
জেমস রেনেল
Creation class: 
Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript cartographic material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Bernoulli, Jean (1744-1807)
Boucheseiche, Jean-Baptiste (1760-1825))
Buache, Jean-Nicolas (1741-1825)
Castéra, Jean Henri (1749-1838)
Dalrymple, Alexander (1737-1808)
Dury, Andrew (17..-1778)
Freire, Cipriano Ribeiro (1749-1825)
Harrison, William Senior (17..-18..? graveur)
Houghton, Daniel c (1740-1791)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Lallemant, Antoine Jean Noel
Langlès, Louis Mathieu (1763-1830))
Park, Mungo (1771-1806)
Sayer, Robert (1725-1794)
Tieffenthaller, Joseph (n. 1710)
Walker, J.
Actual Survey of the Provinces of Bengal Bahar etc..., An
Bengal atlas... by James Rennel,...
Bengal atlas, containing maps of the theatre of war and commerce on that side of Hindoostan, compiled from the original Surveys and published by order of the... Court of directors for the affairs of east India company, A
Burrampooter from the head of the Luekia or Banner River to Assam
Carte de l'Indostan ou de l'empire Mogol d'après les observations les plus récentes
Carte du Bengale, Bahar etc
chart of the bank of Lagullus
Charte von Ost Indien : nach des Major J. Rennels General Charte von 1782
Concerning the identity of the architectural remains at Jerash, and whether they are those of Gerasa, or of Pella, communicated to the Society of antiquaries, by Major Rennell,...
description of the roads in Bengal and Bahar. -, A
Doe-Ab from Allahabad to Kalpy
Esquisse de la partie septentrionale de l'Afrique tracée en 1790 et corrigée en 1793 par le major Rennell, d'après les notions géographiques recueillies par la société d'Afrique
Geographical system of herodotus examined and explained by a comparison with those of other ancient authors, and with modern geography
Hoogly River, from Nuddeah to the Sea with Balasore Road and plan of the Attack of Oudanulla. 20 Miles [=Om. 099 : 325 000 environ]
Investigation of the currents of the Atlantic Ocean...
journal of Frederick Horneman's travels, The : from Cairo to Mourzouk, the capital of the kingdom of Fezzan, in Africa
map of Bengal, Bahar, Oude & Allahabad with part of Agra and Delhi exhibing the course of the Ganges from Hurdwar to the Sea, A
map of South Bihar including the course of the Ganges to Chunargur, inscribed to Sir Hector Munro, ..., A
Map of the Provinces of Delhi, Agrah, Oude and Ellahabad, comprehending the Countries lying between Delhi and the Bengal-Provinces, A
map of the Sunderbund and Baliagot passages, A : 322 000 environ]
map, shewing the progress of discovery & improvement, in the geography of North Africa, A
marches of the British armies in the peninsula of India during the campaigns of 1790 and 1791; illustrated and explained by reference to a map, ... By Major Rennell., The
Mélanges d'histoire et de statistique sur l'Inde...
Memoir of a map of Hindoostan, or the Mogul empire... by James Rennell,... 3d edition. With a second supplementary map, containing the new geography of the peninsula of India and an explanatory memoir
Memoir of a map of Hindoostan; or, The Mogul empire: with an introduction, illustrative of the geography and present division of that country: and a map of the countries situated between the heads of the Indian rivers, and the Caspian Sea
Memoir of a map of Hindoostan or, The Mogul's empire: with an examination of some positions in the former system of Indian geography; and some illustrations of the present one: and a complete index of names to the map
Memoir of a map of the peninsula of India, from the latest authorities, exhibiting its natural, and political divisions, the latter conformable to the treaty of Seringapatam, in March, 1792 ; with observations on the political and military advantages that may be derived from the new cessions, and an account of the site and remains of the ancient city of Beejanuggur, by Major Rennell...
[Mor Rennell. Mémoire sur la carte de l'Indoustan. Atlas.]
Mungo Park's reize in Afrika
new general map of the East Indies, A : exhibiting in the Peninsula on this side of the Ganges, or Hindoostan, the several partitions of the Mogul's Empire : and in the peninsula beyond the Ganges, the kingdoms of Assam, Cashar, Aua, Aracan, Mien, Pegu, Siam, Lao and Cambodia, &c.
Observations on a current that often prevails to the westward of Scilly endangering the safety of ships that approach the British Channel. By James Rennell, Esq. F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactions.
Observations on the topography of the plain of Troy : and on the principal objects within, and around it described, or alluded to, in the Iliad. Shewing that the system of M. de Chevalier, so long upheld, is founded on a most erroneous topography. And also, that the two sources, denominated the warm, and the cold, spring, on which his system materially rests, do not present any contrast; but are exactly alike in point of temperature; that is, cold. With a map, in which the topography set forth by M. de Chevalier, is contrasted with the several statements of three other travellers in the Troad. Also, a sketch of the western part of the region of Mount Ida ...
On the rate of travelling as performed by camels, and its application, as a scale, to the purposes of geography, by James Rennell,...
Park's travels
Plan of Abai harbour on the NW coast of Borneo
Plan of Dellamcotta Fort
Plan of the environs of the city of Dacca. 8 British Miles [=Om. 100 : 125 000 environ]
Recueil de cartes géographiques pour la description de l'Indostan
Reisen im Innern von Afrika auf Veranstaltung der afrikanischen Gesellschaft in den Jahren 1795 bis 1797 unternommen aus dem Englischen
Reize in de binnenlanden van Afrika, gedurende de jaren 1795, 1796 en 1797
River Ganges
route in detail of Cyrus the Younger from Sardio to Babylonia. And the retreat of the ten thousand From thence to Trebisonde and Lydia... 1815
Sketch of the Northern part of Africa exhibiting the geographical information
Sooloo archipelago, laid down chiefly from observations in 1761, 1762, 1763 & 1764
Travels in the interior districts of Africa: performed under the direction and patronage of the African Association, in the years 1795, 1796 and 1797
Treatise on the comparative Geography of Western Asia. -, A
Voyage de F. Hornemann, dans l'Afrique septentrionale, depuis le Caire jusqu'a Mourzouk, capitale du royaume de Fezzan, Suivi d'Eclaircissemens sur la géographie de l'Afrique.
Voyages de MM. Lédyard et Lucas en Afrique, entrepris et publiés par ordre de la Société anglaise d'Afrique : suivis d'extraits de Voyages faits à la rivière de Gambie, par ordre de la Compagnie anglaise d'Afrique, et d'un mémoire écrit sous le règne de Charles II, concernant la grande quantité d'or qu'on trouve près de cette rivière : traduits de l'anglais par A.J.N. Lallemant, l'un des secrétaires de la Marine, membre de la Société française d'Afrique, instituée à Marseille, & traducteur de plusieurs relations de voyages..
Voyages et découvertes dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique
Waarnemingen over een stroom, welke dikwijls stand grijpt ten Westen van Scilly, of de Sorlings, en gevaarlijk is voor schepen, die het engelsche kanaal aandoen ... : benevens een Aanhangzel, bevattende eenige waarneemingen over de stroomen in den Atlantischen Oceaan, en byzonderlyk over den Golfstroom van Florida
ملاحظات هول اسس خريطة الهندوستان او مملكة المغول. القسم الاول