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Chichilnisky, G.
Chichilnisky, Graciela
Graciela Chichilnisky (American economist)
Graciela Chichilnisky (Argentijns wiskundige)
Graciela Chichilnisky (argentinsk ekonom och matematiker)
Graciela Chichilnisky (argentinsk økonom og matematikar)
Graciela Chichilnisky (argentinsk økonom og matematiker)
Чичилински, Грациела
گراسیلا چیچیلنیسکی (ریاضی‌دان و اقتصاددان آرژانتینی)
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Computer file
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writer of accompanying material
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Abraham, Ralph
Beltratti, A.
Beltratti, Andrea
Candeal, J. C.
Cass, David
Chanel, Olivier
Chichilnisky, G
Chichilnisky, G.
Cole, Sam
Columbia University / School of Arts and Sciences / Department of Economics
Di Matteo, Massimo
Dutta, J.
Eisenberger, Peter
Gallopin, G.
Geoffrey, Heal M.
Gorbachev, Olga
Graciela, Chichilnisky
Gruenwald, P.F.
Gruenwald, Paul F.
Heal, G
Heal, G.
Heal, G. M.
Heal, G. M. (1944-)
Heal, G.M.
Heal, Geoffrey
Heal, Geoffrey M.
Heal, Geoffrey Martin
IndurÂin, E.
Kalman, P. J.
Kalman, P.J.
Kalman, Peter J
Lin, Y.
Lin, Yun
McLeod, D.
McLeod, Darryl
Pagano, U.
Record, Ron
Sepahban, Amir H.
Sheeran, Kristen A.
Starret, D.
Streufert, P.A.
Taylor, Lance
Thomson, William
Tsomocos, D. P.
Tsomocos, D.P.
Vercelli, Alessandro
Wu, H.M.
Wu, Ho-Mou
Zhou, Yuqing
9216028, Environmental Policies in an International Context
abatement of carbon emissions in industrial and developing countries, The
Actions of symmetry groups
Agricultural productivity and trade: Argentina and the U.S.A.
Agriculture and the rest of the economy: macroconnections and policy restraints.
Application of functional analysis to models of efficient allocation of economic resources
Arbitrage and Equilibrium in Economies with Infinitely Many Securities and Commodities.
Arbitrage, Equilibrium and the Pareto Frontier in Lp and Sobolev Spaces.
Asteroids: Assessing Catastrophic Risks
Avoiding extinction: equal treatment of the present and the future
Avoiding extinction : the future of economics
axiomatic approach to choice under uncertainty with catastrophic risks, An
axiomatic approach to sustainable development, An
Basic goods, the effects of commodity transfers and the international economic order
Basic needs and global models: resources, trade and distribution
Basic needs and the North/South debate, 1982:
Believing in Multiple Equilibria.
Book Reviews -- Trade and Structural Change in Pacific Asia (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report series) edited by Colin I. Bradford Jr and William H. Branson
Catastrophe or new society? : a Latin American world model
Catastrophic risks
Chaotic Price Dynamics and Increasing Returns.
Chaotic price dynamics, increasing returns and the Phillips curve
Community preferences and social choice
Comparative statics and dynamics of optimal choice models in Hilbert spaces
Comparative statics of less neoclassical agents
Competitive Equilibrium in Sobolev spaces with Unbounded Short Sales.
Competitive equilibrium in Sobolev spaces without bounds on short sales
Competitive Equilibriumin Sobolev Spaces with Unbounded Short Sales.
Cone Condition, Properness, and Extremely Desirable Commodities., The
Conference Report: Trends in mathematical modelling
Continuous representation of preference
costs and benefits of benefit-cost analysis, The
Development at the turn of our century
Development patterns and the international order
Disarmament in the context of the international economic order
Economic Development and Efficiency Criteria in the Satisfaction of Basic Needs
Economic returns from the biosphere
Economic theory and the global environment
economic value of the Earth's resources, The
economics of climate change, The
economics of global environmental risk, The
Energy-Capital Substitution: A General Equilibrium Analysis
Energy Safety, Economic Development and Global Warming. Short and Long Term Challenges
Energy security, economic development and global warming: addressing short and long term challenges
environment and the long run: A comparison of different criteria, The
environmental impact of globalization on Latin America: a prospective approach, The
Environmental markets : equity and efficiency
equilibrium analysis of the gender wage gap, An
Equity and Efficiency in Global Emissions Markets
evolution of a global network: a game of coalition formation, The
Evolving International Economy, The
Existence and characterization of optimal growth paths including models with non-convexities in utilities and technologies
Existence and Optimality of a General Equilibrium with Endogenous Uncertainty.
