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Asher, John Symon
Bruce, Jack
Bruce, John Symon Asher
Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce (britischer Rockmusiker)
Jack Bruce (Brits componist (1943-2014))
Jack Bruce (brytyjski kompozytor, wokalista i basista (The Cream))
Jack Bruce (musicista, compositore e cantante scozzese)
Jack Bruce (Scottish musician)
Jack Bruce (skót zenész, zeneszerző)
Jack Bruce (skotský hudebník)
Jack Bruce (skotský hudobník)
John Symon Asher Bruce
Τζακ Μπρους
Джек Брюс
Џек Брус
ג'ק ברוס
جاك بروس
جک بروس (آهنگساز و خواننده اسکاتلندی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
A Walk Down Abbey Road (isMemberOf)
Argent, Rod (co-performer)
Baker, Ginger
Baker, Ginger (co-performer)
Baker, Kofi (co-performer)
Baker, Kofi's Cream Experience (co-performer)
BBM (isMemberOf)
Beck, Jeff (co-performer)
Beck, John (co-performer)
Bissonette, Gregg (co-performer)
Blackman, Cindy (co-performer)
Bley, Carla (1938-)
Blues incorporated
Bond, Graham (co-performer)
Brooker, Gary (co-performer)
Brown, Livingstone (co-performer)
Brown, Pete
Brown, Richard (co-performer)
Bruce, Jack (1943-...)
Bruce, Jo (co-performer)
Bruce, Malcolm (co-performer)
Cappello, Tim (co-performer)
Carmen, Eric (co-performer)
Carrack, Paul (co-performer)
Cavaliere, Felix (co-performer)
Charlie Watt’s All-Star Jazz Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Clapton, Eric (1945-...)
Clapton, Eric (1945-)
Clapton, Eric (co-performer)
Clapton, Eric Patrick (1945-)
Cobham, Billy (co-performer)
Cream (isMemberOf)
Cream (groupe)
Cream (Grupo musical) (see also from)
Cream (Musical group) (see also from)
Cream (Musikgruppe) Affiliation (see also from)
Cream, Kofi Baker's Extreme (co-performer)
Crome, John (réalisateur; co-author)
Cross, Christopher (co-performer)
Cummings, Burton (co-performer)
d’Abo, Mike (co-performer)
Derringer, Rick (co-performer)
Drumm, Michael (co-author)
Dunbar, Aynsley (co-performer)
ECM Records GmbH
Edmunds, Dave (co-performer)
Entwistle, John (co-performer)
Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse (isMemberOf)
Farner, Mark (co-performer)
Fleetwood, Mick (co-performer)
Frampton, Peter (co-performer)
Gallagher, Rory (co-performer)
Goldberg, Stu (co-performer)
Gouldman, Graham (co-performer)
Graham Bond Organisation
Ham, Warren (co-performer)
Hanrahan, Kip (1954-)
Hanrahan, Kip (co-author)
Hanrahan, Kip (co-performer)
Hartley, Keef (co-performer)
Hay, Colin (co-performer)
Heckstall-Smith, Dick (co-performer)
Hiseman, Jon (co-performer)
Hodgson, Roger (co-performer)
Hugg, Mike (co-performer)
Hunter, Ian (co-performer)
Jack Bruce Band (isMemberOf)
Jack Bruce Band & Kofi Baker (isMemberOf)
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (isMemberOf)
John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce, Stu Goldberg (isMemberOf)
John, Dr (co-performer)
Jones, Howard (co-performer)
Jones, Paul (co-performer)
Justman, Paul (co-author)
Kirke, Simon (co-performer)
Korner, Alexis (co-author)
Laing, Corky (co-performer)
Lake, Greg (co-performer)
Liesegang, Billy (co-performer)
Lofgren, Nils (co-performer)
Longfellow, Matthew (co-author)
Lukather, Steve (co-performer)
M'Mgazi, Clive M'ymym (co-performer)
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann (isMemberOf)
Mann, Manfred (co-performer)
Mantler, Michael (1943-...)
