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Kurt Lambeck
Kurt Lambeck (Australian Geophysicist)
Kurt Lambeck (australiensk fysiker)
Kurt Lambeck (australsk fysikar)
Kurt Lambeck (australsk fysiker)
Kurt Lambeck (natuurkundige uit Australië)
Kurt Lambeck (niederländisch-australischer Geophysiker)
Lambeck, K.
Lambeck, Kurt,
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Boschi, Enzo
Johnston, P.J.
Johnston, Paul
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Glacial Isostasy, Sea-level, and Mantle Rheology (1990 ; Erice, Italy)
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Glacial Isostasy, Sea-level, and Mantle Rheology (1990 : Erice, Italy)
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Glacial Isostasy, Sea-level, and Mantle Rheology (27-07/04-08-1990 : Erice, Italy)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
Sabadini, R.
Sabadini, Roberto
Smither, Catherine
University of Oxford
Automatic inference of ice models from postglacial sea level observations - Theory and application to the British Isles
Coastlines, Submerged Landscapes, and Human Evolution: The Red Sea Basin and the Farasan Islands.
Constraints on the Age and Duration of the Last Interglacial Period and on Sea-Level Variations
Constraints on the Late Saalian to early Middle Weichselian ice sheet of Eurasia from field data and rebound modelling
correction: Timing of the Last Glacial Maximum from observed sea-level minima
Coupled climate and sea-level changes deduced from Huon Peninsula coral terraces of the last ice age
Dependence of horizontal stress magnitude on load dimension in glacial rebound models
Determination of crustal structure in central Australia by inversion of traveltime residuals
Determination of earth and ocean tides from the analysis of satellite orbits
Earth's rotation and atmospheric circulation: 1958-1980
Earth's rotation and atmospheric circulation, from 1963 to 1973, The
earth's rotation and atmospheric circulation. I - Seasonal variations, The
earth's rotation and atmospheric circulation. II The continuum, The
earth's variable rate of rotation - A discussion of some meteorological and oceanic causes and consequences, The
Earth's variable rotation geophysical causes and consequences
Effects of tidal dissipation in the oceans on the moon's orbit and the earth's rotation
Estimates of present-day glacial rebound in the Lambert Glacier region, Antarctica
Estimates of South Greenland late-glacial ice limits from a new relative sea level curve
Estimates of the Regional Distribution of Sea Level Rise over the 1950-2000 Period
Estimation of current plate motions in Papua New Guinea from Global Positioning System observations
Evidence for a rapid sea-level rise 7600 yr ago
Flexure of the Ocean Lithosphere From Island Uplift, Bathymetry and Geoid Height Observations: the Society Islands.
Geophysical Evidence for 'Thick-Skinned' Crustal Deformation in Central Australia
Geophysical geodesy the slow deformations of the earth
Glacial isostasy, sea-level and mantle rheology
Glacial isostatic adjustment and the radial viscosity profile from inverse modeling
Glacial rebound and relative sea level variations: a new appraisal
Glacial rebound and sea-level change : an example of a relationship between mantle and surface processes
Glaciation and sea-level change for Ireland and the Irish Sea since late Devensian/Midlandian time
Global ice volumes at the Last Glacial Maximum and early Lateglacial
GRACE estimates of sea surface height anomalies in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia
Gravity fields of the terrestrial planets - Long-wavelength anomalies and tectonics
High-precision U-series dating of corals from Western Australia and implications for the timing and duration of the Last Interglacial
Holocene fluctuations in sea-level: constraints on mantle viscosity and melt-water sources
Holocene glacial rebound and sea-level change in NW Europe
Holocene relative sea-level changes and vertical movements along the Italian and Istrian coastlines
Holocene relative sea-level changes in the Qaqortoq area, southern Greenland
Holocene sea-level change and ice-sheet history in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
Holocene sea-level changes along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, based on archaeological observations and numerical model
Implications of Late Pleistocene glaciation of the Tibetan Plateau for present-day uplift rates and gravity anomalies
Inferences on the lunar temperature from gravity, stress state and flow laws
inflection in the rate of early mid-Holocene eustatic sea-level rise: A new sea-level curve from Singapore, An
Into and out of the Last Glacial Maximum: sea-level change during Oxygen Isotope Stages 3 and 2
Irregular atmospheric effects on satellite observations
Last Ice Age millennial scale climate changes recorded in Huon Peninsula corals
Late Devensian and Holocene shorelines of the British Isles and North Sea from models of glacio-hydro-isostatic rebound
Late Pleistocene and Holocene sea-level change along the Australian coast.
Late Pleistocene and Holocene sea-level changes in Japan: Implications for tectonic histories and mantle rheology.
