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Dundas, Henri
Dundas, Henry
Dundas, Henry (1st Viscount Melville)
Dundas, Henry (Vicomte de Melville)
Dundas, Henry (Viscount Melville)
Dundass, Henry
Henry Dundas
Henry Dundas, 1:e viscount Melville
Henry Dundas, 1. Viscount Melville (schottischer Staatsmann und Jurist)
Henry Dundas, 1. wicehrabia Melville
Henry Dundas (1er vicomte Melville)
Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville (Advocate and politician)
Henry Dundas (Brits politicus)
Henry Dundas, I visconte Melville (giurista e politico scozzese)
Melville, ..
Melville, Henry D.
Melville, Henry Dundas
Melville, Henry Dundas (1st Viscount)
Melville, Henry Dundas (vicomte)
Melville, Henry Dundas (Viscount)
Melville, Henry Dundas (Viscount; defendant)
1st Viscount Melville, 1742-1811
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Furber, Holden (1903-....))
Great Britain. Commissioners of Naval Enquiry
Great Britain. Parliament, 1805-1806. House of Commons
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
Ingram, Edward (1940-....))
Macleod, Allan (d. 1805))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Paine, Thomas (1737-1809)
Perceval, Spencer (1762-1812)
Shore, John
Wellesley, Richard Colley Wellesley Lord, 1760-1842
Wellesley, Richard Wellesley (1760-1842; Marquess))
compendious report of the trial of Henry Viscount Melville upon the impeachment of the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled, for high crimes and misdemeanors., A
Heads of the speech of the Rt. Hon. Henry Dundas in the House of Commons, February 25, 1793, on stating the affairs of the East India Company
Historical View of plans for the government of British India and regulation of trade to the East Indies and outline of a plan of foreign government, of commercial oeconomy and of domestic administration for the Asiatic interests of Great Britain
letter from Mr. Paine to Mr. Secretary Dundas, A : on his opening the debate in the House of Commons, on the proclamation of the 25th of May, for suppressing publications, &c. wherein is answered the cavils of other court-parasites against his Rights of man, interesting to every American.
letter from the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Melville to the Right Hon. Spencer Percival, A : relative to the establishment of a naval arsenal at Northfleet.
Letters from the Right Hon. Henry Dundas to the chairman of the Court of Directors of the East-India Company upon an open trade to India
letters of Lady Anne Barnard to Henry Dundas, from the Cape and elsewhere, 1793-1803, together with her Journal of a tour into the interior, and certain other letters., The
Opinions of the late Lord Mevil and Marq. Wellesley upon an open trade t*. -
Private record of an Indian governor-generalship. The Correspondence of Sir John Shore, governor-general, with Henry Dundas, president of the board of control, 1793-1798, edited with an introduction and notes, by Holden Furber
Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville, papers
Some account of a very seditious book, lately found upon Wimbledon common by one of His Majesty's secretaries of state : with a commentary by the right hon. gentleman, and notes by the editors.
Strictures on the tenth report of the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry
substance of the speech of Lord Viscount Melville, in the House of Commons, on the 11th June, 1805, The
Substance of the speeches of Henry Dundas on His Majesty's message, for declining to treat at present with France, and the objections to an inquiry into the late expedition to Holland, with a preface touching briefly on the state of affairs
Two letters to Lord Onslow...
Two views of British India : the private correspondence of Mr. Dundas and Lord Wellesley, 1798-1801