Mantler, Michael (co-author)
Manzanera, Phil (co-performer)
Mayall, John (co-performer)
McGuinness, Tom (co-performer)
McLaughlin John, Billy Cobham Jack Bruce Stu Goldberg (co-performer)
McLaughlin, John (co-performer)
McVie, John (co-performer)
Medeski, John (co-performer)
Mercer, Chris (co-performer)
Montoya, Coco (co-performer)
Moore, Gary (co-performer)
Orchestra, Charlie Watt’s All-Star Jazz (co-performer)
Pack, David (co-performer)
Page, Richard (co-performer)
Palmar, Wally (co-performer)
Palmer, Ben (co-performer)
Parsons, Alan (co-performer)
Phil Manzanera & Friends (isMemberOf)
Pine, Courtney (co-performer)
Preston, Billy (co-performer)
Reeves, Tony (co-performer)
Reid, Vernon (co-performer)
Richmond, Dave (co-performer)
Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (isMemberOf)
Rivera, Mark (co-performer)
Rolie, Gregg (co-performer)
Roth, Uli Jon (co-author)
Roth, Uli Jon (co-performer)
Rundgren, Todd (co-performer)
Saggese, Matteo (co-performer)
Schmit, Timothy B. (co-performer)
Sheila, E. (co-performer)
Skidmore, Alan (co-performer)
Spectrum Road (isMemberOf)
Squier, Billy (co-performer)
Starkey, Zak (co-performer)
Starr, Ringo (co-performer)
Stuart, Hamish (co-performer)
Taylor, Larry (co-performer)
Taylor, Mick (co-performer)
The Graham Bond Organisation (isMemberOf)
The Tony Williams Lifetime (isMemberOf)
Thompson, Richard (co-performer)
Tillman, Keith (co-performer)
Townsend, Godfrey (co-performer)
Trout, Walter (co-performer)
Trower, Robin
Trower, Robin (co-performer)
Vickers, Mike (co-performer)
Waite, John (co-performer)
Walsh, Joe (co-performer)
Warleigh, Ray (co-performer)
Watts, Charlie (co-performer)
West, Bruce & Laing (isMemberOf)
West, Leslie (co-performer)
Williams, Tony (co-performer)
Wilson, Ann (co-performer)
Winter, Edgar (co-performer)
Winwood, Steve (co-performer)
Wright, Gary (co-performer)
York, Pete (co-performer)
Young, Larry (co-performer)
Yuele, Joe (co-performer)
52nd Street
Ageing Jack Bruce, Three, From Scotland, England
Are you the one ? are you the one ?
As You Said
Automatic Pilot
Baby Jane
Ballad for Arthur
BBC Live in Concert
Beauty Queen
Best Is Still to Come, The
best of Ringo Starr and his all starr band so far..., The
Bird Alone
Blues rock the ultimate anthology
Blues You Can’t Lose
Bluesbass die 35 besten Bluesbasslinien, 50 Blueslicks, die immer passen, Licks und Tips der Top-Bluesbassisten ; Blues session, 7 Songs mit einer Liveband
Born to Be Blue
Born Under a Bad Sign
Boston Ball Game, 1967
Boy, The
Can’t Fool the Blues
Can You Follow? (first take)
Cities of the heart
City of Gold
Clearout (alt. mix), The
Clem’s Blues
Close Enough for Love
Cold Island (for Cozy Powell)
Collection, The
Collector's Edition, The
Colotomix II
Consul at Sunset, The
Cream Disraeli gears
Cream of Cream, The
Dance the Night Away
Dancing on Air
Dark Heart
David’s Harp
Deserted Cities of the Heart
Desire develops an edge
Directions Home
Disraeli gears
Doing That Scrapyard Thing
Doing This… on Ice
Don’t Look Now
Drum Solo / White Room
E. Boogie
Early in the morning
Escalator over the hill a chronotransduction
Escape to the Royal Wood (On Ice) (instrumental demo)
Exploring the frontiers of rock, jazz and world music
Face Lift
Facelift 318
Feel Free, I
few short notes from the end run
Fields of Forever
Fifteen Minutes Past Three
First Time I Met the Blues
Folk Song
Follow the Fire
Folly seeing all this
Food, The
From Clarksdale to heaven remembering John Lee Hooker
G.B. Dawn Blues
Glory Days
Golden days
Grease the Wheels
Green and Blue
Green Hills ("Can You Follow?")
habitación blanca, La
Harmony row
Have You Ever Loved a Woman?
