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Alexander Crawford Lindsay Crawford
Alexander Crawford Lindsay, Earl of Crawford
Alexander Crawford Lindsay of Crawford
Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford (British art historian)
Balcarres, Alexander W. of Crawford-
Balcarres, Alexander William (25th earl of Crawford and 8th earl of)
Balcarres, Alexander William Lindsay (earl of)
Crawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay
Crawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay (Earl of)
Crawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay Earl of (British peer, writer, 1812-1880)
Crawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay of
Crawford, Alexander William
Crawford, Alexander William (25th earl of, and 8th earl of Balcarres)
Crawford, Alexander William Crawford Lindsay
Crawford, Alexander William Crawford Lindsay (25th Earl of)
Crawford, Alexander William Crawford Lindsay of
Crawford, Alexander William Lindsay (earl of)
Crawford, Alexander William of
Crawford and Balcarres, Alex
Crawford and Balcarres, Alex (Earl of)
Crawford and Balcarres, Alexander
Crawford and Balcarres, Alexander (Earl of)
Crawford and Balcarres, Alexander William (earl of)
Crawford-Balcarres, Alex. W. (earl of)
Crawford-Balcarres, Alexander W. of
Crawford, David Alexander Edward Lindsay
Crawford Lindsay, Alexander William of
Crawford (Lord)
Crawford, ... of
Lindsay, Alexander
Lindsay, Alexander Crawford
Lindsay, Alexander Crawford (Earl of Crawford)
Lindsay, Alexander Crawford of Crawford
Lindsay, Alexander William
Lindsay, Alexander William (25th earl of Crawford)
Lindsay, Alexander William Crawford
Lindsay, Alexander WIlliam Crawford Lord
Lindsay, .. (Lord)
Lord Linsay
Линдси, Александр
25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Farren, J. W.
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
Hiersemann, Karl W.
Karl W. Hiersemann (Leipzig)
Lindsay, Colin Hon., 1755-1795
Lindsay, James Stair Hon., d. 1783
Lindsay, John Hon., 1762-1826
Lindsay, Robert (1754-1836)
Maidment, James (1793-1879)
Strong, Arthur
Ballads, songs and poems
Bibliotheca Lindesiana. -
Collectanea genealogica.
creed of Japhet that is of the race popularly surnamed Indo-Germanic or Aryan, as held before the period of its dispersion, ascertained by the aid of comparative mythology and language, The
Critical studies and fragments
earldom of Mar, 1882:, The
earldom of Mar in sunshine and in shade during five hundred years. With incidental notices of the leading cases of Scottish dignities from the reign of King Charles I. till now., The
Early Bindings, Broadsides, Proclamations and Ballads, exhibited by the Earl of Crawford *
Etruscan Inscriptions. -
Fiftieth anniversary address delivered in the Pierpont Morgan Library on February 5, 1997
genius of Keats an interpretation, The
Letter on the present state and prospects of Syria
Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land : in two volumes
Lives of the Lindsays : or, A memoir of the houses of Crawford and Balcarres
memoir of Lady Anna Mackenzie, A : countess of Balcarres and afterwards of Argyll, 1621-1706
Philosophy of F. H. Jacobi. -, The
Progression by antagonism : a theory, involving considerations touching the present position, duties, and destiny of Great Britain.
Report of the speeches of counsel and of the Lord Chancellor and Lord St. Leonards in moving the resolution upon the claim of James, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres to the original dukedom of Montrose (created in 1488) : as referred to the House of Lords by Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, for their advice and opinion thereupon : preceded by an address to Her Majesty, in humble remonstrance against the opinion reported to Her Majesty, and by an analysis of the argument as between the claimant and the officers representing the Crown, with the opinions of the Committee of Privileges, point by point throughout : and followed by an appendix, containing the leading documents adduced and referred to, and the oral evidence delivered by and on behalf of the claimant and the Crown in this case
Sketches of the history of Christian art
Thesaurus scriptorum catholicorum