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Minutius, Cassid. Aureus
P. W
P. W ([a])
P, W. (Sir)
P, William Petty (Sir)
Pett, U.
Petti, Uilʹi︠a︡m (Sir)
Petti, Uiliam (Sir)
Petti, V.
Petti, Vil'âm
Petti, Vilʹi︠a︡m (Sir)
Petti, Viliam (Sir)
Petty, Guglielmus
Petty, Guilielmus
Petty, Sir William
Petty, Wilhelm
Petty, William
Petty, William (Sir)
True Protestant and well-wisher of his countrey
Uilyam Petti
W. P ([a])
W. P, William Petty (Sir)
William Petty (britischer Ökonom, Wissenschaftler Statistiker und Philosoph)
William Petty (britisk matematikar og økonom)
William Petty (britisk matematiker og økonom)
William Petty (brittisk matematiker och ekonom)
William Petty (econoom)
William Petty (en änglische Ökonoom, Wüsseschaftler Statistiker und Filosoof)
William Petty (English economist, scientist and philosopher)
William Petty (filosofo, medico e economista inglese)
Вільям Петті
Петти, Уильям
Уильям Петти
Уилям Пети
უილიამ პეტი
Ուիլյամ Պետտի
وليم بيتي
विलियम पेटी
윌리엄 페티
ペティ, ウイリアム
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
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Anville, Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d' (1697-1782)
Berry, William (1639-1718)
Fitzmaurice, Henry William Edmund Petty (1872-1936)
Graunt, John (1620-1674))
Hull, Charles Henry
Hull, Charles Henry (1864-....))
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Lansdowne, Henry William Edmund Petty-FitzMaurice Marquess of, 1872-1936
Moore, Carlos W.
Parish Clerks' Company (London, England)
Smit-Fal'kner, Mariâ Natanovna (1878-1968))
Southwell, Robert (1635-1702)
Tralage, Jean-Nicolas de (1640?-1720?)
Visscher, Nicolaes Jansz (1649-1702 junior)
Visscher, Nicolaes Jansz (1649-1702))
Administración de pequeñas empresas : un enfoque emprendedor
advice of W.P. to Samuel Hartlib, 1647., The
[Baronnie de Ballinananen, partie du comté de Galway]
Colloquium Davidis cum anima sua
County of Clare
discourse made before the Royal Society, concerning the use of duplicate proportion in sundry important particulars: together with a New hypothesis of springing or elasticque motions, The
double bottom or twin-hulled ship of Sir William Petty, The
Economic writings of sir william petty together with the observations upon the bills of mortality, more probably by captain john graunt
Ekonomičeskie i statističeskie raboty. 1
essay concerning the multiplication of mankind: together with another essay in political arithmetick, concerning the growth of the city of London: with the measures, periods, causes, and consequences thereof. 1682. The third edition revised and enlarged. By Sir William Petty, late Fellow of the Royal-Society., An
Essays Selections
General Mapp of Ireland
geographical description of the kingdom of Ireland, newly corrected & improv'd by actual observations. Containing one general map of the whole kingdom with 4 provincial and 32 county maps, ... The whole being laid down from the best maps vizt. Sr. Wm: Petty's, Mr. Pratt's, &c. with a description of each county collected from the best accounts extant, A
geographicall description of ye kingdom of Ireland, collected from ye actual survey made by Sr William Petty, corrected and amended by the advice and assistance of severall... artists... by Francis Lamb
Hibernia regnum
Hiberniae delineatio: atlas of Ireland.
Hiberniæ delineatio : quoàd hactenus licuit, perfectissima studio Guilielmi Petty Eqtis: Aurati.
Hiberniae Regnum tam in praecipuas Ultoniae, Connaciae, Laceniae, et Momoniae, quam in minores earumdem provincias et ditiones subjacentes peraccuraté divisum
history of the survey of Ireland commonly called the Down survey, A.D. 1655-1656., The
I.v. Maps
King's County
Magnæ Britanniæ tabula, comprehendens Angliæ, Scotiæ, ac Hiberniæ regna. In omnes suas provincias accurata divisa
New Map of the Kingdom of Ireland Divided into its Several Provinces &c. Drawn from several surveys of Sr. Wm. Petty as also from all the Surveys of the Counties made since his time
Petty : el nacimiento de la economía política
Petty papers some unpublished writings, The
Petty papers, The : some unpublished writings
Petty-Southwell correspondence 1676-1687
Political anatomy of Ireland
Political arithmetic, or a discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings
Political arithmetick, or, A discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings husbandry, manufacture, commerce, fishery ..., publick revenues, interest, taxes ..., valuation of men, increasing of seamen, of militia's, harbours, situation, shipping, power at sea, &c. : as the same relates to every country in general, but more particularly to the territories of His Majesty of Great Britain and his neighbours of Holland, Zealand, and France
Province of Ulster
Quantulumcunque concerning money
Reflections upon some persons and things in Ireland, by letters to and from Dr. Petty : with Sir Hierome Sankey's speech in parliament.
royaume d'Irlande divisé en provinces... selon les mémoires du Sr. Petty, corrigé et augmenté
Several essays in political arithmetick the titles of which follow in the ensuing pages
Several essays in political arithmetick with memoirs of the author's life
Sir William Petty, 1674 : letters to John Aubrey
Sir William Petty's memoir (1623-1687) : an English physician, scientist, and cartographer
Sir William Petty's Political survey of Ireland with the establishement of that kingdom when the late Duke of Ormond was lord lieutenant; and also an exact list of the present peers, members of Parliament and principal officers of state. To which is added an account of the weelth and expences of England.
Total joint replacement
treatise of taxes and contributions., A : Shewing the nature and measures of Crown-lands· Assessments. Customs. Poll-moneys. Lotteries. Benevolence. Penalties. Monopolies. Offices. Tythes. Raising of coins. Harth-money. Excize, &c. With several intersperst discourses and digressions concerning Warres. The church. Universities. Rents & purchases. Usury & exchange. Banks & lombards. Registries for conveyances. Beggars. Ensurance. Exportation of money. Wool. Free-ports. Coins. Housing. Liberty of conscience, &c. The same being frequently applied to the present state and affairs of Ireland.
Two essays in political arithmetick concerning the people, housing, hospitals, &c. of London and Paris
Verbum sapienti
William Petty and the ambitions of political arithmetics