He the Richmond
Head in the Sun
Hear Me Calling Your Name
Heart Quake
Hey Now Princess
Hidden Cities
Hit and Run
How’s Tricks
I’m Gettin’ Tired (Of Drinkin’ and Gamblin’ Etcetera)
I’m Getting Tired (Of Drinking and Gambling)
I've Always Wanted to Do This
Immortal Ninth
In This Way
Inazuma supersession absolute live
Industrial Child
Into the Storm (first mix)
Jack Bruce and Friends: The Bottom Line Archive
Jack Bruce at His Best
Jack's Gone
Jackin' Bruce
Jet Set Jewel
Keep It Down (first mix)
Keep on Wondering (first mix)
Kelly's Blues
Knights of the blue table
Know One Blues
Laughing on Music Street
Legends of rock
Lessons in living [SR] p1983 (a.e.)
Let Me Be
Letter of Thanks, A
Life on Earth
Light Up the Candles (Let There Be Peace Tonight)
Live 2012
Live at the Milkyway
Live 'n' kickin'
Livin’ Without Ja
Living Without Ja
Lizard on a Hot Rock
Loner, The
Lost in the City (jam mix)
Lost Inside a Song
Make Love (Part 2)
Make Love (Part II)
Maybe It’s Dawn
Mickey the Fiddler
Milonga Too
Ministry of Bag (alt. mix)
Ministry of Bag (demo)
Ministry of Bag, The
More Jack than god
Morning Story
Mr Flesh
Neighbor, Neighbor
Neighbour, Neighbour
Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out of Tune
New World
Night That Once Was Mine, The
Night Train
No answer
No Surrender
Obra selecta.
One (first mix)
Only Playing Games
Out Into the Fields
Out of the storm
Out to Lunch
Over the Cliff
Peaces of Mind (first mix)
Peaces of the East
Pieces of Mind
Post War
Powerhouse Sod
Quadrant 4 (Cobham)
question of time, A
Reach for the Night
Ricin (Daylight Gathering)
Robin Trower
Rootin’ Tootin’
Rope Ladder to the Moon
Royal Albert Hall - London 2005
Running Back
Running Thro' Our Hands
Running Through Our Hands
Running Through Our Minds
Rusty Lady
Sam Enchanted Dick (medley: Sam's Sack / Rill's Thrills)
school of understanding sort-of-an-opera, The
Send for Me
Seven moons
Shadows in the air
She’s Moving On
Ships in the Night
Shouldn’t We
Silver Rails
Sittin' on to of the World
Sittin' on Top of the World
Sitting on the Top of the World
Sleepy Time Time
Smiles and Grins
So They Invented Race
Somethin els
Something to Live For
Songs for a Tailor
Space technology
Spirit: Live at the BBC 1971-1978
Strange brew
Sunshine of Your Love: A Life in Music
Supershow the last great jam of the 60's !
Take It Back
Ten to Four
Theme for an Imaginary Western
Theme From an Imaginary Western
There's a Forest (first take)
Things We Like
Third Degree
This Anger's a Liar
This is the blues
thousand nights and a night
Tickets to Water Falls
Tickets to Waterfalls
Time Repairs
To Isengard
Travelling Child
Twenty Past Four
Uh, Oh!
Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, UFO live at Castle Donington
Uptown Breakdown
Vertical's currency
Victoria Sage
Waiting in the Wings
Waiting on a Word
We’re Going Wrong
Weird of Hermiston (alt. mix)
Where in the World
White Room
Why Does Love (Have to Go Wrong) ?