Late Pleistocene, Holocene and present sea-levels: Constraints on future change.
Late Pleistocene to Holocene record of changing uplift rates in southern Calabria and northeastern Sicily (southern Italy, Central Mediterranean Sea)
Lateglacial age for the Main Rock Platform, western Scotland, A
Links between climate and sea levels for the past three million years.
Lithospheric response to volcanic loading in the Southern Cook Islands
Long-term variations in the length of day and climatic change
Material versus isobaric internal boundaries in the Earth and their influence on postglacial rebound
melting history of the late Pleistocene Antarctic ice sheet, The
Methods and geophysical applications of satellite geodesy
Ocean tide perturbations in the orbits of GEOS 1 and GEOS 2
Of moon and land, ice and strand sea level during glacial cycles
On constraining lunar mantle temperatures from gravity data
On the choice of timescale in glacial rebound modelling - Mantle viscosity estimates and the radiocarbon timescale
On the response of the ocean lithosphere to sea-mount loads from Geos 3 satellite radar altimeter observations
Optimum station - satellite configurations for simultaneous observations to satellites
Orbital forcing of the marine isotope stage 9 interglacial.
Phasing and amplitude of sea-level and climate change during the penultimate interglacial
Postglacial rebound and sea level contributions to changes in the geoid and the Earth's rotation axis
Precession, nutation and the choice of reference system for close earth satellite orbits
Precise geodetic position determination with the aid of artificial earth satellites ; the geometric solution
Present-day crustal motion in the Solomon Islands from GPS observations
Probability of recording satellite images optically
Progress in geophysical aspects of the rotation of the earth
Quaternary uplifted coral reef terraces on Alor Island, East Indonesia
Reconciliation of sea-level observations in the Western North Atlantic during the last glacial cycle
relation of some geodetic datums to a global geocentric reference system, The
Relative sea-level change and postglacial isostatic adjustment along the coast of south Devon, United Kingdom
Revisiting marine isotope stage 3 and 5a (MIS3-5a) sea levels within the northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Scandinavian Ice Sheet: from MIS 4 to the end of the Last Glacial Maximum, The
Sea-level and deep water temperature changes derived from benthic foraminifera isotopic records
Sea-level at the Last Glacial Maximum: evidence from northwestern Australia to constrain ice volumes for oxygen isotope stage 2
Sea-level change along the French Atlantic and Channel coasts since the time of the Last Glacial Maximum
Sea-level change along the French Mediterranean coast for the past 30 000 years
Sea-level change along the Italian coast for the past 10, 000 yr
Sea-level change, glacial rebound and mantle viscosity for northern Europe
Sea-level change in the Irish Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum: constraints from isostatic modelling
Sea-level change in the Mediterranean Sea since the LGM: model predictions for tectonically stable areas
Sea-level change in the North Seaa : a final report to the Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Directoraat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat, Meetkundige Dienst : 14 August 1997
Sea-level change through the last glacial cycle : geophysical, glaciological and palaeogeographic consequences
Sea-level during the early deglaciation period in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Sea-level history of the Gulf of Mexico since the Last Glacial Maximum with implications for the melting history of the Laurentide Ice Sheet
Sea level in Roman time in the Central Mediterranean and implications for recent change
Seamount Loading and Stress in the Ocean Lithosphere 2. Viscoelastic and Elastic-Viscoelastic Models.
search for seamounts in the southern Cook and Austral region., A
Shoreline displacements in southern-central Sweden and the evolution of the Baltic Sea since the last maximum glaciation
Shoreline reconstructions for the Persian Gulf since the last glacial maximum
Solid earth and ocean tides estimated from satellite orbit analyses
Some geodetic aspects of the plate tectonics hypothesis
Studies of the GEOS 3 altimeter derived geoid undulations over seamounts in the Indian Ocean
Suborbital-period sea-level oscillations during marine isotope substages 5a and 5c
Subsidence and flexure along the Pratt-Welker seamount chain
Subsidence of a guyot west of Flores, Azores.
Teleseismic travel-time anomalies and deep crustal structure of the northern and southern margins of the Amadeus Basin
Thermal response of a moving lithosphere over a mantle heat source
Tidal dissipation in the oceans : astronomical, geophysical and oceanographic consequences
Tidal evolution of the northwest European shelf seas from the Last Glacial Maximum to the present
Tidal studies from the perturbations in satellite orbits
Timing of the Last Glacial Maximum from observed sea-level minima
Understanding global sea levels: past, present and future
Verification of bathymetric charts from satellite altimeter data in the region of the Cook Islands.
Water-load definition in the glacio-hydro-isostatic sea-level equation
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Oxford, 1967