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Meggers, W. F.
Meggers, William F.
Meggers, William Frederick,
Meggers, William Frederick (Vollstaendiger Name)
Meggers, Wm. F.
William Frederick Meggers (American physicist)
William Frederick Meggers (Amerikaans natuurkundige (1888-1966))
William Frederick Meggers (amerikansk fysikar)
William Frederick Meggers (amerikansk fysiker)
William Frederick Meggers (US-amerikanischer Physiker und Astronom)
ویلیام فریدریش مگرس (فیزیک‌دان آمریکایی)
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Bruin, Take Luite de (1895-)
Burns, Keivin (1881-)
Corliss, Charles H.
Corliss, Charles Howard (1920-2002)
De Bruin, Taco L. ([from old catalog])
Foote, Paul D. (1888-1971)
Foote, Paul Darwin (1888-1971)
Humphreys, Curtis J.
Humphreys, Curtis Judson
Johns Hopkins University
Kiess, Carl Clarence (1887-)
Scribner, Bourdon F. (1910-2007)
Scribner, Bourdon Francis (1910-....))
Scribner, Bourdon Francis (1910-2007)
Absorption spectra of iron
analysis of the arc and spark spectra of yttrium, An
arc spectrum of arsenic ..., The
Atomic theory and low-voltage arcs in caesium vapor
band spectra of scandium-, yttrium-, and lanthanum monoxides ..., The
Color and spectral composition of certain high-intensity searchlight arcs
first spectrum of xenon ..., The
Henry Crew.
Index to the literature on spectrochemical analysis, 1920-
Infra-red arc spectra photographed with zenocyamine.
Infra-red spectra of neon, argon, and krypton
infrared arc spectra of manganese and rhenium, The
Infrared spectra of noble gases (10500 to 13000A)
Interference measurements of wave lengths in the ultraviolet spectrum of iron.
Investigations on the platinum metals.
Key to periodic chart of the Atoms [from old catalog]
Light scattering in liquids ...
Long-wave arc spectra of alkalis and alkaline earths
Measurements on the index of refraction of air for wave lengths from 2218 A to 9000 A
Multiplets and terms in the first two spectra of columbium.
new microphotometer for photographic densities, A
Practical spectrographic analysis
Redetermination of secondary standards of wave length from the new international iron arc
Regularities in the spectra of lutecium ...
Resonance potentials and low-voltage arcs for metals of the second group of the periodic table
Rydberg centennial conference on atomic spectroscopy
Second spectrum of hafnium (Hf II)
Standard solar wave lengths (3592-7148A) ...
Table of wavenumbers
Tables of spectral-line intensities
Tables of theoretical Zeeman effects ...
Wave-length measurements in spectra from 5600 A to 9600 A
Wave lengths and Zeeman effects in lanthanum spectra ...
Wave lengths longer than 5500 A in the arc spectra of seven elements
Zeeman effect in the second and third spectra of xenon ...
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Biographical note
"Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards, vol. 14, 1917."
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Johns Hopkins University, 1917