Willpower: A Twenty Year Resrospective
Willpower a twenty year retrospective (1968-1988)
Wind and the Sea
Windowless Rooms
Without a Word
Wrapping Paper
You Burned the Tables on Me (electric piano version)
You Make Me Feel
You Sure Look Good to Me
You Turned the Tables on Me
Contributed to or performed: 
(They Call It) Stormy Monday Blues
[introductions] / Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs
[solo] / One Word (cut)
[solo] / The Dark Prince
12 Bar Jam in D
12 Bar Jam in E #1
12 Bar Jam in E #2
12 Bar Jam in E #3
1979-11-02: Pavilion de Paris, Paris, France
1998-07-14: Cellar Bar, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England, UK
1998-07-15: Cellar Bar, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England, UK
2. Il rock e il viaggio
A.P.K (Jack, Anton & Kenji)
Album, The
Alexis Korner Memorial Concert, The
Alexis Korner Memorial Concert, Volume 1
Alone With My Friends
Anthology... So Far, The
Bad Case of Celebrity
Big Boss Man
Blowing the Blues: A History of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002
Born Under a Bad Sign
Bring It On Home To Me
British Blues Breakers
Bruce Bass Jam
City of Gold
Classic Rock #136: Guitarmageddon, Volume 2
Come Sit Down and Tell Me
Come to Me
Compendium 1987–2013
Consul at Sunset, The
Cure My Blues
Danger Zone
Desert Cities of the Heart
Deserted Cities of the Heart
Desire & the Comforter
Distant Places of the Heart
Early Cream of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, The
Early in the Morning
End Game
Everybody Needs It
Everything's Gonna be Alright
Fall In Love
Fat Gut
Feel Free, I
Feel the Heat
First Time I Met the Blues
First Time I Met the Blues, The
Five Long Years
Formel Eins: Hit Torpedo
From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker
Generation Breakdown
Gone Too Far
Gonna Shut You Down
Guitar Heroes
Hang on to a Dream
Heart of the Lion
Hidden Cities
Higher Ground
Howard Stern: The Ultimate Live Music Collection
hr-Bigband featuring Jack Bruce
I’m Home
I’m in the Mood
I’m Ready
Inazuma Super Session "Absolute Live!"
Indigo Blues Collection 2
Into Money
It's Too Late
Jackin' Bruce / [untitled] / Cut Chemist Takes Westwood Hostage on Capitol FM
Jam in D
Jimi Hendrix / Jack Bruce Jams
Jimi Hendrix Live!
Just Another Day
Knights of the Blues Table
Last Door, The
Last Train to the Stars
Life On Earth
Little Boy Lost
Little Lost Boy
Lives of Clay
Louise (Louise Blues)
Many Faces of Eric Clapton, The
Many Faces of Santana, The
Miles Davis
Musician Magazine’s New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 13
Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune
Nice - Jam
No Island Lost
No Stopping Anytime
Nothing Left to Be Desired
On and On
Once the Bird Has Flown
Out Into the Field
Perfect Place
Platin, Vol. 2
Pounds and Stomps
Rare Equations
Regretting Blues
Rock Life With Jack
Rope Ladder to the Moon
Say a Single Word
Send for Me
Serve Me Right to Suffer
Serves Me Right to Suffer
Seven Moons
Seven Moons Live
Shadow's touching
Shadows Touching
She’s Not the One
Ships In The Night
Sittin' on Top of the World
Sitting on Top of the World
Sleepy Time Time
Smiles and Grins
So Far to Yesterday
Songs From the Road
Sonny Boy Williamson
Spirit of Joy: Tales From the Polydor Underground ● 1967-1974
Stormy Monday
Strictly Breaks, Volume 4
Strictly Breaks: The Definitive Collector's Box Set
Sunshine of Your Love
Sunshine of your Love Riff 1
Sunshine of your Love Riff 2
Take Good Care of Yourself
Temptation Took Control
Theme From an Imaginary Western
Theme of Imaginary Western
They Call It Stormy Monday
Thin Ice
This Is the Blues, Volume 1
This Is the Blues, Volume 2
Tightrope, The
Too Much Monkey Business
Train Time
Volume I
Want Whacha Got, I
We're Going Wrong
What It Is
White Boy Blues
White Boy’s Blues Guitars
White Boys Blues
White Boys Blues White Boys Can Play The Blues
White Room
Whiter Shade Of Pale, A
Wild Thing
Won't Let You Down
Working Harder