Existence of an optimal growth path with endogenous technical change
Existence of an Optimal Path in a Growth Model with Endogenous Technical Change., The
Existence of Equilibrium in Regular Economies with Incomplete Markets.
Existence of optimal savings policies with imperfect information and non-convexities
extension of comparative statics to a general class of optimal choice models, An
Financial Innovation and Endogenous Uncertainty in Incomplete Asset Markets.
Financial Innovation in Property Catastrophe Reinsurance: The Convergence of Insurance and Capital Markets
Financial instruments for human development
Financial Markets for Unknown Risks.
foundations of statistics with black swans, The
Future of Global Reinsurance, The
Gender Gap, The
Gender pay gap
General equilibrium and social choice with increasing returns
general equilibrium theory of North-South trade, A
General equilibrium with endogenous uncertainty and default*
geometry of implementation: a necessary and sufficient condition for straightforward games (*), The
Global Environment and North-South Trade.
Global Environmental Risks
Global models and North-South relations
Global warming and carbon-negative technology: prospects for a lower-cost route to a lower-risk atmosphere
Green capitalism : negative carbon and the green power fund
Green Golden Rule, The
Group Actions on Spin Manifolds
How air capture could help to promote a Copenhagen solution
Individual risk and mutual insurance
influence of fear in decisions: Experimental evidence, The
Intensity of preferences and von Neumann-Morgenstern utilities
International Emission Permits: Equity and Efficiency.
International trade in resources: a general equilibrium analysis
Intersecting families of sets and the topology of cones in economics
knowledge revolution, The
Large and small models: their suitability for North-South issues
Lectures on Topology and Resources Allocation.
Limited Arbitrage and Uniqueness of Equilibrium in Stricly Regular Economies.
Limited Arbitrage Is Necessary and Sufficient for the Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium with or without Short Sales.
Limited arbitrage is necessary and sufficient for the existence of an equilibrium
Limited arbitrage is necessary and sufficient for the non-emptiness of the core
Managing unknown risks: the future of global reinsurance
Manifolds of preferences and equilibria
Manipulations and repeated games in future markets
Market arbitrage, social choice and the core
Market Innovation and the Global Environment
Markets and games: a simple equivalence among the core, equilibrium and limited arbitrage
Markets, Arbitrage and Social Choice.
Markets, arbitrage and social choices
Markets for tradeable CO2 emission quotas principles and practice
Markets, information, and uncertainty : essays in economic theory in honor of Kenneth J. Arrow
Markets with endogenous uncertainty: theory and policy
Markets with tradable CO2 emission quotas: principles and practice
Mathematical economics
model of technology, domestic distribution and North-South relations, A
Modeling with scenarios: technology in north-south development
Modelling with Scenarios: Technology in North-South Development
Monetary Policies with Increasing Returns
Necessary and sufficient conditions for a resolution of the social choice paradox
Necessary & Sufficient Conditions for Pareto Efficiency of equilibrium in Non-Convex Economies.
No block to trade
Non-conflicting oil pricing policies in the long run
Nonlinear functional analysis and optimal economic growth
North-South Interdependence, development and trade
North-South trade and basic needs
North-South trade and exported-led policies
North-South trade and the dynamics of renewable resources
North-South trade and the dynamics of the environment, Chapter 2.2
North-South trade and the global environment
North-South trade, property rights and the dynamics of environmental resources
Oil and the international economy
Oil prices and the developing countries- the evidence of the last decade
Oil supplies, industrial output and prices : a simple general equilibrium macro analysis
On fixed point theorems and social choice paradoxes
On strategic control
On the existence and the structure of the pseudo-equilibrium manifold
On the Existence and the Topology of Equilibria in Incomplete Asset Markets.
On the mathematical foundations of political economy
Option and Non-Use of Environmental Assets.
