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B, G.
Beferidge, William
Beferidge, William (vesc. di St. Asaph)
Beveregius, Guilielmi
Beveregius, Guilielmus
Beveregius, Guilielmus (vesc. di St. Asaph)
Beveregius, Gulielmus
Beveregius, William
Beveridge, Guilielmus
Beveridge, Guillaume
Beveridge, Guillermo
Beveridge, Gulielmus
Beveridge, Gwillim
Beveridge, William
Beveridge, William (Bp. of St. Asaph)
Beveridge, William (Evêque de Saint-Asaph)
Beveridge, William (vesc. di St. Asaph)
Beveridgius, Guglielmus
Beveridgius, Gulielmus
Beveridgius, Gulielmus (vesc. di St. Asaph)
Bevveregius, Guilielmus
Bevveregius, Guilielmus (vesc. di St. Asaph)
G. B
G. B, Gil. Beveridgius
Gulielmus Beveridgius
St. Asaph (Lord Bishop of)
St. Asaph, William (Lord Bishop of)
St. Asaph, William (Lord; Obispo de)
William Beveridge
William Beveridge (English bishop)
William (lord bishop of St. Asaph)
ca. 1637-1708
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Barnabé, Saint (co-author)
Church of England
Gallet, George (Amsterdam)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Northcott, Richard (Londen)
Pearson, John (1613-1686)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Roycroft, Thomas (m. 1677)
Scott, Robert (Londen)
Ussher, James (arciv. di Armagh, 1581-1656)
Vossius, Isaac (1618-1689)
Wetstein, Rudolf (1679-1742)
Zonaras, Joannes S. XII
Apostolic fathers.
Brief instructions for the pious Christian or, a sure guide to Heaven
choice and select collection of sermons
church-Catechism explained: for the use of the diocese of St. Asaph, The
Codex canonum Ecclesiae primititivae vindicatus ac illustratus, autore Guilielmo Beveregio,...
Codex canonum ecclesiae primitivae vindicatus ac illustratus. Autore Guilielmo Beveregio ecclesiae anglicanae presbytero... Editio nova emendatior
Codex canonum Ecclesiae primitivae vindicatus ae illustratus
De Linguarum orientalium, praesertim hebraicae, chaldaicae, syriacae, arabicae et samaritanae praestantia, necessitate et utilitate,... per G. B. (William Beveridge.)
Ecclesia angelicana, ecclesia catholica, or the doctrine of the Church of England consonant to scripture, reason, and fathers
Ecclesia anglicana Ecclesia catholica, or The doctrine of the church of England consonant to scripture, reason and fathers in a discourse upon the thirty-nine articles agreed upon in the convocation held at London MDLXII
exposition of the article of the Church of England, which treat of the fall and redemption of mankind, founded upon principles of reason, and agreeable to the sense of scripture and fathers., An
Good Friday to be kept by all Christians, and the manner of keeping it, 1709:
Grammatica linguæ Domini nostri Jesu Christi
Grammatica Syriaca. -
Great necessity and advantage of publick prayer and frequent communion. Selections
id est Grammatica linguae Domini nostri Jesu Christi, sive Grammatica syriaca tribus libris tradita... opera et studio Guilielmi Beveridgii,...
Institutionum chronologicarum libri II, una cum totidem arithmetices chronologicae libellis, per Guilielm. Beveregium,...
LC manual auth. cd.
linguarum orientalium, praesertim Hebraicae, Chaldaicae, Syriacae, Arabicae, &c. Samaritanae praestantia necessitate. & utilitate ... 1658:, De
Meddylieu neillduol ar grefydd, dosbarthedig mywn deuddeg pwngc; ... Gan ... Gwilim Beveridge. ... O gyfieithad Jago ab Dewi
Of the happiness of the saints in heaven
opinion of the Right Reverend father in God William Beveridge, D.D. late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, concerning the apostolical constitutions, The
Overdenkingen en alleenspraaken van eenen godsdienstigen christen, overde leere der waarheid ...
Pensées secrètes divisées en deux parties... par Guillaume Beveridge,...
Pensées secrettes sur la religion et sur la vie chrétienne
Private Thoughts in two parts complete. Part I. Upon religion, digested into twelve articles, with practical resolutions form'd thereupon. Part II. Upon a christian life, or necessary directions for it's beginning and progress upon earth, in order to it's final perfection in the beatifick vision. By the right reverend father in God William Beveridge,... The 17th edition
Prophencies respecting the Messiah (or Prince) promised to the Jews, and still expected by them, as published in the Bengal magazine of the 21st of May 1814., The : Together with Bishop Beveridge's Proofs of their being fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ
Sermon concerning the excellency and usefulness of the common prayer
sermon preach'd before the House of Peers, in the Abbey-Church of Westminster, on Sunday, November the 5th. 1704. ... By William, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, A
sermon preached before the Queen at White-hall, October 12. 1690., A
sive Pandectae canonum SS. apostolorum et conciliorum ab ecclesia graeca receptorum... Guilielmus Beveregius,... recensuit, prolegomenis nuinivit et annotationibus auxit
Ss. patrum, qui temporibus apostolicis floruerunt, Barnabae, Clementis, Hermae, Ignatii, Polycarpi opera, vera, et suppositicia; unà cum Clementis, Ignatii, Polycarpi actis atque martyriis.
Synodikon sive Pandectae canonum SS. Apostolorum, et conciliorum ab ecclesia graeca receptorum ... una cum scholiis antiquorum ... et scriptis aliis huc spectantibus, quorum plurima e Bibliothecae Bodleianae aliarumque mss. codicibus nunc prima edita ...
Thesaurus theologicus: or, a complete system of divinity summ'd up in brief notes upon select places of the Old and New Testament. Wherein The Sacred text is reduc'd under proper Heads, explain'd, and illustrated with the Opinions and Authorities of the Ancient Fathers, Councils, &c
Thirty-nine Articles
wisdom of being holy In two parts. By ... William Beveridge., The
works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. William Beveridge ... Containining [sic] all his sermons, as well those publish'd by himself, as those since his death. The second edition. In two volumes. ... also three useful tables, The
Y creadur newydd, yng nghrefydd Crist gwedi ei osod allan mewn pregeth. Gan William Beferidge, D. D. Gynt Arglwydd Esgob Llanelwy. Newydd ei chyfieithu o'r Saesonaeg, er budd i'r Cymry