Option values and endogenous uncertainty in ESOPs, MBOs and asset-backed loans
paradoxe des marchés verts, Le
Patterns of power: bargaining and incentives in two-person games
Price Ubncertainty and Derivative Securities in General Equilibrium.
Price Uncertainty and Derivative Securities in a General Equilibrium Model.
Problems of Labor Market Adjustments to Industrial Health Hazards
Problems of market adjustments to occupational safety and health hazards
Properties of critical points and operators in economics
Property Rights and Returns to Scale: Patents, Firms and Market Failure.
Property rights and the dynamics of North-South trade, chapter 8
Property rights and the dynamics of renewable resources in North-South trade, Chapter 1
Property Rights on Biodiversity and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Radical Shift in Managing Risks: Practical Applications of Complexity Theory, A
Resources and North-South trade: a macro analysis in open economies
Resources, trade and debt: the case of Mexico
robust theory of resource allocation, A
Robustly Effecient Equilibria in Non-Convex Economies.
Saving Kyoto an insider's guide to how it works, why it matters and what it means for the future
Smooth infinite economies
Social Aggregation Rules and Continuity.
Social choice and game theory: recent results with a topological approach
Social choice and the closed convergence topology
Social choice and the topology of spaces of preferences
Social choice with infinite populations: construction of a rule and impossibility results
Social diversity, arbitrage, and gains from trade: A unified perspective on resource allocation
Some results from a model of trade, aid and development in South
Spaces of economic agents
Strategies for trade liberalization in the Americas
Structural instability of decisive majority rules
Surviving Kyoto's `do or die' summit
Surviving Kyoto's 'do or die' summit
Sustainability : dynamics and uncertainty
Sustainable development and north-south trade.
Sustainable Development and Social Choice.
Sustainable development : equal treatment of the present and the future?
Sustainable growth and the green golden rule
Sustainable markets with short sales
Sustainable use of renewable resources, Chapter 2.1
Taxation and savings : neo-classical and Keynesian results in a general equilibrium framework
Technology distribution and north-south relations
Technology, Growth and Development: An Induced Innovation Perspective
Terms of trade and domestic distribution : Export-led growth with abundant labour
Terms of trade, domestic distribution and export-led growth : A Rejoinder to rejoinders
theory of commodity prize stabilization: A study in the economics of risk, The : David M.G. Newbery and Joseph E. Stiglitz, (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1981), pp. xvii + 462
Topological aggregation of preferences: the case of a continuum of agents
Topological complexity of manifolds of preferences
topological equivalence of the pareto condition and the existence of a dictator, The
topological invariant for competitive markets, A
Topology and invertible maps
Topology and markets
topology of fear, The
Topoloy and economics: the contributions of S. Smale
Trade and development in the 1980s
Trade and structural change in Pacific Asia
Trade and the evolving world economy
Trade, migration, and environment: a general equilibrium analysis, Chapter 2.3
Trade regimes and Gatt: resource intensive vs. knowledge intensive growth, Chapter 10
Traditional comparative advantage vs. increasing returns to scale: NAFTA and the GATT
Traditional Comparative Advantages vs Economies of Scale: NAFTA and the GATT.
transfer problem in stable markets, The : A rejoinder to rejoinders
transfer problem with three agents once again, The : Characterization, uniqueness and stability
Uncertain future preferences and conservation
Under‐valuing the earth
Unified Perspective on Resource Allocation, A : Limited Arbitrage is Necessary and Sufficient for the Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium, the Core and Social Choice.
unified treatment of finite and infinite economies: limited arbitrage is necessary and sufficient for the existence of equilibrium and the core, A
Valuing life: experimental evidence using sensitivity to rare events
Volatility in the knowledge economy
Von Neuman- Morgenstern utilities and cardinal preferences
Von Neumann-Morgenstern Utilities and Cardinal Preferences
Walrasian Mechanism from Equal Division Is Not Monotonic with Respect to Variations in the Number of Consumers/The Population Monotonicity Property and the Transfer Paradox, The
What is sustainability?
What is sustainable development?
Who Needs Energy Taxes?
Who should abate carbon emissions? : an international viewpoint
world oil market, past and future, The
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